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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 9 March 2010
Yes as everyone says in the reviews they have changed, as for a comparison to Hatebreed? No way. Biohazard are their own unique band and never copied anyone. The rap/metal sound is gone, ( I liked it as I listen also to rap) but I love this new sound for them. Its heavy, quick, and angry! Short album but this is by far their best work in my opionion since Urban. I think there may be 1 or 2 fillers but they are only fillers as the rest of the album is class. At the price it is for sale you should listen to the samples 1st then buy it. I think any Biohazard fan will like. Track listing is wrong granted but thats easily fixable in this day and age. Being a big time SLAYER fan I was pleasantly surprised and pleased with this offering from Biohazard. I thought they had waned a bit with one or 2 mediocre albums but this is CLASS. If you are still in doubt try the samples and you will see and I bet you buy it!!!!
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on 8 August 2010
I think 3 stars is probably generous. The album artwork for this album is the best of all their albums. It's just a shame that the music doesn't do the artwork justice! With a name like Kill or be killed you're expecting an aggressive album about the harshness of this world and that's pretty much what you get. The song titles are crazy as well with names such as Heads kicked in and Beaten senseless.
After listening to all their albums chronologically (which I've found is the best thing to do when listening to a band's material) I can see that this album is their worst up to this point. With the old sound it was hardcore punk with some decent rapping. With their first heavy album which turned up the metal style New world disorder they changed their style but still maintained decent material and the sound may have been heavy but it's just the right amount of heavy. I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy that album when I heard about what it was like but I did. With the last album Uncivilization they went into thrash metal, but the sound was so sparse that the album didn't really know what it wanted to sound like. There were really soft parts and then there were really heavy parts but overall it was a decent and pretty enjoyable album. With this album they have overdone the heaviness and it's filled with rawness, screaming and death metal. The rapping remains but on a much smaller level and the sound just doesn't suit the band. The reason they changed was probably to appeal to a different genre like death metal. Contrary to what 1 reviewer has said this is certainly not their 'best since State of the world address'. In fact in my opinion the following album to SOTWA Mata Leao is far better than this and suit's the band far more, even though it didn't get much credit.

Anyone looking for Biohazard at their best is going to be disappointed.
There are some pretty good songs on here however like Never forgive, never forget, Make my stand and Hallowed ground; with an interesting speech which sums up all the songs together cleverly at the end of the song. Evan's vocals are so memorable on previous albums but on this one his voice is bad for the most part. I think it's his attempt to scream but he can't do it as well as the other guy. The chorus of Dead to me is so funny; he sounds like a monster! Someone give them all throat lozengers! Their attempt to sound so raw and appeal to fans of genres was silly because like another reviewer has said; they lost many of their original fans. It's worth a listen but isn't going to be a favourite for many.
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on 4 April 2003
this is a great album, yes they have changed their sound from the last album, which was also great, but i dont think thats a bad thing, i think uncivilization and kill or be killed are their best efforts yet because of how different they are, if you had urban discipline you really didnt need to buy anything else of theirs as they all pretty much sound the same.
kill or be killed has a stripped down sound and the production certainly isn't the greatest, the vocals are the best yet.
Fave tracks are heads kicked in, dead to me and hallowed ground.
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on 4 June 2008
A very, very angry album! There's little in the way of rap influenced metal - in fact, at times it borders on Death Metal with some very harsh vocals from Seinfeld & co. One should recognise that this album was recorded in the aftermath of 9/11 so the rage of the Brooklyn stalwarts is understandable! The lyrics are very confrontational & right wing, perhaps more so than any other Biohazard release. The bass is fairly upfront, and the riffs are simple & brutal as are the drums! Evan Seinfeld sings in a very low, deep, aggressive style more akin to the likes of Nile or Deicide! Dont try & spot guest appearances or hip hop cameos - they ain't there - this is violent, 100 mph hardcore metal with a Death tinge & no turntables, rapping or DJ's!
The production is raw but perhaps suits the approach.
This is not Biohazard's best by a mile BUT it may well be the HEAVIEST.
The following release, Means To An End did at least marry this aggression to better songwriting & production.
Still not as good as New World Disorder....
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This is a pretty average album, but the problem is that Biohazard can do so much better. There are three or four great songs here, with 'Kill or Be Killed,' 'Heads Kicked In,' and 'Never Forgive, Never Forget,' being the most original compositions on the record.
The problem with the album, is that all the other songs are really dull and samey, with a simple 1-2 slayer drumbeat from start to finnish, and boring riffs.
If you like Biohazard you're bound to like this, but there are much better Biohazard albums out there; why not check out 'Means to an End,' instead ?
That being said, the good songs here are worth checking out, so if you can get the album for cheap you should probably take the risk.
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on 6 November 2009
Track 1 is listed as 'Never forgive never forget', in fact it's track 8 'world on fire'... with all the listed tracks 1-7 moving down one place, ha ha... this is further compounded by the first track being an unlisted intro track which add one track to the physical position of all songs when played. Seems ok aside from that, their are at least saying something with a point! Of course that's made clearer with the track title adjustments. If you don't like metal don't buy it, if you do why don't you already have it? (tracks intro,8,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10)
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on 25 October 2003
Yes!!! Biohazard have changed and i believe this is one of their better albums.
If you are a Biohazard fan and have yet to listen to this album, be prepared for a shock. I honestly think, they have seen the sucess of "Hatebreed" and tried to copy them. The one problem with doing this is, that you are going to loose some of your hardcore fans. They have tried to become heavier, and it hasn't really suceeded. They are no where near as heavy as Hatebreed, so if you are a Hatebreed fan, don't expect the same level of intensity.
You can still recognise them as biohazard, but a biohazard which has changed. There are some solid tracks on the album such as "Never forgive never forget", and "kill or be killed". I believe they have musically matured which in my opinion results in better music.
The main problem with this album is the fact that there are only a small number of good tracks, some of them are pathetic, hense the mid range 3 star rating.
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on 29 October 2014
Brilliant as usual but not as good as the other albums, I new when I listened to it that it was sounding like death metal, fortunately I love death metal etc.
I like it, but that's just my opinion.
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on 3 February 2003
This is a terrible album, simple as that! Biohazard have altered their sound presumably to gain new fans but in my view they'll have just lost all their old ones. Gone is the familiar (some may say old hat) style of rap metal and in is a slipknot/ superjoint ritual mix. There ain't nuthin wrong with Superjoint (and a lot wrong with Slipknot)but it doesn't suit Biohazards guitar sound. It just ends up sounding like an amateur mess. There is not one track that stands out and it is a very boring listen. The new direction taken with Uncivilisation was different but good (heavier and experimental with the likes of Panteras Phil Anselmo guesting) but they've f**ked up with this one.
If you're a current Biohazard fan: don't bother, buy Slayers God Hates us all instead.
If you're just getting into Biohazard: don't bother either, get Urban Discipline instead.
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