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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Disco 3
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 14 June 2017
A much under-rated dance album from Pet Shop Boys, and in my opinion the best of all the 'Disco' albums. Unlike the others (Discos 1, 2 & 4), it works as a complete album and doesn't feel like you're simply listening to a bunch of remixes.
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on 4 September 2017
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on 7 February 2003
More like Introspective 2 than Disco 3.
A few superb new tracks and excellent, radical remixes of recent favourites.
At last they've released "Positive Role Model" which must mean that it will now never be a single - are they mad? For anyone who doesn't know, it's a sample of the best bit of the Barry White song "My First, My Last, My Everything" with some typical Tennant re-invent yourself lyrics; you might remember they performed it at Glastonbury a few years ago. It's fantastic.
The new versions of "Home and Dry", "London" and "Here" bear no resemblence to those on last year's "Release". They are reworked with a techno beat and are all the better for it.
But the highlights of Disco 3 are the new songs. "Try it (I'm in Love With A Married Man)" must be the best thing they've done since "Can You Forgive Her" while "Somebody Else's Business" and "If Looks Could Kill" are PSB songwriting at its best - gone is the maudlin and portentous atmosphere that has blighted some of their output since "Very" and it's been replaced by what we all loved in the first place - wry, understated and interesting lyrics to a disco beat.
The CD finishes with a second version of "London" the "Genuine Piano Mix". This was my favourite song from "Release" and is such a refreshing antidote to all the tabloid and politicians' rubbish about asylum seekers. "Tell it like it is" they say. They do, and it, like the rest of Disco 3 is a credit to the Pet Shop Boys. I can't recommend it highly enough.
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on 11 February 2003
Old Pet Shop Boys meets the PSB's of 2003. Release didnt suit every PSB fan, but this album makes up for that....... Using many of the tunes from the Release album and giving it a touch of the old style it will get your toes tapping.
When it started, I thought, have I got a Depeche Mode cd by mistake? Track one sounds like a homage to them!
Then its onto Positive Role Model - complete with Barry White sample and anyone who saw and liked Closer to Heaven will be dancing in their bathroom as they get ready for a Saturday night out........
Other highlights include a wonderful version of Here, If Looks Could Kill sounds like its vying for the chance to be a Bond Theme and the stunning piano mix of London is perfect for a chill outs (but not a Disco surely?!)
Finally, if you have any doubts, its much much better than Disco 2!
Anyway, PSB fans buy!
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on 3 February 2003
For those who have been loyal fans of PSB since the original release of "Opportunities" back in 1985, there have been some inspirational releases and then there was "Disco 2". Thankfully the lastest of the "Disco" incarnations is as far from it's predecessor as "Release" was from the electro-dance music with which the PSB are synonymous. The opening track "Time On My Hands" is a warm-up for the overall mood of the album. "Positive Role Model" is the PSBs reworking of the highlight song from their "Closer To Heaven" musical. "Try It (I'm In Love With A Married Man)" is back to their roots with a cover of the Oh Romeo track penned by Bobby Orlando (who produced the original West End Girls). The remixes of the "Release" tracks, "London" "Here" and "Home and Dry" continue the club feel. For me however, the standout track is "Somebody Else's Business". This is pure PSB at their best: dark lyrics, a four-on-the-floor beat and a chorus you'll be singing for weeks. Stunning! This is definitely an album to play before going clubbing at the weekend.
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on 14 January 2003
As the name says this new album is almost all dance (with the exception of the London Genuine Piano mix). Of the ten tracks, there are some remixes, but the big stars here are the new PSB tracks. My first impression is that these new tracks are the strongest material that the PSB have put out since the 1992 album "Very". Of the new tracks, "Time on my Hands" is very much a Chris Lowe-style track... somewhat similar to "We All Feel Better in the Dark", but with bigger nastier beats. What can I say about "Somebody Else's Business" except that this Chris Zippel track is perhaps the catchiest dance track the PSB have produced for ages. It has instant club hit written all over it... watch for the extended version on the Disco 3 vinyl. Anyone who thought that the PSB had abandoned their dance roots during the "Release" era will be stunned at how good this track is. The other two new tracks "If Looks Could Kill" and "Try It" were heard on the recent BBC Peel Sessions. Except they have been rerecorded for the album. "ILCK", in particular has been completely reworked. The many fans who liked "Here" on the last album will be pleased with the PSB's extended remix of the track... a complete reworking of the song. Other tracks include the PSB/Zippel produced "Positive Role Model", Felix da Housecat remix of "London", Blank and Jones remix of "Home and Dry". And last but not least Superchumbo's remix of the recent PSB b-side "Sexy Northerner".
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on 1 February 2003
The album features ten dance-orientated tracks, written, recorded or remixed at the same time as the last studio album "Release", including one track which was written in 1983 by the original Pet Shop Boys producer Bobby 'O' . It's the new Pet Shop Boys meets the old Pet Shop Boys.
The limited edition three-disc vinyl format, features extra remixes by Felix Da Housecat and WestBam. The cover of the album is a photograph of London by Turner Prize-winning artist Wolfgang Tillmans who directed the video for "Home and Dry".
The following tracks appear on the CD and the vinyl set:
Time on my hands
Written and recorded at the end of 2000, recently completed and mixed. Featuring vocals by Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant.
Positive role model
Recorded in Berlin with producer/programmer Chris Zippel, at the same time as "London" and "Somebody else's business". Finished mix recently delivered by Chris Zippel.
Try it (I'm in love with a married man)
Written by Bobby 'O' in 1983 and first heard, in a different version, on The John Peel Show earlier this year.
London (Thee Radical Blaklite Edit)
Remix by Felix Da Housecat. London was released as a single in Germany and has an accompanying video by Martin Parr. This was available on the CD single.
Somebody else's business
Another track recorded in Berlin with Chris Zippel.
Here (PSB new extended mix)
At one time, a possible single contender from "Release". Radical reworking of a standout track from that album.
If looks could kill
New recording of a song which was also first heard on John Peel. The song was begun in 1983 and completed in 2002.
Sexy Northerner (Superchumbo mix)
Home and dry (Blank and Jones mix)as heard on the 12" of H + D and as a bonus track on the limited second CD for Release in the United States
London (Genuine Piano Mix)
The album ends with a quiet, piano-led version of London.
Limited edition 3 disc vinyl
Here is the track listing for the vinyl set. Note the extra tracks!
London(Thee Radikal Blaklite mix)
London (Thee Radikal Blaklit dub
Side two
London (WestBam in Berlin mix)
Time on my hands
Side three
Sexy Northerner (Superchumbo mix)
Home and dry (Blank and Jones remix)
Side four
Here (PSB new extended mix)
Here (PSB new extended dub)
Side five
Try it (I'm in love with a married man)
If looks could kill
Side six
Positive role model
Somebody else's business (extended mix)
Definitely worth picking up! Nice to see the DISCO series continuing with another great collection of remixes.
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on 10 February 2003
A much better effort in the Disco series compared to the last release 8 years ago, at least some new PSB songs have made it onto this album and its not all dull souless remixes!
Highlights include (of course) 'Somebody else's business',' Time On My Hands', If Looks Could Kill and the rather excellent Felix Da Housecat remix of London (a sort of Donna Summer meets light acid house I think). Only let down I suppose is the overuse of vocoded vocals (joining the ranks of Madonna, Cher etc) might as well join the bandwagon boys?........
An essential purchase for PSB and dance fans.
Doing what they do best!
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John Peel was right : if this lot were called Eins Vie Drie Zwei and were from Mulheim, they'd be hailed as the best thing since Sliced Bread.

