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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 18 November 2002
Although some may beg to differ, I find Carry On Again Doctor to be easily the funniest of the medical-based in the series. There is more structure to the plot than the was in the earlier Carry On Doctor. The film being divided into three sections works very well as this actually makes it feel as though there is a beginning, middle and end of a story.

Most of the same actors that were used in Doctor (1967) crop up in this entry, some playing almost identical characters, others completely different. Jim Dale, for instance, virtually resurrects his accident-prone but well-meaning character from 'Doctor', although here he is named Dr. Jim Nookey. Kenneth Williams is as supercilious as always, although his character displays more of a sense of humour than usual. Even so, he is typically snide and as self-serving as his part in 'Doctor'. Joan Sims proves that, when called for, she can be sexy and glamorous, and it's nice to see in her role where she isn't pigeon-holed in the battle-axe character she would often play. Charles Hawtrey is hilarious in drag, Sid James (who is not introduced until at least half way through the film)is in one of her most unusual roles, and Hattie Jaques, yet again reprising her familiar role of the Matron, is more gently in this one, conveying a warmth in her character that was absent from her part in 'Doctor'. Then of course we have the bubbly Babara Windsor, whose character, Goldie Locks, quickly catches Jim Dale's roving eye. Their romance provides a nice sub-plot.

Carry On Again Doctor, on the whole, plays very well. Whilst seemingly settling down as a hospital based comedy,the first 15 minutes or so seeming like 'Carry On Doctor 2', the film then wildly steers direction when Dr. Nookey (Jim Dale) is sent out to the Beatific Islands on a medical mission and discovers a special weight-reducing potion. Once back in England, he opens a new clinic for women who wish to lose weight. Then the film settles down and sees its last half hour almost encapsulate the feel of a regular TV sitcom with the weight reducing clinic scenes, with the likes of Joan Sims and Charles Hawtrey (hilariously in drag) are staying for full treatment.

Following on from 'Up The Khyber' and 'Camping', both of which were landmarks in the series, this ranks as one of my own very favourite Carry On's. The dialogue sparkles along with fast, witty dialogue, and there are some impeccably timed performances from virtually all of the regular cast - Jim Dale, Joan Sims, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Sid James, Babara Windsor, Hattie Jaques and Patsy Rolands. It generally captures the true spirit of the Carry On's, yet somehow stands out as quite a unique entry in the series. Certainly many laughs to endure and is a must-see for fans. Generally a recommended comedy all round. A classic!
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on 16 June 2001
Although many would beg to differ but I actually find Carry On Again Doctor (1969) to be even better than it's predecessor, Doctor (1967) and perharps is the best of the medical Carry On films. Although it's plot is typically thin it still holds very well. The plot is of a doctor who is sent to the Beatific Islands on a medical mission in which he discovers a slimming potion. The film starts off as looking like it was to be restricted to hospital and it's patients again, but surprisingly there are many turns to the plot. Jim Dale is fantastic as Dr.Nookey, who is typically accident-prone. He also impressivley performs the stunts for the film and does a spectacular job in doing so. Sid James is not introduced to the film until at least half way through, but his essential contribution is effective regardless. Bubbling in the background are all the familiar favourites such as Joan Sims, who is as loveable as ever, the irreplacable, Hattie Jaques as yet again in the role of the matron (although she takes a calmer, subtle approach to this role and is still effective in doing so), the bubbly Barbara Windsor who sparkles in every scene she is in, Charles Hawtrey who is hilarious in drag and finally Patsy Rolands in a small but essential contribution. All the corny jokes are delivered deliciously by these irreplacable actors and are all on top form, although generally the film is a little less manic than ususal but its pleasurable in doing so. The film develops at a leisurley pace and remains consistently amusing. One of my personal favourites to the series, which in my own opinion ranks up with the greats such as Up The Kyber (1968), Cleo (1965), Camping (1969) and Screaming (1966). Highly recommended.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 October 2016
Doing what they did best, the 'Carry On' team returned to their tired and tested 'hospital farce' (which peaked five films later with 'Carry On Matron') in 1969 with a sequel of sorts to 'Carry On Doctor', but with different characters (naturally though, the actors remained almost the same), and storyline.

