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on 21 July 2017
Easily one of the better 80s slashers. Terror Train is no cheesy movie and that's the reason that we are kept on the edge of our seats. This is quite a dark moody film once we get into the first half hour. Story is about a dating prank that goes wrong, and nerdy guy goes crazy. Fast forward 3 years and the same students that wound him up are now celebrating their graduating from med school by holding a party on a train of course our nerdy guy now turned serial killer hops aboard.

Known for Jamie Lee Curtis who was a genuine scream queen at this time, having of course starred in HALLOWEEN, a couple of years previously. Good acting, and tense almost Hitchcockian atmosphere, the train scenario does help. Look out for David Copperfield, well you can't him as he is in several scenes as a magician of course. This one really struck a chord even if the climax seems to go on at least 10 minutes longer than it should.
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on 7 April 2017
Bit of a dull slasher to be honest, more one to make up your collection if you're a a slasher fan. Try the burning, madman, my bloody valentine, sorority row, happy birthday to me, stage fright and slumber party massacre along with other classics like sleepaway camp and Alice sweet Alice.
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on 12 February 2013
Three years after a nasty prank goes horribly wrong, a group of medical students hold a New Year's fancy dress party on board a moving train.

Terror Train is easily one of the most beautifully shot slasher films of the early 1980s. The lighting and photography design by John Alcott (Barry Lyndon, Clockwork Orange, The Shining)is meticulous at capturing the cold Canadian winter, claustrophobic carriage interiors and party lights. The use of a complex system of ordinary household bulbs and dimmers was incredibly ambitious for a slasher film shot in a mere 25 days.

Debuting director Roger Spottiswoode was not comfortable with the slasher genre and his film reflects this by being more focused on the production design than horror. Nearly every death is off camera, whilst David Copperfield's magic act and veteran actor Ben Johnson get a lot of screen time. However, Terror Train is still one of the best from the era. The way the killer adopts the costumes of his victims is very effective. He looks especially creepy in the Groucho mask. The final chase through the train carriages is really classy and the atmosphere is great. Personally, I prefer it to the other 1980 Jamie Lee Curtis slasher, Prom Night. The supporting cast is pretty good too, with Art "it's a Rolex" Bochner on great sleazebag form, Sandee Currie likable as Jamie's best friend and even David Copperfield being fairly effective as a possible suspect. Interestingly Terror Train owes nearly as much to Agatha Christie as it does to Halloween.

Terror Train isn't strong on kills, but it looks beautiful and is very evocative.

There are at least three versions of Terror Train on disc.

Anchor Bay's is very grainy and in full screen.

Shout Factory's version is also at least a little on the grainy side for Blu Ray , but comes with extras.

The 20th Century Fox's DVD is a double sided disk with no extras besides the trailer, but features both a full screen version on one side and the widescreen on the other. the presentation is fairly clean and it's also the cheapest version.
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on 19 May 2004
I was, like many others, looking forward to finally having
TERROR TRAIN on DVD. But how horribly disappointing this is!
Full-screen version, and a terrible transfer which looks like a
decrepit video seen through extremely dirty glasses. It is
almost unwatchable. I think I'd rather not have it at all.
Isn't Anchor Bay supposed to be some kind of guarantee for
good quality? Not any more, it isn't!
A VERY disappointed collector
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on 28 February 2006
This is the edition from 20th Century Fox and not Anchor Bay. Buy this for a pristine (for it's age) widescreen picture. The other reviewers below are talking of the inferior Anchor Bay version.
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on 28 November 2012
This is a film you're only likely to come across by accident but it's worthy of greater recognition. The plot involves a chartered train ride carrying a fancy-dress party of college students. Unbeknownst to them, one of the revellers has been murdered and his disguise adopted by a mystery killer. This unseen killer works their way through the unsuspecting train, taking on the disguises of his victims as he goes. The sealed off environment provides a great sense of claustrophobia while the hidden identity carries additional menace that stays fresh with each change of disguise. Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis assumes her traditional role with the ease you would expect, adding a bit of weight to this low -budget entry.

The only fault is that the pre-credits scene blows the element of mystery and you can't really doubt who the killer is. The first time I saw this, I'd missed this scene and it worked brilliantly without it. True, this scene explains the motive but it shows too much. For those who haven't seen it, I'd suggest skipping the scene (though that's just an opinion).
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on 12 October 2014
Definitely one of my favourite slasher movies, and from an era when they were spewing everywhere. Great lighting, sets and photography make this a must see. Claustrophobic railway carriages are always gonna work well when being chased by a masked killer.
Last time I saw this was on vhs at the height of the video craze, and must admit the murderer's identity had escaped me, a slow realisation crept up in the final quarter which only added to the enjoyment.
One or two reviews have commented on the lack of onscreen gore and offscreen killings, but this works tremendously well regardless and shows how well the film holds up, even today.
Worth mentioning that this review is for the Region 1 release from 20th Century Fox, featuring both full and widescreen versions. Not checked the fullscreen, but in 16x9 the picture quality is very good indeed and would appear to be the dvd to seek out, especially considering the many negative remarks for some other releases.

Aside from the double presentation, the only extra is a trailer.
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on 8 April 2006
I thought Terror Train was alright.
The Killings were a bit too far spaced apart, but near the end of the film, it has a bit of a twist to it when the killer is revealed, but, compared to other slasher films, it's considered to be one of the more considered ones!!!
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on 8 March 2004
I have been waiting for this favorite horror flick of mine to come out on DVD ever since I got my first player 5 years ago! Here in the States, there are still no plans to release "Terror Train" on DVD so I am glad to see that is not the case in Europe (thank heavens for region-free DVD players!) I personally think this is Jamie Lee Curtis' best horror movie, after "Halloween" of course. Plot line is simply about a bunch of college kids renting and having a big New Year's Eve costume party on an old train, while a killer crashes uninvited. The atmosphere and the sets on the train are all very well done. The director does a great job of building the suspense throughout the movie and even though figuring out who the killer is and why is not very difficult, trying to know which costume he is wearing from his latest victim is fun! The big reveal of where the killer has been when not in a costume was also surprising! It also has a great chase scene at the end between JLC and the killer - one of the best in any 80s horror film! "Terror Train" boasts a great director (Roger Spotiswoode) who went onto film many more blockbuster movies and a well-known cast (JLC, Ben Johnson, Vanity, Hart Bochner, and even David Coperfield!) My only reason for not giving "Terror Train" 5 stars is because I found the very ending to be too abrupt and would have liked to see an additional 5 minutes or so of wrap-up with the surviving guests finding out some of their classmates have been butchered and who did it and why? I hope the DVD is loaded with lots of spectacular extras and who knows maybe there was some additional footage shot for the ending which may even be included on the DVD!
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on 20 May 2004
Full screen format, extremely poor quality video. Extras: biographies and stills gallery. Very disappointed.
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