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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 21 July 2003
The Living Daylights was a landmark movie in a long-running series, by far the best Bond film that appeared in the 1980s. One key feature of the film’s success was John Barry’s excellent score, and this CD gives us a chance to relive some of the film’s finest musical moments. We have, of course, ah-a’s superior title track, and two songs performed by The Pretenders, but more interesting are Barry’s instrumental offerings on the soundtrack. ‘The Sniper was a Woman’ and ‘Koskov Escapes’ are full of atmosphere and suspense. ‘Necros Attacks’ and ‘Ice Chase’ are thrilling and action-packed. Particularly memorable is ‘Kara Meets Bond’, with its enigmatic opening and evocative flute solo, perhaps the finest love theme in any Bond film. Also worthy of note is the epic sweep of ‘Mujahadin and Opium’, which both looks back to Barry’s earlier Bond scores and anticipates his Oscar-winning work on Dances with Wolves. This reissue also includes some intriguing bonus material, including the music from the film’s teaser sequence (in the form of ‘Exercise at Gibraltar’), as well as ‘Murder at the Fair’, ‘Final Confrontation’, and some ‘Alternative End Titles’. An essential purchase for anyone even vaguely interested in Bond music -- or simply for anyone who enjoyed the film.
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on 15 January 2011
This soundtrack has to be one of John Barry's best soundtracks. The use of a synthesizer and electric drums in the music makes it unique to all the other bond soundtracks. The Living daylights was a powerful film with a powerful Bond so it's only fair that this soundtrack has a lot of powerful and heroic moments! Also this soundtrack was re released recently so now it has every piece of music heard in the film. I think even if you aren't a Bond fan and just like classical music you'd like this album.
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on 13 March 2007
Whatever your opinion of the Bond films, and whatever your opinion of Timothy Dalton (personally I thought he was good value, and while the film has faults, it remains a favourite) thesoundtracks were always of a high standard. Barry's Connery Bond scores and his one Lazenby score are uniformly excellent, each with a different style. For his Moore Bond scores though, the quality dipped somewhat. Not drastically, they just became les distinctive. For Timothy Daltons inaugural Bond though, Barry was re-fired up and produced what I, along with most others, consider one of his very best.

The score itself is a fine mix of orchestration and synths. Romantic violins and that instantly recognisable Barry brass meld nicely with remarkably undated (and not over-used) synthesizer motifs. There are in particular two motifs that run throughout that could be called Necros Theme and another called Karas Theme. These helped to create in the film one of the most romantic moods for a Bond film and also give the action sequences that extra edge.

This new release of the album though is even better than most other Bond score releases in that everything is here. No missing cues at all. Here we get included the complete and excellent 'gun barrel' sequence music followed straight away by the lead in to Daltons introduction music and an updated Bond action theme. Every incidental theme, no matter how subtle or minor in the film, is here.

As soundtracks go, this is one of the best. But as releases go, this is superb. Excellent and completem every Barry, Bond or just film score fan should own at least one copy.

My personal favourites are 'Exercise At Gibraltar', 'Necros Attacks', 'Hercules Takes Off', 'Inflight Fight' and The Pretenders 'If There Was A Man'
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on 3 December 2016
Fantastic music. The film is and always was underrated. It was the last Bond movie released during the cold war. An end-of-coldwar storyline with Jihadis featuring prominently. 10 years ahead of its time.
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on 1 May 2003
From his orchestration of the James Bond theme in 1962 to this orignal soundtrack Barry has composed many of the great Bond films, his factor is an essential component as it brings them to life much more.
This is the 25th Anniversary film, and Barry must have known it had to be a bit a special. Keeping the idea of using a popular band of the times after the success of Duran Duran's A View to a Kill, Barry opted for the very talented A-ha whose hits included the brilliant Take on Me. The blending of Barry and A-Ha is timeless and we are left with on of the most lively, modern sounding and orignal Bond theme of the decade.
One band is not enough for Bond and Barry, working with the Pretenders he worked on two incidental classics: Where has everybody gone and If there was a man. Where has everybody gone, is a classic song with a powerful sound. It is also is presented in the film to introduce action and suspense. If there was a man, is a powerful love song, it brings life to the strong scenes with Bond and Kara in the movie.
Other highlights of this album include the synthesised based Ice Chase. The most modern version of the Bond theme up to that point. It has a great synthesiser based beat with the traditional orchestral in the background like many other action themes in the score.
This is the soundtrack that really moves with an excellent movie and stands alone as a geninus score. Barry will excite you, move you and thrill you all in your own home.
Perhaps Barry's best score, and a great bow out to a key figure in the quite amazing world of 007!
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on 13 February 2006
This really is an impressive soundtrack. Barry got it absolutely spot on in all aspects.
His music complimented practically every scene of arguably one of the Best Bond films to date.
"Hercules takes off" and "Murder at the fair" are the most thought-provoking and compelling pieces- as well as "Ice chase" and "Inflight fight" which I think were created in order to compliment the new tougher and more serious Bond.
The score also takes into account cultural changes in the film- with an appreciation of the destinations Bond was led to on his adventure, such as Afghanistan. Track 10's a beautiful piece to listen to when you're in need of a moment's peace!
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on 2 December 2004
A brilliant soundtrack with all of the music used in the film. Everything in it is perfect! Well worth a purchase and would make an excellent addition to anyone's collection.
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on 16 August 2013
As having 40 years love affair with 007, I still have 1964-67 Vinyl Record Sound tracks Of Gold finger, Thunderball & Man With the Golden Gun, all Original United Artists Release, now in Plastic sleeves put away.
I don't as a rule, don't Buy many 007 whole soundtracks But bought the odd Mp3 for my Cloud player From Amazon.

