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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 3 July 2014
This album is outstanding I can't recommend this album enough possibly the best tupac album ever this is a must buy the tracks are brilliant from start to finish.
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on 11 June 2017
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on 26 December 2002
if you look at this album in comparison to pacs other material for instance Makaveli and me against the world it is not his best album by any means. But when you consider that he died 6 years ago this music sounds very fresh and lyrically songs like my block and street fame are up there with his best and in fact the best in hop hop both then and now. Some of the songs that have been relaid on new beats are helped but others would have been better left alone.
there are plenty of clues for the alive theorists but I worry that they are intentionally doing this to make us keep him alive. When things are said by pac himself however you have to wonder...
Again the most remarkable thing is that it is a double album of material even though it is only 20 songs in total these are supposed to be the worst pac tracks and maybe ones he never intended releasing. You can't help but be blinded by the sheer scope talent and drive of this man.
When you also consider that JayZ has just brought out an album recorded in this year thats isn't as fresh and comprehenive as this. JayZ struggled to maintain over 20 tracks which tupacs 'worst' does with ease.
a great listen for fans and new believers!
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on 26 April 2004
all of this rappers music is epic. in my mind, he is the image of rap/hiphop music. This album features many of his greatest records... in fact, idont know why they made the greatest hits album when they already hadthis, but anyway....well worth buying. you might find that you can findthis album cheaper elsewheres, but its still well worth the cost fromamazon. every single record that was made by 2pac is worth buying. thelyrics, the music.... iv never come across an artist that can make musiclike this man could.
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on 27 December 2002
There are three things you can be certain of in life. Taxes, death, and with each year a new album from slain rapper Tupac Shakur. This new release now means that Tupac has had more posthumous LP's than albums released whilst he was actually alive. However after 2001's messy Until The End Of Time, we now get a decent collection of more of his unreleased tracks from the vaults.
First things first. This album is still plagued by the various shortcomings that have dogged many of Shakur's posthumous LP's. Things such as beats being changed from their original bootleg versions, songs being watered down and sub-par guest rappers that aren't even in the same galaxy as Shakur as an emcee...these things are all present once again, although not as much as on previous occasions.
The best thing about this double-disc set is that we get to see all sides of 2Pac courtesy of a nice mix of tracks. There's the cuts that you can blast in your system (Still Ballin, Watcha Gonna Do), the deep, introspective songs that 2Pac had down to a fine art (Mama's Just A Lil Girl, the title track), and of course the tales of freaky bedroom antics (Fair Xchange). It's also great to see Late Night and Who Do U Believe In included on the album after only being available previously through shoddy compilations from Death Row Records. Late Night sees DJ Quik lace a superb Donald Byrd sample for Pac to ride, his delivery flawless, with great contributions from the two better members of Shakur's Outlawz crew - the late Yaki Kadafi and the heavily underrated Hussain Fatal. Who Do U Believe In, again featuring Kadafi, is a breathtaking look into Tupac's own ideas on religion. Both songs are among the album's best.
Those familiar with Tupac's posthumous material will know that a big boiling point among fans has been when songs have been changed from the way they appeared when leaked as bootlegs soon after Tupac's death. Beat switches, the adding of choruses and guests and the like have angered many diehard listeners. There are several songs changed and remixed here, the likes of the angry When We Ride On Our Enemies and The Life I Lead lose all of their impact due to sloppy production work and uninspired beats. However for once some of the remixes are for the better, in particular Military Minds. This track features brilliant, subtle guitar licks as Tupac is joined by New York's Boot Camp Clik representatives, Cocoa Brovaz and Buckshot. The song is an insight into what Shakur's promised "One Nation" album would have sounded like.
Another song that makes this release worthwhile is the incredible They Don't Give A F*** About Us. This song sees Shakur seething at the demise of young black America as he drops some of his deepest lyrics ever. "I'm watching my nation die, genocide the cause/Expect a bloodbath, the aftermath is yours" he rhymes over a moody, melabcholic beat. A must-hear track.
Overall this is a very good album, Shakur's music has been treated with care and we get a whole handful of great new tunes. As his posthumous releases go, this is second only to the superb "Still I Rise", and after a weak 2002 as far as hip-hop goes, definately worth checking out whether you're a fan of the late rapper or not.
