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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 13 August 2003
I got this album imported from America before it came out because I thought Broke and (hed)pe were such excellent albums. When I first listened to this album I was disappointed by it. I put it down on the side and forgot about it for weeks. I then went on holiday and brought it with me. After recently discovering Faith No More's 'Angel Dust', I found many similarities between the two albums. Faith No More included many various styles of music, moving in a completely different direction to their previous album. (hed)pe have taken the same approach in 'Blackout', including many genres, such as: reggae, metal, rap, and some straight out cheesy rock. I think this change was for the better and some of the best songs are "Revelations", "Suck it Up" and "Flesh and Bone", although all songs are excellent
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on 31 March 2003
hed's long awaited third opus disappointed me at first. The stong hip hop style evident in the band's first, self titled recording, was far less evident here. The dark,angry sound of the second album, 'broke' semed to have disappeared, and there were no high profile collaborations such as System of a Down (feel good).
However, a second listen led me to the conclusion that the first time i heard 'Blackout' i had been in an uncompromising mood. THIS ALBUM I EXCELLENT!
The opening to 'Suck it up' is a barrel of bombast. You are immediately pulled in by a catchy riff, followed by a meaty bass and a battle cry of 'lets get ready to....destroy'. The following serving of frantic drumming takes us into the body of the song, with Jahred's growling lyrics sounding as though he is singing to save his own life.
The rest of the album is much mor upbeat than the first two albums, which took me by surprise at first, but is entirely welcome.The opening groove of 'Bury me' brings out the funky side of the band. Dj product 1969 is an integral part of every song,especially on 'crazy life', using the decks as more than just a hiphop scratch. 'Get away' and 'Carnivale' have a distinct reggae feel -datng back to Jahred's west indian roots- and provide a refreshing contrast to the heavy guitar chugging tunes such as 'The only one' and 'flesh and bone'
Lyrically, the album is very much about the search fo clarity and redemption- ' just let me walk away, before i lose my faith, im running round in circles through the shadows trying to find my way'( flesh and bone) There is much to identify with and it is the most personal feeling album the band have produced thus far.
All in all, Hed have succeeded in updating their sound, without sounding tired or typically 'nu-metal'. This for me is not their best album, but it is a great album nonetheless- Catchy, well thought out and not just the typical chest-beating, brainless lyric driven records that many of their current peers sell squillions of writing for 6 year olds.
its not for kids folks.
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on 26 November 2004
Just thought I'd chip in my opinion given that (at the point of writing) we've got two votes for "it rocks!" and two for "it sucks!"
I eagerly anticipated the release of Blackout following (hed)pe and broke, both great records. Listening to Blackout the first time through (as others have said) I wasn't sure I liked it. But I played it again...And again...and again.
Genuinely, the more you listen to it, the more you like it. I must have heard it several hundred times through now (I can never be bothered to change the music on my MP3 player) and I haven't got bored.
It's a diverse album, with some soulful lyrics. It ranges from chilled out tune of Other Side through to the (strangely) uplifting Crazy Life (my personal fave).
I really feel if you give this CD a chance to get under your skin it won't let you down.
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on 28 March 2003
(Hed) PE have struggled to make it in the music business since the early days of KoRn (who they toured with in the beginning). They finally 'Broke' through with their second full-length album after their self-titled debut. ‘Blackout’ is their third offering (not counting their first EP ‘Church of Realities’) and it is a very different sound. The first track ‘Suck It Up’ is reminiscent of Broke and the title track seems to have been pumped with a million dollars and spit shined. The two aforementioned tracks seem out of place or detracted from the rest. Over all it’s another great album from the PE, but be warned, don’t expect another Broke. 7 out of 10 (compared to a 10 out of 10 for Broke).
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on 31 October 2014
This is a very interesting mix of hip hop and punk/metal much like bands like Linkin park are doing but this seems a bit more mature lyrically. Apparently their older albums are more original in sound. However what this lacks in orginality it makes up for in decent song writing, performances too. There is a good mixture of Singing which is both dramatic and fearsome and rapping which feels heart felt and meaningful there is also some growling and some sort of inbetween rapsinging , gang vocals also. There is plenty to make this album an enjoyable listen There are plenty of memorable songs and the production is neat too There is space for everything to be heard with a good strong drum and bass sound.
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on 17 April 2003
With this album, (hed)PE enters a frenzy yet controlled sound, backed by more than groovy drums with a similarly descripted guitar effect carrying on the whole way through.
Jahred's voice is higher pitched yet more confident on this album(regardless of the bellowing)and BC's drum skills never ceasse to impress. An album packed with catchy tunes and some display of propper song writing skills. this however unfortunatly leads to the album not being quite as interesting as their previous one(broke)which had a more experimental aspect towards it.
the most interesting and great thing about is the way they blend so many styles in with each other. the most obvious is the mixture of rap and metal with.......reggae!!! sounds odd, but the band show off their skill in this area impressively, with no visibal flaws.
this is a band that is highly underestimated and should be regarded as far more important as it is allready. and let's not forget about jahred's dreads!;)
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on 30 April 2003
Althought this, in my opinion, is the weakest of the (hed) albums its by no means a bad album! With a nice introduction from Suck It Up the album starts well. A few other tracks shine through, such as Flesh And Bone and Crazy Life (my personal favourite) But, and this will dissapoint some (hed) fans, the album fails to deliver the danger that the first 2 brought, instead it seems to head for a more user friendly approach. Definatley an album that all rap/metal fans should own but if your new to (hed) pe and want to know what they're really capable of, get the self titled debut album, I guarantee that wont dissapoint you!
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on 19 June 2004
i love this album ive had it for 2 months and its pretty much all ive listened to....the songs couldnt be better and there is a gr8 mix which is what ii listen to (h.e.d.) planet earth for i wouldnt say this is there bast album which is why i give it 4/5 stars but the ideas behind the songs are unbelieveabe the full introduction for the sng "suck it up" is a wrestling arena i dont think ive heard a beeter intro this is the standard of a true band who deserve great fame and fortune.... my advice buy this album u wont regret
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on 8 May 2003
There is one word that comes to mind on purchasing and listening to this album - uninspiring. The previous album 'broke' was excellent because it inspired and broke boundaries, 'blackout' does not. It is an album made by a band who have been touring with others like Linkin Park, Korn and Limp Bizkit. One good song - Other side, but that's only cause it brings memories of the previous album.
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I saw (hed)PE live a few years ago, and since then i have bought both of their studio albums, plus their rare self released album CHURCH OF REALITY which is only about 6 tracks long and costs a fortune. i have listened to BLACKOUT once on headphones in HMV, and was bitterly disapointed. they appear to have abandoned everything which they used to do so well, in favour or doing what other people do badly, worse. this sounds harsh, but im afriad we've seen the end of (hed)PE's full-frontal rapping, said goodbye to any of that real funky dancable hip-hop and regretfully kissed the forehead of infectious catchy metal riffing. all this is replaced by bland rock songs which sound about 5 years out of date. maybe i just dont like the fact that they have changed, but i certainly dont like this album. if you liked them before, you wont like them now. if you never liked them before this might be just your thing!
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