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VINE VOICEon 25 February 2003
When it comes down to it, gamers appear to be attracted to what we all find familiar. Games full to the brim with originality are often dismissed, but occasionally the odd one or two stand proud above the rest, and Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee is no exception.
You play the role of Abe, a clumsy but highly amusing Mudoken working as a floor-waxer in the dangerous slaughterhouse, Rupture Farms. You and the other Mudokens have been the slave labour force for this evil organisation practically all your lives. The introduction shows Abe stumbling across a meeting (accidentally of course) with Molluck The Glukkon and his mean bunch of corporate weasels. He discovers that their products have been in short supply as Rupture Farms have driven Meeches, Scrabs and Paramites to the edge of extinction. Of course the only way to boost their profits is to turn Abe and the rest of his race into lunch, and thus begins your adventure in aiding Abe escape before he's on the menu.
Like with most games, the first few minutes are designed for the player to become accustomed with the controls and are useful for this game as there are quite a few to master but will become second nature once you get involved. And trust me, you WILL get involved. It's impossible not to, unless you have a serious aversion to 2D puzzle platforming games. Otherwise, there are many things that will draw you in. For a start the graphics. Although not stunning 3D visuals, the pre-rendered backgrounds are detailed well and really bring the environment to life. The character animations are quite impressive too and prove 3D isn't always the best, even for a platinum Playstation title. The characters themselves are something else. Not exactly your average bunch of heroes and enemies, and not exactly your prettiest. But they are original and you can't help but love Abe for his charm and repetitive fart noises, which will always bring a smile no matter how many times you make him do it, and you can't help but hate his enemies, whether it's from the Scrabs, Paramites or the room temperature IQ Sligs.
The sheer size of the game is immense, you'll have yourself running and jumping and talking your way through endless different sections. The puzzle elements are also well thought out, although a gaming pro could complete it in a day if they went without food, drink or even sleep if needs be. For anyone who likes a challenge however, this will take you a while to finish, and even then you'll probably get the bad game ending as you'll have missed out so much the first time round. Some puzzle answers will be staring at you straight in the face and others will require your highest intelligence to solve, even if they have you cursing at the screen and throwing your controller around the room. Other puzzles will require you to perform a series of actions in a chain, and if one isn't right you'll have to start all over again from the beginning. Puzzle games do often cause frustration among gamers just because they can spend most of their day trying to get pass one simple stage. But as they say, "Without disappointment, you cannot appreciate victory.", so a sense of achievement is to be found in there somewhere.
The highlight of the game however, is the ability to talk to your characters. It may not sound that impressive even if you can't talk but the "Gamespeak" function is it's key feature and certainly something you need to master to get through the game. They are simple command phrases. "Hello.", "Follow Me.", "Wait!" and so on but it's not just a case of running and jumping anymore. The talking function is mainly used to gather Mudokens and send them through various portals to set them free from the hellhole that is Rupture Farms and the rest of Oddworld, or use them to do things for you feel lazy. You'll have to use it against friend and foe at some point, but you'll always get a reply. Sometimes it's great to watch you and a group of Mudokens partake in a conversation consisting entirely of "Hellos" whistles or even farts. The communication aspect brings some of its originality, and without we would have a boring game indeed. Another of Abe's fascinating abilities is the power to possess other creatures, thus opening up pathways you could not previously open up with Abe. You can take on the role of more creatures in Abe's Exodus (the sequel) but Abe and a Slig should be more than enough to keep you happy in this game.
The game is a great deal of fun to play and would have achieved 5 stars if it weren't for the short game length. Okay, so it isn't perfect, but if you can push the minor disadvantages aside, you have another Playstation classic. And while after completing it several times you may not return to it, it will most certainly satisfy while it lasts. And when you do complete it properly, there's always Abe's Exodus to enjoy.
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on 29 June 2017
a good game
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on 14 September 2017
Excellent game,not played it for years,bringing back lots of memories playing Abe's odysee again,remember that if you are playing in a ps2 you need a memory card for a for a ps1!
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on 20 January 2004
100% addictive platform game. This is one of those game that is cheesy enough to appeal to gamers of old, but with enough spark to appeal to the newer gamers. I rented my first copy and played it all weekend and just couldn't resist buting it for my PS2.
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on 22 August 2006
Released nearly 10 years ago, Oddworld:Abe's Oddessy remains the best platformer i have ever played. Combining great gameplay and stunning graphics (for the time) with a diverse and fully interactive world. I advise this for any gamer, especially someone dissapointed with newly released inadequate games.
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on 19 April 2009
It is a thoroughally addictive game with fun for all ages. The whole family will watch and become little kids as we listen to abe fart his little life away .... mudokons have evrything to fear with bombs and sligs - the mind bending puzzles entail hours of amuzments and frustration as they get harder and more challenging. A great game and endless hours of enjoyment
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on 4 October 2008
This game was the 1st PSone game i ever played and over ten years on is still one of the best. The graphics are amazing considering it was made in 1997 and the gameplay is fantastic. The gamespeak feature is amazing and the puzzles are very challenging. If you want to say you own one of the best games ever get a copy of this game even if its used.
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on 7 May 2012
I absolutely love this game and so does my bestfriend and my brother. We got it from my older brother when we didn't have tons of games and we loved it ever since. It's brilliant fun,really addictive aswell. Prepare to spend hours obssessed with getting to the next part of the game.
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on 11 August 2010
Abe's Odyssee is definately one of the best playstation 1 games of all time. Some of the levels can be very hard, you may spend hours getting past one enemy but it's definately worth it and very addictive.
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on 9 January 2013
Greatest game ever made. Magical scenery, superb sountrack, awesome character design and one hell of an adventure. I remember playing the demo of this and instantly falling in love with it! 14 years on i still crack this on to hear Abe's friendly voice and to save Mudokons!
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