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on 1 February 2003
I've long had a liking towards heavy metal (though I wouldn't call myself a fan), but I thought of black metal as a reserved genre for the more extreme individuals in our society. I checked out "Volcano" as Satyricon recieved a nomination for it for "Spellemansprisen", which is the Norwegian equivalent (although a miniature in comparison) of the Grammy.
I have heard some excerpts from black metal before, and the typical screaming harsh black metal vocal had previously seemed rather comical to me. However, after listening though "Volcano" a couple of times, I have now gotten used to it, and I've come to respect how much anger and hatred Satyr manages to convey just through his voice. Another thing you'll notice quite early is Frost's furious drumming. Such energy!
This album seems to suit both black metal novices as well as veterans. If you like some heavy drumming, great riffs, angry lyrics and in general quality metal, this record is for you. If you're not familiar with black metal, don't let the general impression you might have of the black metal scene scare you off. If you're a hardnened black metaller, don't let the fact that "Fuel for Hatred" was played on Norwegian radio scare you off. It's just as full of hate, anger and atmosphere as you'd expect from Satyricon, but with a cleaner production than for example "Nemesis Divina", making it more accessible for others.
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on 26 April 2008
I have been a Satyricon fan for about almost two years now, i got into them through a magazine giving the album 'Now Diabolical' a 5 star rating. I checked it out. . . Next thing i know im going to see them live and this album was swiftly in my hands, after buying the rest of there albums i listened to them all thoroughly. This album has to be my favourite album in the entire world. I would reccommend this album to any metal fan, whether or not you like black metal. I wouldnt even say this album was black metal, this album was the bridge between there new sound and there old sound. Elitists may think that they have betrayed the original sounds of black metal but i say if there making albums as good as this one then they can carry on for all I care. Constant double bass drumming throughout the songs, amazingly created riffs, the vocals to wash you away. Satyr and Frost couldn't have made a better album.

Get it!
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on 18 August 2003
Having been a Satyricon fan since i first heard them in 2000 supporting pantera in Manchester (and subsequently buying their back catalogue within the week), my anticipation for this release was greater than anything else. So, what did i get for my money......
1) With Ravenous Hunger, a quiet intro, followed by some immense drumming and riffing. Satyr then begins and we get a huge song, with a chorus to die for.
2) Angstridden, Slower than track 1, but equally as good.
3) Fuel for Hatred, without any shadow of a doubt, this IS and ALWAYS will be the best black metal anthem ever written. Featuring stacatoed riffing in the chorus and one of the catchiest choruses of all time. The slow part in the centre compliments the fast verse/chorus combination perfectly.
4) Suffering the Tyrants, in my opinion this song is placed to slow the listener down, as this album isn't as fast as previous releases. Full of more doom esq riffing, this doesn't detract from the song.
5) Possessed, Probably the weakest song on the album (but still better than any other black metal release since rebel extravaganza).
6) Repined B@stard Nation, another song of anthemic quality, in which Satyr vents his spleen, before an old school black metal riifing solo kicks in.
7) Mental Mercury, one for the pure black metal fans, going back to the good old days.
8) Black Lava, a 15 minute long end to the album (perhaps a little too long), reminds me a lot of rebel extravaganza, but the perfect album closer.
Buy this album and you will never regret it (it also kicks butt live too)
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on 21 November 2002
If you like Black Metal in any or it's various forms, i can honestly say that you will like this album. In fact, if you are vaguely interested in amazing, amazingly heavy, music of any kind you will be blown away by it. This is because Satyricon somehow achieve the impossible of being insanely heavy but also highly listenable at the same time, especially on 'Fuel for Hatred', don't worry, it's still brutal and ugly, but at the same time it is also a little bit beatiful- a bit like the pretty snake on the cover?
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