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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
Baby I'm Bored
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 13 March 2003
Quite possibly this is Evan Dando's best work to date. Fans of his best lemonheads album 'shame bout ray' will not be disappointed at all, and while this album perhaps shares more of the vibe found on the "car, button, cloth" record, this is the best set of songs he has turned out since that 91 masterpiece.
the best way to describe this album is that it sounds like waking up. it yearns like "break me" did and confesses and contemplates like "its all true" yet there is a swagger in this record that shows evan is back on track and has not only regained hope but knows he's gonna get what he wants. most critics have noted ben lees two songs on the record ("all my life" and "hard drive") but i think evans own songs are the best tracks on the record. "looks like you" reminds of dead flowers but surpasses it with its poppy yet insouciant meloncholy, and is my favorite track. the whole album infact is not as country as youd expect from the person most people refer to as "the modern day gram parsons" though the influence and elements of the genre are plainly there. cosmic american music indeed!
apart from perhaps "stop my head" and supergrass-ish "waking up" the album is totally devoid of the non stop melodies and punk pop of the lemonheads, instead toning down the tempo and allowing space for the music to take hold, yet dando is still the star and main focus. i wouldnt call this album mellow, more like contemplative: its sober but it rocks!!
buy this album and you wont be disappointed, this has to be possibly one of the best comeback records ever - but forget his past anyway, as a new re-born solo artist evan dando perfectly translates the the charm, charisma and humour he oozes in his interviews, onto a great rock record. baby, you definately wont be bored.
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on 10 April 2003
Awesome. that's the only way to describe the majority of this album. After a while in exile Dando comes back with the songwriting magic unique to him. heartfelt genuine lyrics and some real credibility make him a quality songwriter and his music a plus in anyone's collection. Indie with, at times, a country twang. this man is the last word in understatement. there are a few head up your own arse tracks on this album but when the rest of it has so much quality it's forgivable. watch out for the tracks all my life and hard drive. superb. don't leave it so long next time. buy and enjoy
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 9 September 2013
Folk rock band The Lemonheads went on a hiatus in 1997 and it wasn't until seven years later that the front man Evan Dando released his first solo album. After sobering up and getting married, the much anticipated 'Baby I'm Bored' was like he'd never been away from the recording studio.

Many of the qualities that had made the Lemonheads so popular in their chart heyday (1992-1996) can be found here, short, simple but nevertheless quite brilliant acoustic songs, heartfelt melodies, quirky and sweet lyrics. Evan's voice is as beautiful as ever, but this is certainly not a complete Lemonheads style album. Many of the songs here have a deeper meaning, giving it a more personal and sincere quality, whilst others, like 'Waking Up', are more experimental and may take time to grow on you. There aren't many surprises though, it's probably just what you would expect from Evan, it's a comfortable album with Evan sounding relaxed, but at least it was never in danger of alienating his small but loyal fan base. The heartfelt 'All My Life' (recently receiving new exposure on a three disc 'Indie Anthems' boxset) is my personal favourite.