Which is a shame, because some bands suffer from their name and their history. Because this is surprisingly good - but most people just won't get to hear it because of the name of the band on the cover. You know, the one redeemable band from the crop of Eighties Synth duos. The ones who didn't resort to either artistic irrelevancy or cash-cow reunion tours. They just kept going and followed their path : artists who happened to be pop stars, not pop stars who pretend to be artists.

So what is Disco 3? (Apart from being burdened with the most unimaginative album title since the days of Led Zeppelin?)

Camp Euro-pop with wry, overclever lyrics and chunky bass lines coming out of a box are so Eighties. Trust me. If this was the first record they'd made the press would be over them like a rash - and they'd sell about 42 copies. But it isn't, it's actually their fourteenth album. And it doesn't sound anywhere near as jaded as it should.

Because it sounds great, even if it is oddly dated. Retro, but not in the way of a knowing sly-wink or a last-ditch attempt to gain currency riding the wave of nostalgia. Retro in the way of using the best bits of the past and welding them to a vision from the future.

On paper, Disco3 is an appalling concept : a selection of duff remixes and b-sides thrown together in a random selection, because the Pet Shop Boys know that nobody buys their singles anymore. (Only Disco2, an unimaginatively-titled medley of 20 or so nosebleed techno remixes sounds worse).

But, from the glorious remixing of tracks from their latest album (the wry "Release") and five new songs, Disco3 is an album that, shorn of the very concept of hit-singles and of chart positions, just does a fine job of presenting what Kraftwerk called the "the man machine" : the glorious place where soul meets steel, where circuits meet comfort, and where technology meets temptation. It shows that you can glean beauty from the beats, and presents the very best things about both the Pet Shop Boys and their genre.

Say what you like : if you've got a fear of technology you're a luddite. And this? You know what the Pet Shop Boys sound like. It's business as usual : and business, to quote Megadeth, is good. Viva Euro Disco.
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on 2 March 2003
Wow, after, in my view, a very unimpressive outing with Release, the boys seemed to have found H.G. Well's machine and jumped back to the mid 80's.
This is pure PSB, deep basslines, complicated melodies and overdubs and Neils unmistakable voice. It has 5 new tracks on it, my favourites being 'If looks could Kill' and 'Time on My hands'. The remixes from release bring back the sound you probably expected from release but didn't get, check out the piano version of 'London'. The song 'Sexy Northerner' has very Underworld undertones.
This is intelligent Dance, something modern artist try to emulate and fail. They may be the old guys of pop, but they make the pretenders sound outdated. Well done Chris and Neil.
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