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on 25 September 2003
Took delivery 3 days ago and I'll never touch Filter and Instant again.!
An absolutely wonderful machine, really well made, and although the instructions aren't brilliant it's quite simple to work out what to do and when.
I'm using the Illy coffee and in my opinion it's absoluteley Fab
3 useful tips:
1.Give the machine 10 minutes to warm up properly
2.Clean it at the end of the day,..I leave mine all day so I can use it when I want.
3. Use the standard milk frother as it's far easier to clean than other attachments you can buy.
For the quality of the coffee produced well worth the money.
Buy one NOW !!
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on 22 October 2003
I was given this machine as a wedding present because every day I used to go out and buy a cappuccino. Well, I no longer have to go out, this machine produces a perfect cappuccino.
At first I took the little nozzle on the steam pipe off every time to clean it and then noticed I couldn't froth my milk anymore and was going to phone up the help line. I then discovered a tiny bit of plastic that I had failed to put in the nozzle. I no longer take this off, I just take the long bit of to clean.
It does take a few efforts to produce the right strength and right amount of froth, but it is well worth it. I put the machine on every morning and turn it off at tea time, it is best to let it cool for a bit before you clean it otherwise, like me, you will end up with a few burnt fingers!
It is the perfect machine. Amazon definitely is the cheapest, unless you go for a recon machine direct from Gaggia as mentioned in another review.
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on 30 December 2003
The first thing I noticed about this machine is how sturdy it is. The metal shell and overall design look good in my kitchen. My second comment is how much the engineering of this machine resembles that of which you might find in a coffee shop, just on a smaller scale. The quality of the coffee is probably as good as you are going to find without spending a fortune. It should be noted that this machine is really designed for those wanting espresso coffee. Unlike other cheaper machines, the Gaggia works by quickly pumping water on demand through the coffee grinds at high pressure. The result, say, from a full load of coffee in the machine is enough to make two cups of double espresso. A cheaper machine may work by filtering preheated water down over the coffee grinds without the pressure.
After a week of using the machine I have not been disappointed with the quality of the coffee or the price I paid.
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on 20 April 2003
Speedy machine to walm up and Brew you coffee, Always clean it and dry it, i left it with water in the tank and i will say i won't do it again!
Makes a damn good hot chocolate - thats if you haven't got a microwave!
Very good machine (hence the 5 Stars)
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on 15 August 2008
Gaggia Expresso Coffee Machine
I have been given this machine without instructions and have searched websites for such.
Can anyone help?
So as far as I have tried to use it, it seems a lot of noise and fuss for little return !
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on 23 November 2006
I have had my Coffee deluxe for 6 years now, I can't imagine any plastic wannabe machine lasting this long. This machine is basic engineering at its best. There are more sophisticated machines out there such as Nespresso but they have moving parts to break. I liken this machine to a Dualit toaster, basic and gets the job done and lasts forever. Of course, the crema device gave up long ago (rubber eventually perishes with heat) but I only use the pods nowadays and since coffee is much cheaper in france, the price is reasonable (so when you are next in france, stock up on ESE pods). Mine does not work with the soft pods, and I have asked Gaggia if there is a filter available for the soft pods, as the only coffee makers who supply ESE pods are Lavazza and Ily. I don't use the frother, as I hate cappucino or latte. I only use Volvic bottled water, so I have never had a real limescale problem. Gaggia were helpful the one time that it stopped and I hadn't realised the head filter was blocked. In terms of the pods Lavazza can be a little variable since the size of the pod is not always consistent, sometimes they are too loose with the filter head and let the water pass through too quickly and you do not get a crema. No problem with Ily, however, unless you don't like the very bitter taste.
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on 2 September 2007
I bought one of these over a year ago. It was quite an expensive way of producing the coffee I like - double expresso in a large cup - but it doesn't drip and usually produces a perfect cup. For about 3 months after I bought it I was dissapointed as the crema was very poor and no crema device was available. With experimentation I have discovered that the key factors are:
- buy Illy coffee, as no other make of ground coffee gives a crema for me.
- clean the outlet filter at least once per week
- warm-up the machine and holder first, put in the ground coffee immediately before making a cup.
- compress the grounds properly. For a double expresso compress in at least two layers.
Following these rules I can get a perfect cup every time. It would be easier though if the machine was more tolerant...
Good luck!
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on 28 April 2006
I purchased this machine three of months ago, best peice of equipment I have bought in a long time, I do not have the crema device, yet I still get a good espresso, as for the cappucino, I struggled with the froth!!! I typed into google search engine

'HOW DO YOU GET A GOOD FROTH' Hey presto up popped coffee geek web site, I found an excellent tip!!!!! when using your frothing device get a chop stick and push it in to the black piece that pulls off for easy cleaning, insert the chop stick and make sure that the piece inside is at the bottom as far as it will go!!!!I did not have a chop stick so I used a small teaspoon handle and pushed the device down as far as it will go!!! I now get an excellent stiff froth!!!!You really need espresso coffe, I was bought a coffee grinder as a present..... it is no good.... waiting for someone to buy me a burr grinder!!!!

I could use the machine straight away, the longer I have used it the better it is, I have the machine on all day 8am to 7pm just rinse & wipe down, I put my water(filtered) straight into the container as mine is under cupboards, I have cleaned mine with the gaggia descaler once, no problems at all.

Well worth the money.
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on 26 January 2006
Well I took receipt of this machine yesterday evening and quickly started to play around and see what it could do. I had high hopes after reading online reveiws and I'm happy to say it outpassed my expectations. The espresso was smooth and with a perfect crema, and after a bit of practise the cappuccino came out great as well. The added milk frothing attachment meant it was quick and easy to froth milk perfectly, delivering it straight into the cup. I'd recomend using coffee ground especially for espresso machines as initially i tried it with normal ground coffee and although the results were good they were from from perfect.
Depending on what you're looking for in an espresso maker, this machine may not be for you. If your simply looking for a machine to dispense espresso then the price tag is probably a little steep, but if you've previously purchased a cheaper machine and couldn't quite work out how the coffee didn't taste as good as it did at the coffee shop then this should deffinately be your next step. I challenge anyone not to be pleased with the results.
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on 3 July 2004
I have been using this machine daily for about six months now and I am 100% satisfied with it in every way. I had previous experience of a steam operated machine, so with the help of the Gaggia Barista Training CD-ROM (purchased separately from Gaggia) I was producing excellent shots within a week or two.
I also use the Dualit grinder and the combination of these two units guarantees a good cup every time. I have set the grinder to either the finest or second finest setting and this, with a 30lb tamp, gives consitently good results.
I would rate in order of importance, the correct grind must be used (very fine), the beans must be fresh (opened less than 2 weeks and ground immediately before use), the correct amount used (7g per shot) and after this it is just a matter of getting the feel for the machine, ie tamping etc.
As far as domestic machines go, I haven't seen any to perform better than this one, even on a larger budget. I drink mainly espresso and it is easy to get a consistently extracted cup with a generous amount of crema. My wife drinks mostly cappuccino and latte so the milk frother has had plenty of use too, the froth produced is thick "microfoam" which stays stiff for a long time and a jug can be frothed in a relatively short space of time.
Cleaning is no problem, to keep the machine in peak condition I just remove the shower screen and group head once a month or so and steep for a while, which means removing three screws.
To conclude I would say that this machine does all you could expect of it and does it well. It was well worth the money. I would also recommend "Espresso" by Kenneth Davids which covers everything from the practical side of assembling different drinks to the history of coffee culture throughout the years.
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