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on 5 May 2016
good pokemon game, giving it 3 stars relative to other pokemon games. Personally my 2nd least favourite pokedex(platinum being my least favourite). The problems with this gamen are as follows: I don't like the system used to rebattle trainers. It is trainers eyes, meaning you don't call up someone to check if they want to battle you(but you can check if they do) but if you don't know about it at first as I didn't it can be really annoying because as the name suggests if a rebattleable trainer see you, you'll battle them. But if you don't know about the system and are low on hp...very annoying, personally prefer heart gold/soul silver's phone system and fire red/leaf green's vs seeker(the vs seeker being my favourite) Another problem is also a strength...kinda. This game has some of my favourite starters...well 2 of them mudkip and torchic, but for in game use, for a lot of the game at least(including some high level gyms) torchic is simply unusable, meaning you're pretty much forced to use one of the other 2, or go against the later gyms with 5 or less pokemon, however against the elite 4, whilst mudkip is still the better choice, I think he does perform better than sceptile at least here. Another problem is pokemon emerald. Haven't played it/checked for the price, but seen playthroughs and read about it, so know unlike in ruby/sapphire where you can only get the cover legendary, in emerald you can get both and unlike in ruby you don't have to wait till you've beaten the elite 4 to get raquaza. This game also suffers if you've played gen4 onwards games, as this has no physical special split for moves, instead entire move types are either physical or special. And for some retarded reason dark is special...even though most of it's moves seem to be physical, such as bite, crunch, faint attack etc. This game can also be annoying as it has quite a few water hms, however if you pick mudkip(and you kinda have to) it's a good idea to teach him surf, one other in your party waterfall and a hm slave dive, as dive has only 60 power in ruby, not 80 like in future gens, and you only need it for part of the story. Although this is my 2nd least favourite pokedex overall, it does have some very good pokemon and a good number of each type, well distributed. It also has some of the hardest puzzles in my opinion 2 of which I had to get guides for(and ones a brail puzzle, so you probably will too, although this is an optional puzzle) so I think that's good if you want to stimulate yourself mentally, considering this is mainly aimed at kids, definatley a good thing. Ovverall this has my least favourite music, but most pokemon music is amazing, so don't dislike it, but compared to say black and white's music pales in comparison. Finally the map is actually one of my favourites, as I said with plenty of puzzles, including one to find a city you have to dive for, something unique to this game. And it's map is tropical, being a fan of hot and tropical locales myself, definatley a plus. So overall this game has it's ups and downs, it's definatley worth a play for any pokemon fan, but gen5 is my favourite gen so far(not tried 6 personally) but emerald or omega ruby/alpha sapphire would be better choices, and know alpha sapphire/omega ruby aren't too much more expensive as they fix things like the physical special split(not eerald though obvs) have more pokemon and don't quote me on this but I believe omega runy/alpha sapphire has the vs seeker too. Sorry if this review was too long, but is my style to go is in depth as possible, so you have all the information, hope it was helpful.
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on 6 January 2016
Love love love this game! After being a keen player of the blue, red, yellow, silver and golds I finally upgraded to this game almost a decade later after getting a gameboy sp. The controls are easy, the graphics and colour are brilliant for a game of this age. It has added a lot to it since the gold and silver games, such as contests, berry picking etc. There are more challenges such as bikes, and the map is all over the place which is more of a challenge. You can deposit thirty Pokémon per box instead of twenty. It's just little extras really but makes all the difference. I think it's a good game for children, as you need a lot of patience, and its a fulfilling game as there's so much to complete eg gym badges, training Pokémon to evolve and get stronger, and its all in your own time. Fantastic game.
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on 9 May 2016
I found this pretty cheap from the seller, it's authentic which was my biggest worry, expecting to get screwed over with a cheap knock off.
So I was pretty happy that I could relive being 10 years old again replaying Ruby again!
The delivery was really quick too, standard came within 3 days of placing the order.

However. I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't stated in the conditioning that the internal battery is dead and from what I think is irreplaceable too, so whilst replaying. It'll take me a lot of luck to find some mo fo-ing berries to finally get a Milotic after all these years as real time events are no longer a thing.
But still, the game is around 12 years old now so I should have expected it.
Anyways, I've had a lot of fun playing the game again and I'm still pretty happy with the seller, so thank you man!
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on 31 December 2014
I received a little booklet from the provider about how their business is run. It explained how they rely on good reviews to keep on making money. And I have to say, they've earned it from me. In the booklet it explained how they refit all gaming batteries before selling any games to their customers, they start a new save file to see that the saving feature works properly and they offer either a replacement or a full refund to any unsatisfied customer. They even provided me with a voucher to use on any future purchases. Although it expires at the end of the month. No matter what way you look at it the service is top notch and is everything a good service should be.

Moving on to the actual game, it works. Enough said really. The saving feature works, there's a new battery fitted and it runs as good as new. I am 100% satisfied with this purchase and shall enjoy playing Pokemon Ruby Version in the foreseeable future.
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on 12 January 2017
This game was one of my favorites as a child playing it on my GBA, but I purchased this to play it on my DS i when they where a big thing, I cant say how good this game is! its a brilliant gift for any Pokemon fan or anyone who wants to embark on their very first Pokemon adventure, with so many hours of gameplay, there's nothing to lose!

Highly Recommend!
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on 16 August 2017
Brought this game and was very annoyed it didn't work. Kept glitching and frankly wasn't playable. Got an email very quickly apologising and giving me a great offer. I was able to pick any game of my choosing for free. I will give 5 stars once I've received the free game knowing it works. I'm very happy with the company and have to applaud the fast and brilliant customer service.
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on 3 January 2018
Good game, works well. This is the game that includes all the pokemon that just came out on pokemon go
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on 28 February 2012
I ordered this yesterday alongside Pokemon Sapphire from Aztec Games here on Amazon, the game arrived in its original box complete with manuals, infosheets and cart, Had the box been shrinkwrapped you could have very well thought it was a sealed / never used game.

I tested the game to ensure it played and found a previous save file on there, while extremely easy to remove a save file and revert to "factory" condition I won't be docking a star for such things.

The product appears Genuine and having checked for signs of tampering, I am happy with the overall product.

Overall I'd be happy to order again from Aztec Games.
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on 25 June 2014
Today was terrible, I thought i'd got poke'mon ruby but it turned out to be pokemon fire red.
I'm so angry that it's fire red as the cartridge is of ruby it even has official nintendo seal of approval to show it's not a fake e.t.c, the seller is evil as they said they tested it and that it was ruby.
Just shows you that you can't trust anyone these days.
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on 14 December 2012
I bought this game because I owned it previously but it broke. This game brings back great nostalgic memories and I'd gladly give 5 stars for the game itself. But for some reason, the game has deleted my save file twice now. It seems to occur whenever you trade something over from another game, and when you turn it on again, there is no 'continue' option on the home screen. I don't remember anything like this happening on my old game and was rather disappointed in that respect. Ok that's all I have to say, review over.
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