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on 28 December 2017
Tiny remote control for my Nikon D5500 works perfectly and easy to hide out of shot when doing portraits and photography where you do not want vibration. Easy to use and a nice case that will attach to the strap of your camera if you wanted.
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on 3 December 2015
Excellent remote, especially for the price.

It;s so liberating not to have wires trailing everywhere!

The only thing I would say is, make sure you set your camera to keep the remote active for long enough in between shots. I first used this at a martial arts grading and as one of the people taking black belt, I wanted to be in the shots. By the time I got everyone in position, ran into frame and pressed the button, it had gone to sleep. Lesson learned for me.

Works really well and is very discrete because of the size.

I have yet to get this to start video record, which to be fair, was one of the reasons I bought it...still working on this one.
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on 4 February 2018
Doesn't come with instructions, but you still need to select the correct shutter release option on your camera. Refer to your camera manual if you're not clear!
It isn't totally obvious that the battery is insulated at first glance (no plastic tab showing) take the battery out completely and remove the plastic strip inside, the battery isn't flat!
This can be used from behind the camera, you just need to angle it to the side.
Range is excellent.
Smaller than you'd expect and could be easily lost, nevertheless this remote is everything you need it to be.
Works perfectly...buy it!
(Camera type - D3400)
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on 6 March 2014
We went on holiday to try and see the Northern Lights and I'd read that a remote control is useful when taking photos with a long exposure as you remove the vibrations added by pressing the button on the camera. It literally took a matter of seconds to set this up - all I had to do was remove the plastic strip covering the battery on the remote and change my camera setting to use the remote control. Then you get the camera into the right position, point the remote at the infrared sensor & press the button... in the words of the meerkats - simples! This made such a difference; there was no shake associated with me touching the camera and I could easily take photos of myself & my partner without relying on a timer or the kindness of strangers. Along with a tripod it even allowed me to get a few night-time shots, including the northern lights, from a moving boat. Everyone who owns an SLR should have one of these.
One slight gripe I had with my camera was that the infrared sensor is on the front so in order to take a picture from the back, you have to put your arm around the front/side for the sensor to pick up the remote's signal when the button is pressed. A minor setback that caught me out a couple of times but was easily correctable by simply moving my arm.
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on 30 March 2018
This is the official remote, from what I have read online it is best to pay the extra for this rather than a cheap alternative. The remote works well for my Nikon D3400, there is a setting on the camera which sets this as the shutter release option.

The remote will only work if it is pointing directly at the lens, hence the 4 stars. But I guess that's how this remote functions and as long as you are aware of this then that's fine.

I use this for taking self takes whilst fishing and it is easy enough to hold in one hand whilst holding a fish. I also have got this wet and it still works.
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on 6 January 2014
I bought it to work with my Nikon D3200 it has a front and back infrared sensor not specified but gave it a bash anyway.
The last almost DSLR I had was a Minolta DImage 5 and a remote cable was perfect to stop blurring when at high zoom levels ok, ok so we are talking years ago now well I still used it up till recently when it finally gave in water damage. So took the step up and got the Nikon D3200.
Just took me a while to figure out where to set the camera up to use it not many people writing detailed reports on how to set it up on the NikonD3200. Just got my Nikon D3200 2 days after this little device, found the setting in the shutter release options once enabled it works.
Just the Nikon D3200 Nanny state driving me crazy but slowly setting it up and so far it has worked without failure, what makes it better than a cabled version of remote control is that there are no potential for accidentally snagging the cable and destroying the shot. I have managed to trigger it from 10 meters so I am very pleased with it so far. Probably wont be ideal for those who want to do light painting as the trigger distance is a limiting factor. If you are into light painting then best get a radio transmitter trigger. But for the rest of us this is a perfect gadget to get shake free trigger for that long zoom shots.
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on 5 March 2014
I bought this to use with my newly purchased D3200 - and it works fine using both the front & rear infra-red sensors on the camera. It's a genuine Nikon product and comes with a handy material case. It's plastic and quite small (2" x 1"). I've read some reviews which say that it does not work with a D3200 - so here's 3 (very obvious) pointers to get it to work. 1. When you remove it from the packaging you'll see there's a fine plastic strip protruding from the base - that's there to prevent the battery connection until ready for use - gently pull that strip out & discard it. 2. You must set the camera shutter release to remote mode (either 2 secs delay or instant release). 3. If you are using a lens which is capable of and is set to use auto-focus, you must either pre-set the focus of your shot (press the shutter release button half-way down) or switch the lens to manual focus mode. As I said, these tips are quite obvious - but I confess I knew the first two but had to play around with the camera and remote to work out the third! Once I'd done all 3 - it worked fine. In my opinion it's a handy gadget to have and well-worth the price.
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on 22 April 2017
Works great on my Nikon D3300, very small and can either activate the shutter right away or on a delay. Ideal for landscape photographers or taking advanced selfies if that's your thing, Comes with a small carry pouch, my biggest fear is dropping it in a river.
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on 11 May 2013
I needed a remote release for my D5200 and this was the cheapest option. It is supplied with a battery already fitted, just remove the plastic strip and your away. The D5200 has an infrared sensor on both the front and the rear. I have to select the remote in the cameras menu. There are 2 options, instantaneous release and 2 second delay. The unit operated perfectly. It's well made. The button doesn't have a positive click but at the distance it is used at you know if the camera fires.
The IR release comes complete with a small fabric bag which has a velcro closure on the flap. I can recommend it if you want a remote which operates at a greater distance than the chorded type release. It even works when the camera is set on Manual B setting. Just press once to start exposure and again to stop exposure. I suucessfully operated the camera at 11 meters with no problem, but that was with a fresh battery. I cannot see why a chorded release is worth the extra expense. Perhaps the battery will need replacing but I do not know how long the battery will last or if the operating distance will reduce as I've just received it today.
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on 5 August 2016
A must have to anyone that want's to use Bulb mode, low light or any other situation where camera shake would be disastrous. Good range of action. Lightweight and with a nice feel. Works perfectly with my Nikon D5300. Original Nikon product, not a copy. Comes with a small fabric pouch. Buy it only from a trusted seller. Pay attention and be pacient to make a good deal as price varies a lot.
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