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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 7 January 2015
I only buy music made by real people who write and perform their own songs and on occasion cover songs from artists that they love and were influenced by. I absolutely hate pop (Poop) music and the whole commercial music scene as I find it to be soulless and void of any substance. Matthew Good is a genius and his music is like a feast to my senses. This album is so good it should be illegal!! Musically the album is very diverse going from Folk flavoured parts to hard rock guitar driven songs, the lyrics are thought provoking and socially relevant. Matthew Good's vocals are really soulful and beautiful to listen to. This album is for anyone who loves beautiful, engaging and socially relevant music. Buy this album with complete confidence and be awe struck by the total brilliance of a true musical genius.
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on 6 September 2003
I first came across Matthew Goods music just idley downloading a few songs on the internet, I came across a song called Weapon. I listened to it, and a minute into the song I had just experienced one of the stand out musical moments of my life.
I had to have his album immediately, and bought it mere hours after listening to Weapon, I did worry that the album as a whole might not live up to the prescedent that Weapon had set. But on listening to such gems as Pledge of Allegiance, 21st Century Living and the epic While We Were Hunting Rabbits and House of Smoke & Mirrors all my fears were laid to rest. A powerhouse of an album, with intelligent thoughtful lyrics that actually have something to say, beautiful orchestral arrangements and the occasional kickass guitar moment or two.
Matthew Good is a little known treasure and all those who have experienced his music should be grateful for the experience. No other album has made me feel so good about life than Matthew Goods Avalanche, with people like Good in the world, it can't be all that bad.
My only gripe, the guy doesn't seem to tour outside of Canada, I want me some live Good goodness!
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on 13 July 2004
I've been a HUGE HUGE Matthew good Band fan since Beautiful Midnight, through Audio Of Being, and of course backtracking to the great Ghetto Astronaughts and Raygun cd's. So when this album was released in March of 2003 needless to say it was an immediate buy. Why i never reviewed it before, i just don't know. But here we go.
Fans of MGB have held their collective breathe since the apparent end, with the collapse of the band during the recording of Audio Of Being, but you can't keep a "good" man down. He promised he'd be back, a new band later, and he has realed of one of THE finest albums ever written. Lyrically, musically, vocally, this is just an epic journey, hurtling along at break neck speed, then slowing down as it peaks and then drops to hit full speed again. There is nothing quite like a record made by Matthew Good, and there has never been a song like Avalanche before. It's just a mnasterpiece, there is no other way to describe it. Slow repeated lyrics take you to the foot of the mountain, u climb up through verses and then BOOM A-A-A-A-A-A-A-AAAAAAAAAAVALAAAAAAAAAANNNCCCHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE starts inside of YOU. it's incredible, the music takes ypu places you never thought music possibly could.
From the opening line "this is a commercial for my army and my navy" of 'Pledge of Allegance" to the final, stretched out emotional "you can see right through me" of 'House of Smoke And Mirrors' this cd is just incredible and takes you anywhere it feels like. You really can't explain what a Matthew Good album sounds like or what a track does to you, to a person who has never heard it, but anyone that hears it will take something unique from the experience. It's just that special.#
There isn't even a GOOD track on this album, the worst track is AMAZING!!! 'Avalanche" is the highlight of this CD, with tracks like "Pledge of Aliegence" "Near Fantastica" "Double Life" "While We Were hunting rabbit" all amazing feats of musical ability. I had to cut that list short too, coz i nearly named the entire album.
This is a must buy for any fan of music, and even if you have opinions on Mr Good personally - yes, he is arrogant, but he IS a special talent too - this is a must have album. Any MGB fans wont be disappointed, and new fans HAVE to hear this.
If you enjoy this, or even if you don't i also highly recommend the recently released "White Light Rock & Roll Review". Agian, matthew Good at his greatest, but in a very different look to what this album gives. In fact, if you enoy his LYRICS, read his book too. BERY clever ideas froma great mind, makes for an intereting, if not slightly strange, read.
enjoy, and don't deprive yourself of one of the greatest albums ever written.
