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on 18 February 2013
I've seen many horror flicks about murderous children, but Ed Hunt's "Bloody Birthday" has to be the one of the best and coolest. On June 9, 1970, three women in Meadowvale, California give birth during a total solar eclipse. Since no one takes astrology all that seriously, they don't realize that when the moon and the sun block Saturn, kids are born without a conscience. Ten years pass and these three children - Debbie (Elizabeth Hoy), Curtis (Billy Jayne), and Steven (Andy Freeman) - are the best of friends...WHO KILL! Forget tag and hide-and-seek. These kids like strangling teenagers, shooting annoying teachers in the head, smashing heads with a baseball bat, collecting news articles about the murders in a scrapbook, and looking through peepholes to see their friend's older sister dance naked in her bedroom (I must admit, that scene was unintentionally hilarious) one of their classmates is suspicious of the trio and later finds out all along that he was right but no one would listen, not even his older sister.

The adult actors in the film were quite bad and it seems like the kids were better actors in my opinion and the film had a really low budget. There are some neat and gory death scenes and of course lots of nudity, since no self-respecting 80s slasher flick would dare skip that, but what's really good about the movie is that it shows how manipulative these children are. Not only do all three of them pretend to act innocent and cute to hide their evil deeds, but they know how to prevent anyone from finding anything out, nobody suspects them so it's easier for them to continue killing. Unlike many other horror films from this period, it at least attempts to bring something original and imaginative. For once, the kids acting is good and the entire film has a creepy atmosphere and grizzly music. Bloody Birthday was a fun little 80's slasher flick that was definitely worth checking out.
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on 5 May 2012
This is another cool slasher movie from the early 80s, but with a slightly different and more interesting twist than usual, its three children who are doing the slaying!! It has a slightly supernatural side to the story as they were all born together under an eclipse making them evil for some reason, its well scored so there is some creepy music that backs up the killings quite well, the kid cast is really good especially the evil little girl played by Elizabeth Hoy, there is some bloody scenes in places, no major gore or anything, there is some nice topless nudity though!! if your into the 80s then its worth picking this up to add to your collection, great fun movie that's worth going back to.

The 88 Films Blu-ray is really good with a great picture transfer.
A cool booklet of information.
Very nice reversible cover with original cake art.
A few great features, interview with the main actress, a commentary and trailers.
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on 24 June 2014
Picture quality is a bit faded in some scenes, well it was a low budget movie.

Sound quality is quite bad, in some parts of the film you can hear bits of distortion , also no subtitles .

The new cover artwork shows a picture of 3 killer kids but they are not the kids in the movie, oh well it's new artwork, you can flip it over for the original cover.

Extras include a couple of audio tracks, interview with one of the actors, trailers , informative booklet, all in all not to bad, oh no subtitles
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on 9 July 2014
This is a better-than-average 80's slasher offering thats nice to see being served up onto Bluray, but who the heck thought it was a good idea to make this new crappy cover art with NO ONE from the actual movie!!! Fans of these films WANT to see the original posters so I don't understand WHY companies WASTE money on stupid crappy cover art, especially when its something that doesn't represent the product inside, like this.
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on 14 February 2004
Cheap and not really THAT nasty, this not a bad horror flick.
The evil kids in it are genuinely creepy and acting is enthusiastic if not always great.
I've sat through a lot worse. As with most early 80's horror there's some oversexed teens and of course the usual script silliness. The adults aren't particularly bright and direction could have been better but hey with that title and a cast which includes Jose Ferrer and Michael Dudikoff, you're not looking at Oscar-winning material.
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on 3 July 2011
Loved this one, I only saw it for the first time very recently and had to buy it.

I grew up in that era, and seeing the clothes and hairstyles and decor was just a trip straight down Nostalgia Lane. I've heard many boo-hoos complain about the girls skirt length as proof that the director was some sort of creep. Sorry folks, here to tell you, there's nothing unusual about the length of that skirt - it was the era of minis and micros. Don't forget, young kids often shoot up several inches in height seemingly overnight, and I remember arguments with my parents about favorite clothes that I had outgrown.

The story is not complex, but the actors do well with what they had to work with, and it all comes across as almost campy fun.

If you liked the scary TV movies of the 70s, I bet you'll enjoy this.
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on 10 April 2014
Bloody Birthday is fairly entertaining but there are too many plot holes in order to really enjoy the movie. The story is about 3 kids who were born during a total eclipse. 10 years later they go on a murder rampage through suburbia, killing all that they have taken a dislike too. The police seem as dumb as ever, taking no evidence in and they don't investigate one single death.

You can tell who will survive and who will get it, the film is just too predictable. Notice how the kids are clean shots throughout the movie but start missing their targets by the climax, yawn.

There are also several scenes obviously lifted from Halloween and each kill follows music that sounds exactly like Friday the 13th. Why the movie is called Bloody Birthday is anyone's guess. Yes there is a birthday scene for all five minutes but it's not a bloody one.

Susan Strasberg stars and the little murderous girl turns in a decent performance. Everyone else is sleepwalking and the script is quite poor. Despite this, the movie is fairly entertaining and certaintly watchable.
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on 28 June 2004
A lot of people seem to write off this film. Why? What's wrong with it?
Brilliant actors. Brilliant story line. a lot of nudity. a lot of people killed off.
Bloody good!
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on 6 February 2009
Chilling little horror about three small kids killing there way through their local town. Like a mix between The Omen and Children of the corn this was overlooked on it's original release in 1980 but it's well worth a look to anyone who loves horror movies.
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on 1 January 2016
One of the great slasher classics, nice to see this in great quality
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