On the strength of 'Baby I'm Bored', I wish Evan had released more solo albums. The public were obviously keenly interested at the time as it quickly entered the UK top 30, but it is unfortunate than follow up releases never materialised. Still, this single record is a strong and successful comeback from a man who is often (rightly) described as something of an underrated genius. The Lemonheads were eventually reformed two years later.
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on 25 July 2005
Whilst this album is by no means perfect - we could have done with a few more songs ( although those familiar with the Lemonheads will know of Dando's penchant for short songs on short albums ), and a couple of the more experimental tracks fall a little flat - it is certainly worth a look. Upon first listen the album is slightly underwhelming but persevere, it really is a grower.
Evan Dando's voice is as beautiful as ever, well suited to slightly more mellow style of this offering, and the consruction of the backing quickly dispells any initial obsevations of simplicity. This is an album which as you listen to more and more you will find yourself noticing another perfect interplay between two barely audible guitar tracks, or a great chord change and so on. As mentioned above the several guest artists all lend something to the unique sound - not least the boys from Calexico who give "Hard Drive" ( my personal favourite ) written by long time Dando admirer Ben Lee, a brilliant swing and great bassline.
Theres also a good level of emotion invested in the album - such as the slighlty discordant "Rancho Santa Fe" and the haunting verses of "The Same Thing...", which shines through the general warmth of the record. A mention must also be given to seeing Dando perform these songs - live his voice is, if anything, even better than on record and he has such charisma that it'd probably be a pleasure to watch him playing anything. Really try to see him to put these songs into context.
All in all, an album you may not be entirely sure why you like so much when you haven't heard it for a while, but one that worms into your psyche a little more with each listen. Well worth the effort.
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VINE VOICEon 19 May 2003
Take "I'm in the grass all wine coloured, wine coloured grass". Nothing much in it. Not the sort of scorching line you might pick out of, say, Radiohead's Let Down.
"One day / I'm gonna grow wings / a chemical reaction / hysterical and useless / hysterical and".
It's not like that. It doesn't carry that emotional weight, that fierce defiance that Thom Yorke brings to the table and makes you swallow in shards; tears in your eyes because it's all so beautiful and impossible to control.
But Baby I'm Bored doesn't have to be like that, you say. Why should everyone be like Radiohead? Even Radiohead aren't these days. (Incidentally, you're wrong to say that about Radiohead these days, but let it pass.) No, Dando's new album does not house the spitting, furious enchantment of Paranoid Android. But it does bear comparison. It is not often that an album combines genuinely beautiful music with jolting lyrics. Out of fragments Dando does that. A line here, a line there: he stops you, makes you consider and then reconsider the words, their meaning, their precise, evocative relationship to the music. This is what songs are, and on Baby I'm Bored you have so many great songs.
Back on Car Button Cloth, under the auspices of the Lemonheads, Dando sang some wonderful stuff. The Great Outdoors, for instance, made me smile for months, still does now when I think of it. It was witty and smart and subtle. The lyrics were so small, but were about tiny, real things, so that you could imagine yourself with him, your voice sounding that good, you playing great guitar.
So, likewise: "In the grass all wine coloured". You are there. The final song on this brilliant solo debut puts you in a summer field, dazed by the sun, lying on your back. You are Evan Dando. Your album is brilliant.
If you’ve heard Car Button Cloth, think back to it and pick out your favourite moment. Ok, good. Now, this you need to know: that moment is replicated, at tangents and with sublime distortion, over and over in Baby I’m Bored. It lives and breathes as very few albums can, and moment by moment makes the case for a rejuvenated Evan Dando. He is back. Everything is fine.
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on 18 July 2017
An engaging set of songs which are delivered like they might be studio outtakes but which reveal themselves to have been very carefully crafted by a gifted songwriter and performer. One of my favourite albums.
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VINE VOICEon 16 August 2011
I always thought Evan Dando was a bit underrated. Some of The Lemonheads albums were tremendous records, and yet they never seemed to get the recognition they deserved. This solo album is no exception. It's full of great melodies, most of them acoustically led with a bit of a lo-fi feel overall. With music put together this way it HAS to be great to stand up as there's little in the production or arrangements to hide any deficiencies. And great this album truly is.

'Repeat' is so breezy it just sticks in your head and you can't get it out of there again. 'My Idea' is kind of hypnotic. And 'Hard Drive' is just one of those songs where the songwriter has hit upon one of the most simple and yet perfectly conceived ideas ever. It's just brilliant.

Ok, there are some experimental moments on it. 'Waking Up' borders on tunelessness at times, but in it's defence it's a fun kind of song in it's way. It's about time this guy got a bit of credit for what he does. I'd love to see another solo record, but if he carries on putting out Lemonhead ones instead (as he seems to have started doing again) I'll be happy enough with that.
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on 16 August 2017
I love this record. One of the best of his career.
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on 19 September 2015
Not quite Lemonheads, but some good tracks!
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on 13 June 2017
.... only get 1 disc standard versionon auto rip
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