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on 20 May 2003
After leaving behind Matthew Good Band, Matthew Good makes his monumental return. This has to be the best album to date from Canada's forman of alternative rock. Sweeping melodies and powerful songs, this album makes for one one of the best albums I've heard this year. With stand out songs like Pledge Of Allegiance, Avalance, 21st Century Living and Near Fantastica. The style remains in the same tone as Matthew Good Band, but the songs seem tighter and more refined, creating a great overall album. Where as MGB albums in the past had a few low points, Avalanche is just a constant wave of great and even greater songs.
We can but hope for more album's from Matthew Good in the future.
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on 27 April 2003
Matthew Good was one of those great finds on a ski trip to Canada way back in 1999. It is rare that the release of a new album makes me so excited but after hearing 'The Audio Of Being' (his previous record with the Matthew Good Band which you should also purchase) I ordered this album as soon as it became available. Disappointment (as is so often the case with such high expectations) was never so easily avoided. This is one of those albums that does not contain a single duff track (like Gene's 'Drawn To The Deep End', Counting Crows' 'August and Everything After' or Radiohead's 'The Bends').
If you enjoy intelligent indie-rock (or whatever the name of the pigeon hole is this week) that continually surprises with each new listen or just albums that deal with something a little more than 'Boy Meets Girl And It All Goes Right / Wrong / Upside Down' then this is for you.
You can thank me later.
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on 27 December 2003
I was one of the many I'm sure, who heard 'Weapon' (track 3) on the season 2 finale of smallville and was moved (I was near tears!) to the point where I scoured the internet to hunt down the artist. I bought 'avalanche' regardless of the quality of any other songs, and, as is so rarley the case, was wowed by how amazingly complete the album was. The lyrics have obviously been written with thought, and are sung with genuine emotion. The use of strings with many numbers is also first class - bringing a powerful, haunting air to the music.
I would advise anyone debating wheather or not to buy this album to do it without further delay. It is the CD I am most proud of owning, and the fact that in six months I still have not tired of listening to it; and am now buying it for a friend says it all.
So buy the album and join the club- i can assure you it will be well worth it. And if you don't like it - whats wrong with you!?!...you really, really, should.
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on 5 February 2004
I came across this band in Canada a few years ago and when i got home i couldn't find any of their stuff and i casually forgot about them. About 3 months ago i purchased Beautiful Midnight which is an amazing album but having purchased Avalanche I've been completely blown away. Never have a band gripped me so much as Matthew Good and Co. My standout track of this album is Double Life but in all honesty there is no bad song on the album. They are beautiful in their own way. I'd recommed this to anyone and everyone in the hope that they can eventually play in Britain. That they are not here already is a travesty!! Every song, from Pledge Of Allegiance to H.O.S.A.M are crafted with genious! Buy it now!
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on 12 August 2003
Wow...since purchasing the Audio of Being I didn't think things could get any better. In my opinion Avalanche surpasses it, and I've almost been listening to it non-stop since March '03.
I'm not putting any of the previous albums down...they are all excellent for totally different reasons. Avalanche has superb lyrics and haunting tunes. The acoustic versions on the secret website (special edition cd) are unbelievable. Beautiful Midnight was my first taste of MGB - combining those tunes with playing SSX on the PS2 brings back great memories!
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on 18 March 2004
Does it get any better than this? This album will move your emotions around and then jumble them up again. If you have seen the other reviews then what are you waiting for put this into your basket, buy it and don't regret it, just enjoy!
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on 13 June 2003
I first came across this guy on a business trip to Ontario, Canada during 2002. Known as Canada’s bad boy of rock, he’s released nothing outside of North America, which is a real shame. We’re talking major potential here to become one of the worlds biggest acts. This is by far his best work to date (Formally known as Mathew Good Band). Album highlights include “Weapon” and the title track “Avalanche”, which although kicks off a little dull, quickly turns into the best track of the entire album. On the whole a great lyricist and very talented musician. For the European ear hints of REM, Feeder, and David Gray, makes for a wind ranging and varied sound. Definitely my best CD purchase in recent months.
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