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on 24 April 2004
Received my MJU400 yesterday and am totally impressed. The imagescaptured are of a very high quality with colours being reproduced with areassuringly natural look and I'm sure once I've played with the camerasmodes/settings they will get even better.
The camera feels extremely well built, the lens pops out quickly when thelens cover is pulled to one side and the menus have been relatively easyto get to grips with.
I was delighted to discover when connecting the MJU400 to my PC (runningwindows 98), using the USB cable supplied, it appears as another drive inWindows Explorer so I can drag and drop the files straight onto my harddrive for editting using my own choice of software. This suits me as Iprefer not to have to use the software bundled with the camera totransfer/edit images.
I would recommend adding a 128MB XD card to your order as the 16MB cardincluded will only store 5 pictures taken in "Super High Quality" and 16taken in "High Quality". The 128MB olympus card I've got allows for 45pictures in SHQ mode.
All in all, I am delighted with my choice and would highly recommend theMJU400.
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on 5 February 2004
I had done a lot of research and looking about when i was choosing a camera. I was looking at any brand but I have a had a 35mm Olympus camera for many years and it had survived many a night out. So another Olympus was at the top of my list.
I also have a friend who is a photographer i knows about every camera that comes on the market. The Olympus brand was one he highlighted.
So far the camera has worked very well. At full charge the battery can handle approx 100 pics with flash and LCD screen on. I 've seen people say it takes the lens a while to come out. Can't really see it myself, as i have to wait for the flash to get itself ready. The charge doesn't see to be any shorter or longer than any other camera i have used.
Never had a problem with the battery compartment. To have the problem that seems to have been specified, i would have to hold the camera very oddly. Also the buttons while being slightly small are not that hard to use even with my large enoughhands
The best way to use the camera is put it on Program auto and auto flash. The camera is clever enough to make the right choices and i have got some very good photos from it.
The remote control is certainly new to me but definitely very handy for the group shots and easier than a self-timer.
Overall I am very happy with the Olympus 400 and my mate is also very impressed with what it can do for the price and size of it
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on 2 July 2003
It's a great little camera. I bought it to replace my Canon SLR (sacrilege!), for several reasons, but mostly because I'm not the cameraman I thought I was when I bought the Canon. So far, I haven't missed any of the features of my SLR, but it's still early days. I'm certainly not missing that annoying wait to see just how good or bad the photos are. I might wish I could attach a more powerful flashgun, I'll have to see when I take some serious shots.
The mju 400 is built like a Mercedes, with one niggly flaw that I've come across - it's easy (I've done it twice in three days) to push open the battery cover if you're handling the camera. It's OK when you're handling it to take pictures, just be careful when you're admiring it. So far, the battery hasn't fallen out.
The supplied software is nicely featured, though don't expect it to compete with Paintshop Pro for editing. Downloading 30-odd photos and a movie took just a minute or two. The amount of information it records for each photo (e.g. was flash auto triggered, or did you tell it to) is brilliant. However, the software is very inefficient. It completely takes over the CPU of my 700MHz PC, and I've had to turn the PC off a couple of times.
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on 28 July 2003
Well I have to say that I was amazed at the size of this camera when it arrived, it's tiny ! You know what they say about things in little packages, it certainly holds true in the case of this camera. Not only is it great to look at, but the quality of pictures is outstanding. The controls are very simple to use, my wife was snapping away happily in no time. The back is uncluttered leaving menu controls via a virtual wheel displayed in the lcd monitor.The menu sytem is easy to pick up with a bit of "playing" This is a perfect camera for persons who want the point and shoot simplicity of a compact, but produce the picture quality of a very decent SLR. It may not have enough manual overides and bells and whistles for the semi- professional photographer, but it certainly delivers in terms of results. It will slip into a small shirt pocket and ready to snap in a couple of seconds from sliding the lens cover over. If you buy one make sure you get yourself an extra xd memory card, the 16 mbyte supplied will only hold sixteen at high quality, and 5 at Super high quality! I purchased a 128 mbyte card. That will give you a whopping 133 snaps at HQ, and around 45 SHQ. The battery lasted a good 15 hrs + with the monitor off. It can also be topped up at any time, so don't worry about any battery memory problems. A spare battery will set you back about £30. When on holiday I charged it in the evening and it was ready for a full days shooting. For portraits, macro and landscape I'd recommend you use Super high quality. Dont forget it's All Weather, I used it during rain etc without a problem (a common british problem). The software provided is very user friendly too, connecting to a usb on the computer was simple to do. A word of warning, if you intend to use the panorama facility make sure you purchase an Olympus xd card, the Fuji don't allow this feature! If you want a simple to use beautiful looking camera with great results!
