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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 19 September 2004
No skaterboarder could possibly feel complete without having viewed this DVD. DogTown and Z-Boys is the foundation on which skateboarding was built.
I had no interest in skateboarding before I viewed this masterpiece, and only purchased it to provide some background for an interview I had to conduct with a skateboarder. Wow!! It is one of the most inspiring documentaries I have ever seen. The culture they created is arguably more powerful than Rock 'n' Roll. The creativity, energy and self-confidence these guys enthuse is volcanic. This should be compulsory viewing - a must for all to see. Yeah!
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on 17 December 2002
watch an average street and the trend in skating and skateboard fashion is obvious. Its just cool. but theres so much more depth to the sport than that. this film makes it clear exactly when skating crossed the line from athletic aftersurf balance training to a life of its own, to the speed and agression that inspires us today. You see, Alva, Adams, Peralta and the like didnt just start modern skating. they started modern youth culture.And they did it without trying, or even realising. After watching this film, you'll believe that a handfull of men can redirect music, fashion and the minds of generations. Sure they're arrogant, loud, crude and aggressive. So's the world today. They're also something that everyone wants to be- new, fresh, cool and very, very talented. Watch the film, get on board. And to those kids who are already on boards, watch it too. Itll teach you about your roots and it'll teach you about style. Its simply a very thought-provoking, downright cool film.
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on 8 December 2002
Once the shortboard revolution in surfing had become firmly established as the new status quo in the mid 70's, the Zepher Surf Team of Venice, CA began to experiment with taking the radical new carving approach from the glassy walls of their beloved home breaks and onto the concrete surfaces of local school banks and empty swimming pools.
In 1977 they blew out of California and became the unruly face of a craze that was quickly killed by commercial exploitation.
All of the elements that have survived skateboarding's chaotic history were put in place by the original Dogtown gang: the urban aesthetic, the heavy-rock soundtrack, the radical lifestyle, the camaraderie, the dedication to pushing limits. If it hadn't been for the Z-Boys, skateboarding would never have become associated with youthful rebellion and probably wouldn't have survived.
The film combines original footage with contemporary interviews with pioneers such as Tony Alva and Jay Adams, in such a way as to make it interesting enough for those who are too young to remember the seventies and pure gold for those of us who aren't.
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on 13 April 2003
The mere mention of documentary conjures up images of dusty professors mumbling under their moustaches about a subject you have no interest in and they do not have the capacity to make compelling. Even when the subject is about something you find interesting, your favourite rock group or film, documentary makers seem to have the ability to make something drab out of interesting subject matter. IN NO WAY DOES THIS FILM FALL INTO THIS CATEGORY.
By no more than chance there was a video camera at a time when a group of kids were making an indelible impression on a new sport. This film is based around those shots and describes what was happening, why it was happening and by whom. The subject matter – skateboarding - is almost irrelevant, as it makes a great film – skill, drama, excitement, humour – regardless of whether you are in to skateboarding or not. Interviews and personal anecdotes taken at the time (late ‘70s) and now constitute more of the film that the action and is probably better for it.
Watching a group of near middle age men get all sentimental about their youth has the potential for toe curling embarrassment but the production actually makes a lot of these interviews the most memorable parts of the film. In fact; the 20-25 year gap from when they were experiencing the scenes shot in the film has allowed them to be more dispassionate and lucid rather than just allowing them to rave about the good times.
This is an all round good film whether you're a skateboarder or not. If you’re a skateboarder it is essential viewing.
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on 3 October 2006
I just wish I could skate and/or surf like these fellas. There is some amazing footage in this film, and some excellent photography.

Not only that, but it is a fascinating document about the development of skateboarding and the way that a group of kids from Venice pioneered techniques and moves inspired by their environment - from copying surfer styles to skating in empty swimming pools and finally getting airborne.

It's inspirational. A story of how greatness was acheived simply through kids doing what they enjoyed doing day after day in the environment they had to do it in.

I lend this to everyone I can. Most of them love it too, though one friend who claims to be a bit of a skater says he wanted to see more "vert stuff".

I don't think he could've been watching properly.
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on 12 November 2015
I bought this dvd for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it!! Couldn't stop talking about it after he watched it! And he's watched it multiple times now with various groups of friends! A good dvd, deffo worth a watch!
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on 31 May 2015
Excellent documentary. If you want to know how skateboarding began, this is the film to see. Nobody did it better than the zephyr skate team. I loved skateboarding back in the 70s and watching this took me straight back there. Highly recommended.
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on 27 May 2016
Such an interesting and yet overlooked part of history. Fascinating interviews and insights into the skate team. Very interesting to watch having watched the movie Lords of Dogtown, having grown to understand the story and see how it relates to real life. Recommended to fans of Bones Brigade.
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on 4 December 2002
I was slightly apprehensive about seeing this film as I don't know a great deal about skateboarding, but it was the most fascinating film I've seen in ages. It tells the story of the history and development of skateboarding in a humourous and entertaining way, but it's also a really great tale of the lives of a group of kids who took skating to another level, and really made it their own. The original footage is absolutely gorgeous, and at points gave me goosebumps, the music is ace too, and really captures the mood of the time, and there are some really funny moments when you will laugh out loud.
The kids stories are both great success stories, and really tragic tales. It was wonderful to watch, and left you feeling like you really should be out there doing something positive in life! My husband skates, and he loved it too, so good all round!
Watch this film, and then go out and do something interesting with your life!
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on 16 September 2012
My son is into skateboarding at the moment in what presumably is the latest in a long line of hobbies. That said, he appears to be sticking with it and so I bought this DVD for him. The reviews on here are accurate - this is THE tale of the origins and growth of skateboarding. For the used price of 1p you just cannot go wrong!
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