In fact, 'Carry On Again Doctor' probably marked the Golden Age of Carry On's, and the rude’n’crude humour had arrived. Gone now were the slightly (delightful nonetheless) risqué double ententes, which were replaced with direct references to sex, and other types of naughtiness. The permissive age was here, and the films became all the more funnier for it. After 'Carry On Again Doctor' were a string of classics, including 'Up the Khyber', 'Camping', 'At Your Convenience', and 'Carry On Aboard'.

After disgracing himself at work's party at a local hospital, Dr Nookey (Jim Dale) is demoted to being a medical advisor to a mission on a small Beatific isle. The director of this institute is Gladstone Screwer (Sid James), a remarkable man who has invented a miracle slimming potion and, when Nookey returns to England with this potion, he opens an immediately successful slimming clinic. But the man who sent Nookey away in the first place, Dr Frederick Carver (Kenneth Williams), is not happy with the situation and wants in on the secret.

Whilst the 'Carry On' movies were always hit and miss affairs, 'Again Doctor' is a very enjoyable romp from start to finish. It isn't one of the best entries in the series by any means, despite having on of the most iconic scenes in the history of the films with Barbara Windsor's model character being examined by Dale's doctor, wearing nothing over her bosom but two red tarts, but there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments to treasure, and lots of brilliant one-liners. Sid James also appears half-way into the film, and his part isn't as major as usual, though I personally didn't find that took away any of my enjoyment. A greater moan was that the great Peter Butterworth was reduced to a cameo. It was nice to see Charles Hawtrey playing a bad guy for once, and his character formed a wonderful double act with Williams'. The only real let down was the seemingly very rushed, lack-lustre ending.

Like all of the 'Carry On' 'Special Edition' DVDs, this one comes with a collectable booklet with actor profiles and interesting trivia, as well as bonus features on the disc like an audio commentary from Jim Dale, and an episode of the 1970s ITV series 'Carry On Laughing' ('One in the Eye for Harold').
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on 27 December 2000
One of the funniest of the Carry On Series. These seem to be the only films where sexism is acceptable, hilarious. This plot sees Dr Nookey (Jim Dale) getting posted to a South Sea Island where he discovers a miracle drug.
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on 23 September 2000
The third in the series to be given a medical setting is a good one at that although perharps does'nt manage to quite surpass the popularity of any of the previous medical titles - NURSE (1958) and DOCTOR (1967) although is still a good entry at that with this holding quite a number of laughs even though they are - as always - corny and predictable. The trick is the way they're delivered by this team of professionals. Most of the best Carry On players are here which are JIM DALE, JOAN SIMS, KENNETH WILLIAMS, BARBARA WINDSOR, SID JAMES (in a questionably smaller role than usual), CHARLES HAWTREY and HATTIE JAQUES who yet again turns up as the Matron although is less fierce in this entry. The plot is typically wafer thin centered around the discovery of a slimming potion found in the Beatific Islands which is worth a fortune. Unrealistic of course but this is comedy after all and theres lots of fun to be had. The first half of the film looks like settling down as another hospital comedy but then it trails off to the Beatific Islands where SID JAMES is introduced. SID is in a great role here but is given much shorter screen time than usual surprisingly. On the whole a good comedy that is a must for all Carry On fans.
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on 21 March 2007
is this a sequel to the mush lauded carry on doctor,on some levels it is but in terms of characterisation it isnt,fair enough the same cast return more or less but the story takes the drama from the national health service to the private sector and lords that up instead,what we also get here is missionary work where medics were sent abroad to help poorer countries and medic jim dale is asked to do that after becoming disgraced in england,once abroad he meets a bit of a loose cannon in sid james who gives him the medicine to turn large ladies into slimline ones,clearly that would sell well today in this body mad world,but once jim dale returns and becomes a success there are others such as kenny williams and charles hawtrey along with sid james who never knew the real value of his medicine.