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on 11 December 2002
The Better Dayz album is all good, another decent set of songs that will please most fans and bring on board new listeners. We here Tupac in mellow mood on this album, with songs like mama just a little girl, thugz mansion, and the title track Better Dayz - PAC always grabs your attention when he delivers his raps slow, and the issues he discusses are very relevant. The battle songs are tough as expected, PAC spitting lyrics so fast and furious, you just want to get out of his way and let him rip it up! Listen out for "still balin" devasting. In closing I would recommend the Album, over a lot of tittles out there, but don't take my word for it, go and get it, its a gem.
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on 9 December 2002
Not 2pacs best ever but it would not be expected as this is originally material which didnt make the cut to earlier LP's such as all eyez on me and The 7 day theory. However saying that this still beats all competition hands down showing 2pac's true talent for song writing and delivery.
All songs have been remixed and remastered to give a 2002 feel with a great mix of R n B, traditional hip hop and chilled acoustic beats (as heard on me and my girlfriend).
This LP however is in danger of betraying what tupac stood for and becoming another sellout. This is seen with Nas , 2pac's sworn public enemy appearing on Thugz Mansion. It is rumoured that Nas and Pac were friends underneath the public persona, however Nas is put in the shade by Pac on this track. This underlines how unique 2pac was , as Nas is one of the best emcees around now, yet never comes close to replicating the passion that 2pac had.
Not his greatest album, yet in comparision to others this year it is definatley in the top two perhaps just behind the eminem show. This echoes the fact that 2pacs legend will never die and shows that he is not just one of the greatest rap artsist that ever lived , but also one of the most infulencial people that ever lived; infulencing a generation to rise up against opression in society.
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on 7 December 2002
I have found this album to be suprisngly well polished in contrary to his other 5 post-death releases. Most tracks off his post-death released material sounded like tracks which were nowhere near good enough to being released on his living albums. But with this album "Better Dayz", this is reminiscent of his "Makaveli: the don killuminati 7 day theory" album, so this speaks volumes for the album. It's as though there wasn't enough room for these tracks on the Makaveli album, so i feel this album is a legitimate album which 2pac may of wanted releaseing as it showcases his talents and thoughts. The album has already breaded some classic tracks which already rank among his best. Tracks such as "My Block" and "They Don't Give A **** About Us" are deep meaningfull tracks, while tunes such as "Thugz Mansion" and "when We Ride On Our Enemies" are getting back to 2pac's typical best. All in all this is an excellent album although you still feel a few of the songs aren't good enough to be on this album, but many tracks are good, so for any 2pac fan, particularly for those who liked his Makaveli album, finally a legitimate follow up to it.
R.I.P Tupac Shakur
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on 17 August 2016
Is 2pac the best rapper ever? Well in my eyes he is. What other rapper do you know that's released 10 albums + in a 5 year rap career. 4 of them albums being double CDs. The thing with PAC his music is consistent, he has never failed me.

Better days came out 6 years after his death and what an album it is. It has plenty of banging tracks. A lot of these tracks were recorded during the whole east coast and west coast beef. There are a number of tracks were PAC is full of anger and he is coming at his enemies hard. Saying that there also a number of heart felt/deep tracks from PAC: my block, thugs mansion, better days, mamma just a little girl, who do you believe in. All concept driven tracks with outstanding content. Most of the production is pretty dope but PAC is still the star of the show. I will recommend this to any PAC fan, it's a banging album. I hope now they release more unreleased makaveli material.
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on 14 August 2003
You'd expect it from a Pac album anyway, but this is truely excellent.
For those who don't know, 2pac offers something a little different - a rapper with a thug life, yet one who also shows and shares his deeper side, and these deep songs are where he excels. Everyone should own some 2pac.
CD highlights: Mama's Just A Little Girl, My Block, Thugz Mansion and Never Call U B*tch again. Also, if you have some friends/family who hate this sort of music because 'it isn't real music', you should play the Thugz Mansion acoustic to them. It's a great song, with a good guitarist in it and Nas rapping a bit of it.
Worth getting if only for the mentioned songs.
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