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on 9 December 2005
Blakes 7 for me was the pinnacle of TV when it first aired in 1978 when i was at the tender age of 9.It also aired when STAR WARS hit the Cinemas so this was a definitive year for the Sci-Fi junkie.The series revolves around the corrupt Terran Federation lead by the evil supreme commander Servallan played by the brilliant Jaquelene Pearce.Gareth Thomas played freedom Fighter Blake who with a band of outcasts escape to find the LIBERATOR.Which for me is one of the best Sci-Fi spaceships that a series has ever produced ,that was designed by Ian Scoones.Over the series the crew run into the Federation and the evil Space commander TRAVIS.And the assorted aliens as they try to escape not only Travis and the federation but evil aliens.Of the DVD there are a few special features and not much of note to mention.For the fan or the casual buyer this is a great series and well worth the asking price.
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on 4 March 2009
I will keep this quite short as many other reviews have the detail.

To date (2009) this show is 31 years old. I watched repeats of Blakes 7 in the late 90s and always thought it was interesting but was slightly detached at a very young age. This proves who the show's audience is: late teenagers and adults. The plots are almost always hard-edged and serious (with Avon's little cynical jokes thrown in for good measure). What makes the show stand out is how different the first episode is to any other Sci-Fi show of its time; most new shows would have a huge, expensive action set up whilst Blakes 7 has our hero put on trial for child molestation. Its was very different to anything else of the genre and is still quite controversial for a family programme.

Just like Dr Who its a BBC classic! The characters are interesting to watch and have many different layers of which the viewer learns and is drawn in by. Most episodes are just fun and all have a fair share of entertaining set pieces and moments.

Its was a very low budget show but this just gives it a charm which is never achieved nowadays by modern shows (like the new Dr Who series which I don't like much). The writing and acting make up for any disadvantages and make for a very entertaining adventure in space.
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on 16 November 2012
Great story lines set in a dark and menacing universe under the thumb of the federation, good characters, scripts and acting (for the most part).
Interplay between the characters is cool.

The scenery is a little shaky, especially the control desks of the liberator.
The guns look decidedly like curling tongues.
If the Beeb had spent a bit more money on scenery and design this could have rivaled Bablon5/Star trek.

An excellent, but slightly dated sci-fi series.
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on 26 April 2017
great fun watching these xmas day, I think the first 3 were the best
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on 23 February 2013
Classic late 70's BBC show, regarding a bunch of thieves, smugglers, political outcasts who chance upon what in my mind is the most iconic spaceships ever THE LIBERATOR. Wanting to strike back against the mighty federation which controls earth and from the look of it our entire Galaxy, the motley crew Blake, Jenna, Avon, Vila, Gan and the ship computer Zen and super computer Orac (A.K.A Blake's 7) set off on their adventures.
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on 28 May 2018
Arrived promptly and in its original outer sleeve. Pretty cheesy scenery and props. So stiff upper lip British actors. Anyone who loves 70s TV must give this at least one watch.
Really enjoyed reliving 1978 when I was 8 years old and lapped up everything sci fi. Will definitely use this supplier again .
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on 27 July 2010
What can I say, but it is so good to have Blakes 7 out on DVD. The only downside is that, for the majority of devotees, the price has been horrendously exhorbitant. Here in Australia, I wouldn't even think of paying what the mainstream shops are asking, so I bought mine from Europe for a third of the price.
As for the show itself, this is the thinking man's Sci-Fi. Yes, at times the characterisations are a little cartoonish, but the background is more honest to the state of humanity. Gene Roddenberry would have us believe that mankind is essentially good and that humans are "evolving" to a higher morality. However, in our world of shifting values and morals, we are finding, time and again, that there are those out there who are using the rules against the populace to achieve their own, nefarious, ends. This is the world Roj Blake and his associates live in. A future of a decidedly Orwellian flavour.
Roj is a hopeless romantic with grand notions of being able to change the order, but he finds, in time, that the fight is truly fruitless. That the average men and women he fights for really couldn't care less. While his fight is noble, it is sadly pathetic.
The only downside for the modern, young viewer is the often cheezy 70's "string and bauble" special effects. The original Star Trek often did better. However, it is the interactions between the characters that the fans remember. The idealistic Blake. The ever cynical Avon. The cowardly Vila. The gold-hearted Gan. The tortured Cally. The efficient (and not bad on the eyes) Jenna. They didn't always function as a team, but eventually they got the job done. And who can forget the sociopathic Servalan, determined, once and for all, to destroy Blake's 7 and seize the Liberator for herself.
This is a blast from the past that every Sci-Fi buff should have on their shelves. Put off the fluff of the "warm and fuzzy" modern Sci-Fi and see what the real gritty story telling was like back in a time when they still made quality television.
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on 17 May 2010
As a long time fan, I was looking forward to (finally!) getting hold of the first series with pristine DVD quality of sound and picture and cast commentaries.

After such a long delay in production, what was eventually released was a little disappointing.

The picture quality on most of the episodes is awful. Many scenes are drained of colour and some are virtually black and white! It is not because of the age of the material as the 20th anniversary videos released a couple of years earlier were fine.

There were also issues with layer change problems on some of the initial release batch.

There is little of note in the way of extras (which is understandable given the age of the show.)

Also disappointing is the cast commentary. No witty anecdotes or interesting stories about the making of the show. Some of the contributors don't even know which episodes they are in.

The quality of the DVD releases does improve greatly for the later series, it is a shame that this DVD does not do justice for such a classic show!

Additional comment 24/04/2016

You can now buy a Netherlands dvd release of series one from Amazon. It doesn't have any extras but the colour issue has been completely resolved.

If you search YouTube for "Blakes 7 DVD comparison", someone has put up a comparison of the two versions.
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on 4 June 2018
Great cult programme..
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on 16 April 2015
I bought this for my Blakes7-mad sister who previously had it on video. She was extremely please with her DVD especially the enhanced picture quality and overall she rates it as her all-time favourite sci-fi series of all-time!
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