The film is quirky while maintaining more obvious laughs so with all of that in mind carry on again doctor is more than a blinding success,and who can forget the wee outfit that babs wears on the doctors lounge,goodness.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 October 2012
The 18th of the Carry On series and the third of the medical themed adventures, plot finds Jim Dale as Doctor Nookie, who is stitched up by his superiors and sent to a tropical Beautific island to tender medical treatment to the natives. What he actually finds when he gets there is a rainy windswept isle that has no need for his services at all. The compound is run by Gladstone Screwer (Sid James), a crafty old sort who deals in whisky and cigarettes and has a wife for every day of the week. Screwer also has something else of interest that perks up the flagging interest of Nookie, a potion that considerably aids weight loss. Nookie senses an opportunity to make a financial killing back in Blighty whilst simultaneously getting one over the superiors who had him sent to his island misery.

This was the last of 10 Carry On films for Jim Dale before he returned for the ill conceived "modern" reinvention that was Carry On Columbus in 1992. I don't know if the makers knew that Dale would be leaving the series and thus made him the lead character in this jovial farce? But it proves to be a smart move. One of the unsung heroes of the series, Dale's energy and comic reactions to plot situations were always a joy to watch, and here, with James in customary wise cracking support, he lifts the film above the ordinary with a show of endearing buffoonery. He also did his own stunts and broke his arm on this production. Director Gerald Thomas keeps things brisk, with the double location axis of the plot stopping things from stagnating visually, Charles Hawtrey goes undercover in drag to provide the last third of the film with some quality laughs and the likes of Barbara Windsor and Valerie Leron raise the pulses considerably.

Thin of plot but big on charm and laughs, one of the better Carry On movies. 7.5/10
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on 4 November 2000
This is one of my favorite Carry On films. The two main doctors are played by Kenneth Williams and Sid James. The Carry on team are at there very best - again! This is also one of the Carry on movies staring the fantastically funny Jim Dale, getting himself into endless bother over GoldieLocks (played by Barbara Windsor). It is the funniest Carry On that I have seen and I have seen all of them! It is well worth watching if you already haven't of course!
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on 9 November 2014
There are some laughs to be had and Jim Dale is impressive given the material. Kenneth Williams is always watchable of course and Sid and Joan play along winningly. Of course it's a Carry On and some people clearly love them, but even for those who are not convinced they are the best thing invented around the same time sliced bread was, it's OK!
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on 19 August 2011
This is an interesting film.It is great for people who love Carry On Doctor & Carry On Up The Jungle and who cannot decide the which to watch.It is a creative effort that sends up the medical profession an absolute treat while not being just about the NHS.This allows us to hear jokes about private clinics and medical missions which is just as well as some of the hospital gags are perhaps the ones deemed too weak to have been in Carry On Doctor or too crude to have been in Carry On Nurse.The more imaginative storyline thus rescues the film from being just a poor sequel to Carry On Doctor and as such the late Mr Rothwell deserves much credit.Kenneth Williams is great as a snooty medico and Charles Hawtrey very good as a slightly more sinister version of his Oh Hello! character.Miss Windsor brings her assets to bear (or is that bare !) much to the delight of half the population ! Sid is Sid and Hattie proves that she was the definitive Matron.Joan Sims is restricted to a Hyacinth Bucket style character and thus is a bit wasted as she was a great actress who could play many a complex part.However it is worth seeing Jim Dale for the last time prior to the 1992 disaster known as Carry On Columbus.Whatever the shortcomings of this film it is far better than the calamity that was made 23 years later.It was a pity that the Carry On about hospital cuts could not have been made in the 1980's as a satire laced with innuendo.Carry On Again Nurse could have worked written as it was by Norman Huddis as a kind of sequel to Carry On Nurse.That would have been a good ending to a fine series as if Again Doctor worked just about as a Doctor sequel then so could the superior Huddis penned Again Nurse script.

But for Carry On fans and admirers of fine old school British comedy in general this will not cost you much and there are worse ways than to be chortling along with Sid & the gang for 90 minutes or so.It is worth it just for Sid's comic antics be it in Jungles,clinics or NHS hospitals.As I said Sid is Sid and thank goodness for him !
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