However, Once I saw this, and it came with a Digital Download, so I could use them to install onto my I pod Shuffle, I didn't think twice. I was quite impressed with Amazon's service, as soon As I paid, the Digital download was already ready for me to save, while waiting for the physical CD to arrive.

Whats makes this such a special Soundtrack, is was one of John Barry's real Last compositions, which he certainly put his mark Firmly onto the 007 history book , as one of the most creative , & moody composers of 007 Sound tracks. A lot of people seems to forget some of his other magnificent works, "Out of Africa", "Dances With Wolves", and A typical Score with so much menace, but at times, very Bond like in "The Specialist". ( Sylvester Stallone, James woods, Sharon Stone & Eric Roberts, which for me, was one of his best performances, as Tamas.

The other reason This Film and Track will always be dear to me, is that's its the only film That I have actually had the rare pleasure, of visiting the Location of a 007 Film. In Xmas 1989 I went on a months trip driving from UK, To France By Hoverspeed, and then drove 3,500 miles to Vienna & back, By way of Cologne, Frankfurt, Saltzburg, before turning East to Vienna, (Pronounced Wien In Austria). Visiting The Prater Fair Park to see the Wheel, had a ride on the same Dodgem cars that Bond & Kara went on. Also visited the palace, where They first arrived on back of a lorry, Awesome. If I had had a Visa, I could have driven over the Danube into Eastern Europe.

back to the soundtrack:

Most of the Tracks seem to be have been well matched for a particular scene. The piece that accompany s Kara being taken of the Tram By Pushkin's henchman, leading to Bond meeting up with kara in her KJB Trashed apartment was a really beautiful piece.
The Milk Mans Soundtrack track, heard in different variations through out the Film, (slightly too many of them), But always when trouble is brewing is the trade mark piece in this film.
The Assault on Gibraltar track, is one of my favourites, It sets the scene musically for the rest of the film. Even on my Pod shuffle, I can always be heard to whisper, "thats It Chum, Your out of it", or "hang on your dead"!.
Koskov esapes is another track, filled with tension, but with the right amount of pace, to keep up with 007 taking Koskov the the "Dont Worry Koskov" "We have a Pipe line to the West".
the Afghanistan Tracks all have there merit, Hints of "dances of Wolves" melody's seem to be very much in evidence in those.
The Title Soundtrack is lively composition, performed by John Barry & A-HA.

All in all, its a soundtrack, that you can put into your DVD player or car CD and connect the music to events happening in the film.

Not sure poor old Saunders deserved to die at the hands of Necros, he certainly was badly treated, For believing he was the sole person who was going to get Koskov out of Bratislava, "Dont worry Saunders", The Missions A success and officially Still yours, said by Bond to Saunders in The Audi, waiting to cross the Border was quite insulting, I dont blame him for being hopping mad, I certainly would have been!! Although The film has some of the worst continuity errors ever, its still A great film.

In fact, you can see the Aston Martin from TLD, complete with the Outriggers, as in the iced lake scene, as it shot over the Russians heads at the "Bond In Motion" Exhibition, still showing until early 2014 at the Beaulieu Motor Museum in The New Forest. Hampshire.

As far as quality, delivery, the free Digital download plus the CD itself, I cant fault Amazons service here 10/10
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on 18 December 2012
The best Bond film ever , superb story telling , and fine acting by Timoithy Dalton who gets into the character without all the innane quips and the half naked women on tow. Maryam DAbo plays the part of a cute , frightened , naive young women Kara with a passable east european accent. She has been exploited by our baddie the russisn defector Yorgi Koskov. He is charming good looking funny and cynical and a likable rogue. The location is Afghanistan aka Morroco. The opening scene is of three parchutists jumping out of a plane to land on the Rock of Gibralter - cue the music , play the CD and be blown away!

This was John Barrys last Bond score and his best. The three songs within the film would make hits even today , the best sung by Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders is simply superb its subtle wistful dreamy and cool and the love theme of the film when Kara ( Maryan D'abo) is alone with Bond, often in close up and the prelude to a kiss etc etc. The Living Daylight opening titles sung by A Ha Ha is fast, rhythmic and catchy and was a big hit , but the pure music played by JB and the orchestra on the CD and last action scene in the film is even better, puntuating the upbeat with brass chords that make you want to get up and boogie. This CD is a musical master piece on its own , there are no jarring and disjointed bits that you would skip. Listen and relive the music from the best Bond film of all. David Arnolds 'Tomorrow Never Dies' sung by Sheryl Crow is pretty damn good too but Chrissie Hynde singing 'If there was a man' is spine tingling, stick it on repeat play and be transported to paradise. Thanks for the memory JB.
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on 1 December 2011
i only really wanted "if there was a man" by the pretenders (one of the best bond tracks ever) as you cant get it anywhere , but on listening to this album i was well pleased with it. some really good tracks and at a really good price. shaken but not stirred
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