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on 10 April 2003
To balance some of the reviews already posted, some criticisms:
- The estimation of 30-50 minutes recording on a 128MB (Viking) flash should be considered with caution. As per any compression technology, the maximum time achieved depends on the content of the recording. I made a non-stop recording of constantly changing, highly detailed images, with a rich level sound, and managed to record only 20 minutes before the flash card was full.
- After two test recordings, each filling the card, the recording contained an error each time, and I was unable to copy the resulting file to my computer due to the error. Since I only have a Viking card, I was unable to verify whether this was due to the card, as it is not stated in the list of compatible cards on the Nisis website.
- Each time I try to use the camera as a webcam it crashes Windows (XP Professional). I have so far not been able to resolve this problem.
- The plastic casing of the camera scratches very easily, and the silver comes off reveiling the black plastic underneath.
- The automatic exposure tends to overexpose the image, so that if you have a bright sky in 20% of the image, the remaining 80% is a little too dark and you lose a lot of detail.
- Turning the focus ring makes a LOT of noise in the end recording
- The microphone makes a lot of noise in windy situations
On the plus side:
- It really is remarkably small and light.
In summary I think, as others, this is a fantastic toy. But it really is just a toy, as the quality of the videos produced are extremely low. Perhaps good for a bit of fun at parties. But in my opinion it does not represent good value-for-money, it would be better to wait a year until the technology improves, or get a normal camcorder and a suitable card for your PC to digitalise the result.
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on 11 January 2013
bought this as a stocking filler, a long wime ago i have to say, probably not even available anymore, but hey, catching up with my reviews and thought i would share, picture qulity is not good, but it was cheap and for my daughter for xmas or birthday, can't remember now, and it was probably used a total of 2 or 3 times, good job it was cheap!
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on 25 July 2003
This camera I bought for my son and since he got it he has not put it down. He uses it to film his own version of jackass. the picture quality and the recording quality is excellant. The only reason I knocked it down a star because it was a hassle trying to install the software. Other than that it was a great buy
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on 2 February 2013
You get what you pay for! Used it, tried it, dumped it. Perhaps a first video camera for a child as its certainly not suitable for anything else. Only bought it because I was fed up carrying the big one about. Waste of money.
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on 10 March 2003
Compared to a 'real' camcorder, this is rubbish. The resolution of the video is only 320x240. And only 10 frames a second too. The pictures are dim unless you've got daylight. But in bright light, the LCD is difficult to see. Zoom? Forget it. Image stablisation to combat camera shake? What's that? The camera slowly drains batteries even when 'off' and if it runs out, anything stored in the internal memory is lost.
But but but... it's incredible fun at an unbelievable price.
We bought it to record the antics of a toddler. She absolutely loves watching the results, and the camera is cheap and light (the two AA batteries are probably half the weight) enough to take everywhere. With no moving parts, I can almost imagine not worrying about dropping it. Almost.
Mind you, I already had a compact flash card - if you don't, you absolutely need to buy one. Not only does it give you more recording time (up to two hours) but it also solves the battery running out problem. Fortunately, they're basically commodity items, so you can search around on price.
Oh, it works with USB Macs: the memory appears as a removeable disk, just as on a PC without using their program, so you can copy the videos/pictures.
Oh2, by the end of 2004, someone will have done one with more resolution for the same (or less!) money. But you'll have missed a lot of fun by not getting one of these now. I wish it'd been available a year ago.
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VINE VOICEon 26 February 2003
I only received my DV2 camera yesterday and the batteries supplied with it are already flat (mind you, they're not the best in the world). Unless you invest in some heavy duty rechargables, this thing is going to cost you a fortune in batteries as it's just so addictive.
For the price and size, the quality you can get out of this little camera is amazing, whether it's still photos, live video or an audio recording. I would still highly recommend this camera to anyone who's after a cheap photo/video camera to knock around with. It's small enough that you can take it anywhere with you and it's easy to use. There's even an A/V out so you can hook it up to your TV or video and view or record your saved films.
The software you get with it is great, enabling you to send video e-mails, compose slide shows, create DVD or VCD discs with your video files and much more!
I would say overall it only has a few drawbacks which is why I have given it four stars instead of five: (1) It goes through batteries like there's no tomorrow and even turning off the backlight on the LCD screen doesn't make much of a difference. (2) It doesn't work very well at all in low lighting. (3) There is no built in flash for the still photos so you can't use it to take pictures at night. (4) There is no socket so you can plug it into the mains meaning even if you are using it as a webcam, it's still draining your batteries. (5) The memory capacity is very low unless you buy a compact flash memory card with it. Then, even if the batteries run out you wont lose your films and pictures.
Overall it is a great piece of kit. If you have any doubts about it, just read some more reviews. That's what convinced me to buy one.
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on 17 November 2002
This camera sounds too good to be true... with such a low price I expected the worst but was very happy when it arrived. The pictures are of very good quality. The video is only 10 frames per second but was quite satisfactory you just have to make sure not to make too many jerky movements but as it comes with a tripod this can be avoided. The LCD screen is very useful for playback etc. And there is a handy little mirror on the front of the camera so you can see if your in shot wen using the timer...
You can also link it up to a television and then record from that it is very good quality, full screen. The only disadvantage is that it does eat batteries very quickly and I would advice purchasing some good rechargeable batteries. Also I purchased a Viking 128mb Flashcard with mine this allows you to save many more videos and pictures on the camera.
Overall this is a very good video camera for someone lookin to have a bit of fun with it... share with friends via the internet etc... I dont think any hollywood blockbusters will be filmed with it but it is definitely worth the money... Enjoy :)
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on 10 January 2003
Before you buy this camera take note that there is only 8MB of RAM onboard!! The specification in all the advertising states 128 Mbits of built in RAM (not 128 MBytes which is the standard for quoting RAM) You might easily misread this and expect more than you actually get.
If you want to take more than 15 - 20 maximum resolution photographs you will have to buy a flash card. I bought a 128MB card and can now store over 200 maximum resolution photos.
Overall though, this is a decent camera for the price. The quality of the images is not exceptional but certainly good enough. The camera makes reasonable videos and the sound recorded is of good quality too.
On the down side, there is no built-in flash so don't try to use the camera in dimly lit areas and the backlight makes almost no difference to the LCD screen as it is very difficult to see the image on the screen whether the light is on or off.
I recommend this camera if you don't need the best quality photos but it is rather limited without a flash card.
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on 14 April 2003
I ordered the pocket DV2 a week ago, when it came the first thing that impressed me was its size, it came in huge packaging but it was tiny. When i first used it the quality and how easy it was to use impressed me even more than the size. The down sides are:
Battery life(buy rechargeable batteries)
Memory (buy a cf card)
lighting (if you want to use at night buy a powerful torch)
other than that the camera is Brilliant!!!! and i would recommend it to any one who asked.
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on 9 January 2004
Bought a DV2 as first attempt at any form of digital photography. The camera is really handy - fits in a coat pocket easily and does most things well
If you're expecting cinema style quality then think again, but we have had fun sending short videos of our son's first few steps to grandparents as well as some photos
You'll never be a David Bailey or Francis Ford Coppolla with the DV2, but it is easy to use, compact and (best of all) cheap!
Recommend as a first time camera for young and old alike - our 6 yo can use it without any difficulty!
PS Beats the socks off our friend's new mobile phone with in built camera. We have printed photos up to A4 successfully (now proudly displayed on aforementioned grandparents wall)
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