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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 24 September 2003
You can expect more from Steve Harley song. Its like a gymnasium for the mind. Wrapped in political thought, layered with the intrigues of passion, lust and sexual desire, fired by emotion and insight and the sliver of doubt that it could just be a song. This album is the most refined from Steve Harley yet retains the edgy-ness of the lyrics that hooked so many of the good looking, intelligent and witty people that followed his career .... and no doubt others.
All the tracks are clever and highly listenable, some stand out like the amazing (yet simple) "Understand" (that I blatently copied as a letter to an unrequited love once), the powerful "All Men Are Hungary" (that got me a "A' when blatently adapted for an english A-level essay) and the intriguing "Black or White" rumored to be banned for some reason (never copied or adapted). Its a great album to lie on the floor together, alone and drift away.... oh, and read the story in the notes (the Hill & Hibiscus Flowers), worth copying for your forthcoming english exam and if you work out what it is about, can you drop me a line. Enjoy.
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on 3 October 2003
This is the Rebel album that is the hardest to listen to at first, and yet once its under your skin...its not as "poppy" as the others (if Harley could ever be called that) - the songs are more layered in texture and meaning. I've had the album 25 years and its still fresh. Its hard to know what to recommend to the first time listener.....start with Nothing is Sacred and work up from there - or just start at no. 1 and go to the end....
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on 8 November 2003
Contoversial for it's politics, misunderstood by it's pop audience, and a commercial disappointment for it's creator, Steve Harley's 'Timeless Flight' album is one of music's best kept secrets. The great pity for Harley is that it will probably always be a 'lost' work - unknown and unloved by all except by the small group of dreamers and romantics that can't live without it.
Rightfully re-released (at last!) on CD in 2002, Timeless Flight goes on sounding better than ever. 'Nothing is Sacred', a song of absolute simplicity and astonishing power that relies on pure timing between lyric and guitar, is as close to raw musical perfection as I have heard from anyone - a work of genius by a master craftsman.
Switch off the world for a moment and listen: the romance of 'Understand' , the dreaminess of 'All Men are Hungry' and the power of 'Black or White' may not impact on you at first listening, but stay upon this timeless flight and they will . . .
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on 9 December 2004
Timeless Flight was a commercial failure but is still an excellent album. Harley probably never wrote better lyrics before or since. If Best Years of our lives was Harley's pension earner this album was the one that stood him up as a 'real artist' and first class lyricist. The politics are dodgy as many have pointed out but this has to be seen against the background of the rise of Thatcherisim and Harley's own left-wing Liberal views at the time. Red is a mean mean colour could equally be a critique of Blairisim never mind of the rising Militant left at the time. Highlight has to be 'nothing is sacred' this paved the way for Harley's acoustic shows in more recent years and is a high point of the album. Buy it, enjoy it, cos you'll love it for years to come.
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on 19 October 2003
It was that long hot summer of 76, Flight came out towards the end of it.
This is possibly Steve at his best - innovation combined with great lyrics.
I saw him in concert in Liverpool that Autumn - wow. Now I have just seen him in Manchester this year and he really is one of the best performers I have seen.
Enjoy !
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on 13 February 2004
There was an underlying political controversy about this album that I have never quite understood but pretended to do so when the album was released. Don't worry about the politics, the music is quite awesome. Somewhere along the line, Steve Harley found the talent to write amazing lyrics that stimulate thought and even inspired love letters and a higher english essay in my particular case. In this album the music is the equal of the words. It moves along beautifully. It suprises, never rests in creativity and is perfectly produced.
Its difficult to choose a highlight as it is a perfect album. I guess Understand, All Men Are Hungry, Black Or White, White White Dove, Red Is A Mean Mean Colour......its all good. You'll love it.
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on 30 January 2016
This is one of those albums that has gone under the radar a wee bit, and I kinda like it all more for that. It was the next release after the band's most commercially succesful album 'The Best Years Of Our Lives', but musically it set a different tone. More laid back, considered and gentle.

My personal favourite is 'Nothing is Sacred', such a unique track with complex rythmic lyrics, wonderful guitar and chorus-free presentation. I don't know of another song like it. 'Understand' is beautiful, and 'All Men Are Hungry' dreamy. This is the non-commercial, literary-drived Steve Harley at work. The free-spirited keyboards of Duncan Mackay provide the most notacible secondary influence on the music.

If you're reading this before November 2016, you might like to keep an eye on Steve's web site. It's very likely he'll take this album on tour late 2016 (as he has done with earlier albums to mark the 40th anniversary of their releases). If so, treat yourself to a live performance - it will be memorable. The 2015 tour of 'The Best Years' was staggeringly good, and rightly received fantastic reviews across the country.
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on 3 February 2008
Full of material which has stayed lodged in my head since it was first released , the cassette tape vanished from my life after it stretched from years of play but then fortunately re released on cd in 2003 and it was like being reunited with a long lost friend and yes i still play it regularly a perrenial favourite although i dont think it was a commercial success at the time but i never judged it on those terms, for me its still one of steves best albums although i never heard him play a track from it on the quality of mercy tour but wasn't too disapointed as the concert was absolutely suberb as is the cd the quality of mercy once again full of fine material , ''the coast of amalfi'' is just sublime and to see it performed live was one of the most memorable moments of my life ,great music , great atmosphere ,great fans ,fully recommended ,Steve Harley a timeless delight ..
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on 6 July 2009
This album from 1976 is not JUST Steve Harley, it's *AND Cockney Rebel* so lets not forget that, though he did soon move on completely I think.

Every single track is a gem from an almost ethereal world that these guys have never been able to recreate ever since...*76* must have been one special year. This is a great work in it's own right and a worthy addition to any collection. 10/10

I cannot understand how some people just dont *GET IT*!
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on 5 November 2003
This album has to be in my all time top 5....yep, it's that good. Anyone who likes 'Make me smile' and thinks they will get more of the same may be disappointed, but in truth if you give this cd a few plays you could be still enjoying the songs, as I have, 25 years on. I love this stuff. Harley has made some good albums before and after but for me this was his finest hour. As the songs drift into one another it's hard to stop playing the whole album start to finish. I've just re-rediscovered it and playing it again as if I'd just bought it. My faves? - White, White Dove, Nothing is Sacred but they're all excellent songs. Dare I say Top 3 ever, ever!
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