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on 28 February 2004
Reasons to buy this camera:
Picture quality is superb: I took mine on a skiing trip to Austria and the mountain-scene photography is breathtaking in its detail, colour balance and depth, definition, perfect exposure etc. The portrait photos are also superb, even indoors.
Ease of use: point and click plus a few refinements to play with that are enough to satisfy us casual photographers that are more interested in finding the right subjects than in fiddling with setups.
Features: solid construction; good "feel"; high capacity rechargeable Li-Ion battery; uses latest low-power high-capacity XD memory cards; you can buy a superb "Olympus 134447 Leather Case" for it that will also hold spare battery and XD card; water resistant seals (A feature I thought I would never need until I dropped it in deep snow!); connects to TV video jack for displaying pictures.
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on 3 April 2004
I read several reviews and articles before choosing this camera. My decision was based on requiring a camera that was small, easy to use but had excellent quality for a reasonable price. I can honestly say that this camera has fullfilled all those requirements and more. I have taken pictures in a variety of light and dark conditions as well as difficult focus requirements and it has achieved great results.
I am extremely pleased and recommend it to anyone.
Delivery by Amazon was within 24 hrs what more could you ask for?
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on 31 October 2004
Having read all the reviews below I was unsure whether to order this camera or not. I ordered it thinking I would return it if it didnt live up to my expectations. Its great! I am not sending it back. The quality of the images are fantastic. I do not have a problem with the buttons on the back, they are small however but I do not find them at all fiddly. I am new to digital photography after giving up my old SLR and my other point and shoot film camera but find this brilliant. Its lightweight, I like the metal casing which doesnt give a cheap feel to it. The one thing that I was a little bit disappointed with was the noisey zoom. Otherwise I think this is an excellent purchase for £149. I saw it in another high street store yesterday for £269.
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on 21 October 2004
I bought an Olympus 35mm pocket camera in 1981 - one of the first on the market and I have been delighted with it. It finally gave up the ghost last year - after 22 years! It has taken me ages to buy a new camera - did not want to be bothered with all the complicated stuff and thought I would stick with Olympus - and Amazon, of course.
Not only is the price BRILLIANT - here in Germany it can still set you back about €500!!! but...I was up and running, taking pics within about half an hour. (By the way, I am blonde and female and over 40!). The software is dead easy to use and loads of fun and the resolution is fantastic. Can't stop to tell you any more - gotta get a bigger picture card....
For those of you who have been debating whether or not to go digital - DO IT! At that price you can't go wrong and the camera is totally good looking.
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on 29 November 2004
Having never had a digital camera I was sceptical as to how useful one might be, but I have now been awakened to the marvels of digital technology! Seriously, this is a great camera, the pictures it takes are of amazing quality even when you blow them up huge. I would recommend sticking to HQ mode, any higher quality and the memory card fills up very quickly. This still gives great photos. The battery life is pretty good and it comes with a recharagble battery+charger in the package. The software is ok but if you have a photo program on your PC already you're better off using that because you have to pay extra for the decent bit of the program.
The screen is fine, easy to see and good in dark or light (I got some amazing shots of fireworks a couple of weeks ago). Some people complain about its weight which is really not a problem I have encountered. Its tough and fairly waterproof which is useful, you'd be surprised how many digitals you're not meant to use in the rain. The flash is good, indoors you get decent pictures though outside is obviously better.
Its a good idea to get another memory card, 16MB isn't enough, 128MB stores over 100 pictures.
If you want modes its got them (night mode, portrait, landscape etc.), if you want to point and click you can do that too, its a great buy and at this price what are you waiting for? Enjoy!
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on 28 July 2004
I'm going to keep this review simple, because if your looking at digital cameras then your probably sick of all the reading involved, because there is SO MUCH information out there for you to get through in this crowded market.
This camera preforms well if you want nothing more than to take great photos easily. This Olympus Mju camera is high performing and easy to use. I do understand that this will not suit everyone because some camera users want many more manual controls than this one offers, if that's the case look at the more serious Olympus' like the Camedia 745 and upwards, or look towards the Canon brand. But if you want performance and ease of use, (this camera has very few buttons to mix up or press, and the menus are easy to use, (if you need to use them at all!)), the Olympus Mju range is for you!
If you are looking for a camera which is sleek, stylish and produces crisp photos simply, look no further, you've just found it!!!
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