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on 5 June 2001
As a collection of sketches, this is outstanding - some of the all-time Python classics are here, including Bicycle Repair Man, Upper Class Twit of the Year, Nudge Nudge and many others from the first series. Some of the additions - such as the Karaoke Lumberjack Song -are nice to have, but if there's one thing that stops me giving it the top rating it's that I'd have preferred to forgo the extras if it meant having each episode complete. Yes Python is hit and miss in places, but looking at what's left out - Johann Gombolputty.... of Ulm, for example - and the use of repetition in some episodes (How to recognise different types of tree from quite a long way away) makes me want to have the lot, not just selected slices no matter how good. This approach could cause havoc with for example the Spanish Inquisition, who appear several times in one episode of series 2, or the Bishop rehearsing his one line who appears in several different episodes.
None of this is particualarly a reflection of the quality of the material - which is excellent - and if you're just interested in having the best known sketches then this is ideal - however for those of us who want the whole lot on DVD this is at best a stop-gap.
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on 3 November 2015
Python completists hear this: the 'Live At Aspen' disc in this set contains some cracking extras which have not been well highlighted in the Amazon Product Description or the Customer Reviews, but which are a must for any MPFC fan – namely most of the content of the BBC-2 'Python Night – 30 Years of Monty Python' special broadcast on 08 October 1999. Features: 'It's... The Monty Python Story', a history of the troupe sloppily hosted and narrated by Eddie Izzard, 'Pythonland', a spoof Palin travelogue in which he revisited some of the exterior locations where classic Python sketches were filmed, 'Spam to Sperm', a short doc hosted by Meatloaf about Python's song successes (or rather, a few of them), 'The Real Monty Python', a spoof biog by Eric Idle, and the selection of newly-written, newly-performed linking sketches put together specially for 'Python Night', featuring Cleese, Palin, Jones and Gilliam. If you weren't one of the hundreds of thousand of viewers who video-recorded 'Python Night' off-air all those years ago, here's a brilliant chance to fill the gap in your Python collection.
Also worth noting that the three compilation discs seem to have been sourced from the original PAL video master tapes of the shows, so the quality – sound and image – is exceedingly good. Shame same can't be said for the series-by-series DVD issues, the quality of which looked like they'd been originated from intermediate masters made for the old VHS issues. What's more, there are extended versions of at least two Series 4 sketches - i.e., extra bits (only maybe 10-15 seconds) that were not included in the edit of the original shows as broadcast; again these Python finds are not flagged-up on the packaging blurbs, and have not been well highlighted in reviews.
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on 7 February 2006
If you're a serious Monty Python fan then this set will probably upset you due to the major lack of content, but if your the occasional Python fan who just likes the classic sketch then this is just right for you.
Being a compilation of the best moments from the series it features such classics as 'Hells Grannies', 'Dead Parrots', 'Spanish Inquisition' and of course 'Ministry of Silly Walks'.
This limited edition Box-Set contains 4 DVDs in total, The Best of Monty Python volumes 1-3 each lasting well over an hour, and the fourth DVD features the Pythons live at Aspen filmed in 1998 where the team discuss and perform their favourite sketches. It was the first time in 18 years that all the Python's had appeared on stage together (the late Graham Chapman making his appearance in an urn).
A great comedy DVD set to own for any real comedy lover and at a fantastic price from Amazon, contains over 5 and half hours.
Hope my review helped someone.
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on 30 May 2011
I bought this for my five and a half year old who has discovered the genius of Terry Gilliam at a relatively young age having seen the Conrad Poohs clip. I thought this DVD would make an excellent present for him, but luckily decided to review it myself before giving it to him. There are a few 'naughty' animations on the disc which means I will probably hold on to it until he turns 12. However, on the product itself I would say it is a reasonably good representation of Gilliam's animation work, though you by no means get everything. Also, whilst I have long felt that Gilliam's animations are the most consistently funny part of the Python's pre feature film output, watching them back to back for about an hour is not the best way to appreciate them. I would say my enjoyment wasn't quite at the level I anticipated it would be. That said, I am really pleased to own this, and am glad that it is possible to get the Gilliam bits without having to watch the live action sketches, which I sadly seem to have grown indifferent to.
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on 14 July 2014
I thought I was getting a DVD, not a VHS tape. I no longer have a VHS tape machine. Can you send a DVD instead, please? I will be happy to return the VHS tape.
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on 30 November 2014
superb quick and fast smashing
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on 7 May 2003
This DVD is really funny, all the classics are here. I'd only heard of some of them before, but now I watch this DVD all the time. Hilarious.
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on 20 December 2003
While this box set does indeed contain many of Python's best material (and the really best stuff still is absolutely hysterical, if you're into this sort of thing) it also contains a lot of filler material that just goes on and on long after the punchline has been delivered.
Still, perhaps that's a reflection of the era it came from.
Persoanlly, I think they'd have been better off condensing the actual good stuff down onto 2 DVD's. I sat through the whole thing, dross included, because I'd paid for it - but next time I watch this I will have no hesitations in hitting the skip button to bypass the rubbish material.
The strange thing is that some sketches, which I consider to be their greatest ever, are completely missing from this collection.
Python is I think one of those TV shows that is viewed through rose-tinted spectacles. The REALLY good stuff beats 99.9% of comedy even up to the present date - the only problem is that Python was never consistently hilarious.
This was evidenced during recent repeats of the TV show on cable where some entire episodes were appaling.
If you're a Python fan then buy this by all means as a lot of it is good, but if I had the ability to edit the package I would remove 50% of the material.
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on 14 October 2000
This compilation of sketches from the first series of 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' is excellent in its own right - it has all the fondly-remembered favourites from the first series, including 'The Lumberjack Song', 'The Upper Class Twit of the Year Show', and of course, 'The Parrot Sketch'. Good enough in its own right, but the presentation of the DVD is what makes it really special. The picture and sound quality is excellent, and together with a decent ( albeit limited ) compendium of extras, including a 'Karaoke Lumberjack Song' feature, 'Palindromes' and the original Radio Times billing for the show, this is a must-buy DVD. Roll on Volume 2!
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on 6 July 2003
Say no more! This 3 DVD set gives almost 5 hours of incredible Python's humour. It is too much, it is 16 TONS! This outstanding compilation is an absolute must have for the collector.
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