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on 13 June 2018
This is a must have in your collection as it brings a former companion of the very first doctor back into the world of who and interacting with the 4th in a very different role and relishing every moment she was on screen.

The story takes place on a planet called Tigella and revolves around a power source for the inhabitants to live called the Dodecahedron which the evil Meglos steels by becoming the doctor to gain the trust of the people.

Meglos traps the doctor and Romana in a time loop to try and keep him away but they find a way to break the loop and the real doctor gets mistaken for the thief who then has to regain trust and help the Savants and Deons get back their energy source.

Their is also a lovely documentary with friends, costars and the widowed husband of Jacqueline Hill talking about her life before her tragic death succumbing to cancer.

This is worthy of watching to see Tom Baker look like a walking cactus plant!
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on 14 March 2014
'Meglos', the second story from Doctor Who's eighteenth season, has rather a poor reputation which I don't think it deserves. The story is, admittedly, far from perfect but there's far more to like than dislike. Coming after an outstanding story like 'The Leisure Hive' this was never going to be considered as good.

Visually the story is rather impressive, especially the Zolfa Thura 'scene sync' scenes. Tom Baker's cactus make up/costume looks fabulous. There's some great incidental music from Paddy Kingsland (who scored the first episode) and Peter Howell (who did the other three). Howell's music for some of the Tom Baker Meglos scenes, in particular, is superb. The story is very well directed by Terence Dudley.

Tom Baker gives a decent performance as the Doctor but he positively shines as Meglos, bringing a real sense of menace and rage to the role. Jacqueline Hill (who played companion Barbara Wright from the first episode of Doctor Who in 1963 until 1965) is on fine form as Lexa. Bill Fraser and Frederick Treves are good fun as pirates Grugger and Brotadac respectively.

The main idea behind the story is the Doctor being impersonated by a cactus and, understandably, the writers struggle to bulk this thin concept out to four episodes. The Savants/Deons conflict on Tigella is just a generic science vs religion plot which isn't especially interesting. It is never explained where the Dodecahedron came from or why it is so powerful, which is irritating. Things go downhill towards the end, with Lexa being killed off for no apparent reason. When the action moves back to Zolfa Thura in part 4 you get the distinct impression that the writers are flagging.

Despite all the flaws, 'Meglos' remains a consistently entertaining story.

The special features include 'Meglos men', a fairly interesting 18 minute feature in which 'Meglos' writers John Flanagan and Andrew McCulloch meet up and discuss the writing process of the story while travelling around various locations in London from their past. They also visit script editor Christopher H Bidmead at his home to talk with him about their memories of working together. Bidmead in a hoodie and a baseball cap is a sight to behold.

'Jacqueline Hill- a life in pictures' is a very nice overview of the life and career of Hill. It includes footage from interviews with William Russell (fellow Doctor Who companion Ian Chesterton), Verity Lambert (Doctor Who producer, 1963-65) and Alvin Rakoff (Hill's husband) among others.

'Scene sync story' is about the scene sync technique used in the story. It's mildly interesting, but quite complex. 'Entropy explained' is a short feature which explains the concept of entropy, which was a recurring theme of Doctor Who's eighteenth season.
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on 16 February 2018
Great episode Tom Baker's last year with 80s sounds and effects. Factory sealed with film and in Amazon cardboard box in my safe place. Arrived on time.
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on 19 June 2016
Love Baker but this story is a bit 'seen it before' kind of feel. He seems to be phoning it in a bit too. That said, I love this era of DW and hamming it up dressed as a cactus must have been a hoot. Might try it some time. And Jacqueline Hill but as a baddie!
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on 23 August 2015
The five stars are for the dealer. No fault with them, but unfortunately this is a rather weak story carried through only by having Jacqueline Hill back. I was surprised at the uncharacteristic lack of interest on the part of all 'characters' in the death at the end of the show. Usually more respect is shown.
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on 14 March 2018
The Doctor who is great DVD transfer! Great story and great picture quality on large modern TV!
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on 28 August 2011
This is a story which has grown on me over time. By no means a classic Meglos does however have much of interest. The return of Jaqueline Hill to Dr Who - former 1st Doctor companion Barbara - here playing a high priestess. Tom Baker gives an interesting performance as Meglos himself. And the sfx may be considered cheap by todays standards, but in 1980 there were few TV progrrammes, in the UK or US, who could achieve what the dr who production team did on such a small budget. Worth a look.
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on 28 January 2014
This is one of the stronger Baker Classics, and enjoyable to watch. This is another Baker one to add to my collection of Dr Who's between 1963-1989, Subtitles very helpful. Quality good. Couldn't get this on VHS in the past, so DVD is a welcome addition.
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on 12 December 2013
This is one of the best classic dr who stories ever, it has an amazing performance from tom who had to play both the hero and the villain, it deals with the complex issue of science vs religion, I really like the soundtrack and meglos is a great villain, he can shape shift, he's mysterious and he is a genius and the last of his kind. I'll never know why this was voted the 12th worst episode
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on 1 October 2015
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