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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 26 May 2009
I bought the medallion version of the game as it says on this page (and on the back of the game) that it includes the expansion disc Primal Hunt. IT DOES NOT! Emailed the company that produced the game and they confirmed it was never shipped with it, so it is a missprint. Worth buying just for the game itself though.
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on 15 June 2003
For me Alien verse Predator 2 is a unique game. Sure, when it is compared with some of the modern games it doesn't seem up to scratch with the new types of graphics, it is still an amazing game. The levels are wide and awesome and if you have your resolution at full it makes this game look as though it had been made by the gods themselves.
As the alien you can run through levels slashing, eating anyone you can find and striking fear into the pathetic humans around you, armed with teeth, claw and tail, what could possibly kick your little black butt.
If you have seen the film "Predator" which stars good old Arnold Schwarzenegger then you will know what I'm talking about, if you haven't then go and BUY it now because you don't know what your missing. Anyway what can I say, camouflage suit (although humans can't see you, the alien can), a vast array of weapons, six feet tall, dread locks and one hell of an ugly "I'm out to kill everything" policy, the predator is not to be messed with.
Now for the United States Colonial Marines (USCM), when on their own they seem so pitiful when compared with the aliens and predators, but give them the very vast array of weapons they have, ranging from the famous pulse rifle to the bug busting incinerator (flamethrower), and plenty of space and these pesky aliens and predators will know what it will be like to be on the receiving end of a marine and his sidearm.
The expansion pack, is a must to get for any gamer who has AvP2, 9 new player levels and 4 new multiplayer levels, new and more deadly weapons to be added to the 3 blood thirsty characters you can play as in the game. The levels just blow you away with loads of places to hide in, it makes it any player's game.
So what are you waiting for click on the button to BUY this double pack right now!!
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on 16 March 2005
Despite this game looking a bit old in the tooth now, it is still very playable. It is the only PC game which really makes me jump. Play it with the lights out and you will be looking over your shoulder to check there are no aliens behind you. The Primal Hunt add-on is a good addition as it provides the back story to the main game. Well worth the money.
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on 24 September 2009
"AvP2 - Medallion" is basically a repackaged version of AvP2, just without the manuals. You only get an activation key/code which is for use when playing multiplayer mode online. However, since November 2008, Sierra, the producers of the game, pulled the plug on hosting the game on their servers, so normal multiplayer does not work anymore. However, the AvP2 gaming community have set up parallel servers on which anyone without an activation key can play multiplayer games against others as the game has such a huge fan-base. Also, AvP2 Medallion is not a version of AvP2 including the expansion pack "Primal Hunt", as you may be mistakenly led to believe in the game description. "Primal Hunt" you have to buy/find separately.
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on 31 May 2008
If your looking for something abit more tactical in your FPS shooters, then this is the game. It's got some great level design even if your playing 1 on 1 with a LAN, but the best point is the use of the three very different character classes, this differs from other FPS shooters in that you can get very tactical in mastering the different races, and have to constantly change tactics and visions, as to who your up against.

I'd like to give this game 5/5, but due to the lack of bots I'm giving it a 4. Overall an interesting and unique experience!
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on 4 April 2005
AVP2 is a great idea in the long run as you have many different stratgies to play with i.e as the aliens you can run around tearing people apart whereas the Preds you can be like sneaky and stuff and hit people with discs and and when being marines or the corps you just stand together with your miniguns and fire :). The games graphics arnt up to date with the likes of HALO 2 and Farcry etc. The game lets itself down when it comes to the singleplayer to be honest i did not find it intresting or scary just kinda boring :(. But Where the game gets to big thumbs up it is the Mulitplayer. Here you can let lose in urban areas and labs etc. when you either be preds marines/corps or aleins you tend to find urself in a prediciment of the marines and preds togeter while they fight for their lives against the onslaught of aleins.
So if your looking for an intense mulitplayer game get this now.
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on 12 April 2010
The first Aliens versus Predator game for the PC is legendary and classic, the latest next gen release has rocked the boat slightly, but for pure fans of the series a satisfying game. But if the latest game doesn't satisfy you then this game will. Aliens versus Predator 2 has everything from a gripping storyline, to tense action and a great atmosphere. Graphics still look great and it came out in 2001. I recommend anyone who buys it to download the latest AVP 2 patch. Just search for it in Google, its a free download, it fixes any bugs the game has and makes it run a lot more smoothly. If you can buy the edition of the game that comes with the "Primal Hunt" expansion pack as it also has updates which fixes bugs, plus you get about 5 extra levels with each species.

A word of warning, the online servers have been shut down down so online play is no longer available. If you're a computer buff and you know you're stuff then you can search on or Google it, where the forums explain how you can apparently still play online somehow. For the determind gamers, you can still of course set up Lan matches with your Ethernet cables. Otherwise I think the old Alien versus Predator game still has online servers running, so you can play that too.

Anyway, this game like all the others allows you to play as Marine, Alien and Predator, all of them fun. The stories for all three tie in with each other at certain points in the game. The range of weapons for Marine and Predator is vast and the Alien is ridiculously fast which if you master is totally satisfying. The worlds you play in range from jungle areas, to colonies and spacecraft, some of which are featured in the Alien movies.

Overall this game is amazing fun and if you can manage a multiplayer whether its online or Lan, it just adds that much more fun to the game. Buy it AVP fans.
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on 27 September 2009
Personally i'm an old fan of Aliens and Predators. I have a large collection of such (yes, geeky.) things. This game is an old classic, and the delivery time was pretty decent, as expected.
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on 21 October 2009
Graphical improvment by far.
AVP 1 is easily better and has more varied enemys in it.
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on 19 March 2010
Bought this in 09 when I first got my laptap, as a fan of both Alien & Predator (but not any of the lousy sequels) I went for this & for the only time paid out £12 new, installed both original game & expantion pack with no probs, this was quite a good game a few years back but I find the graphics very dated & cardboardy now & compared with the new Aliens vs Predator game graphics forget it, this game certainly has it`s fans but not me as I have uninstalled it & will sell it on a car boot or something, review by major Easy-Simply Browns partner.
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