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on 4 February 2003
t.A.T.u (or Taty in Russian) is made up of Yulia Olegovna Volkova and Elena Sergeevna Katina, Russian teenagers with pure voices and suggestive videos and song lyrics. The group has released a number of singles, remixes and "200 Po Vstriechnoj," the original Russian-language version of t.A.T.u's English album "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane." Let it be said that, although nothing really gets lost in the translation (besides some awkward pronunciations in English), Yulia and Elena really shine in Russian.
The album features several songs that are not on their English debut ("Doschitai do sta," "Robot," "Ya tvoi vrag") and should have been. The music is upbeat dance (at least "Ya soshla s uma" was played in clubs and on MTV España fairly consistently this summer), although there are some beautiful slow songs (my all-time favourite is "Zachem ya," or "Stars" on the English album). There are haunting sound effects such as children laughing and a music box/piano picking up the haunting melody on "30 minut (30 minutes)," cheesy "I am a robot" voiceovers inserted in "Robot," and a cool New Age sax solo on "Zachem ya," as well as Russian rap in the middle of the song.
The songs sound, for the most part, exactly like their English counterparts, although there is an extra spark of fire when the girls sing in Russian. I *do* believe that Taty is a very talented group indeed, regardless of how much of the group was a marketing ploy ( as Taty is pushed as a lesbian group when the emphasis should be on the great music they make). This is evident in some of their videos (in the much touted "All the Things She Said (Ya soshla s uma)," the girls share a long, intense kiss in pouring rain. In "Malchick gey" they sing about unrequited lust for a gay boy. Their new single and video "Prostie Dvizheniya (Simple Moves)" describes self-pleasure along with some rather evocative sound effects. And the girls frequently flash at their concerts, on several occasions losing control of the overenthusiastic crowds. It shouldn't be necessary to sell their music with controversy---Taty stands head-and-shoulders above most prefab acts that are crowding the charts today.
Their dance music is fresh and original, with involved lyrics, stay-in-your-head-for-weeks melodies, great beats, and slick production values. I prefer "200 Po Vstriechnoj" over "200 km/H" since there are all original songs on this album. If you're a fan of dance, trance, or those multitudes of "Chillout Ibiza" albums, then Taty is for you.
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on 3 March 2003
Whether it is because the girls are more comfortable in their mother tongue, or simply because the translated versions were something of a rush job, it comes to the same thing. If you like this stuff in english you will love it in russian. If you love it in english then the russian will blow you away. What is insipid girl-band whining in english becomes ethereal and entrancing in russian (esp. the verses of ya soshla s uma (all the things she said)); what is cute, accented wailing in english becomes raw, edgy screaming in russian (the russian version of 'not gonna get us' should make the import outsell the english version on its own, IMO).
The more mature listener might, and possibly rightly so, see this as more manufactured girly pop with (admittedly) some halfway decent production values, but it can't be denied that the girls have presence, and their live performances are very polished, and the music is good within the narrow range of the genre.
At the very least, I think we'll see remixes and samples of the russian version for some time to come.
If you're a fan, get the import. Now.
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on 11 December 2003
The whole Lesbian ethos and controversial tour tactics have perhaps clouded Tatu's reputation and distracted attention away from the fact that they are an extremely decent pop act. In this age of manufactured boy/girl bands that you cannot hide from, yet to equal extent cannot remember any of their songs, it is extremely refreshing to hear some original melodic euro-pop. Dvesti Po Vstrechiy takes Tatu one step further. We were already impressed by their originality of concept and catchy tunes, yet when they sing in their mother-tongue, it allows them greater expression. One of the two girls does not speak any english so when they are singing the lyrics in Russian, despite our ignorance at what they are singing, the passion with which they sing is quite moving.
The album is littered with some tracks which it must be said are too 'eurotrash' to be honestly enjoyed by us self-respecting Brits (Malchik-Giej and Ya Tvoi Vrag) but the other tracks are immense. It is clear that the english-speaking version was knocked up in a shorter amount of time as the mixing on this album is far superior.
Let us just hope that the lesbian facade which now appears to be falling will not render the girls as 'obsolete' to their marketting company and that there is more to come from Taty.
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on 20 May 2011
i love this band so much its hard to describe it. But alot of people say they were fake and what not but that is not the case if it was not for these 2 girls proving to homosexuals and other people that being different is normal and to be yourself and not care what others think about you is the best way to be happy in life. the songs are about LOVE not being gay, lesbian or bi or what not people like to slam them down because they kissed inthe video :/ um have you not seen 2 people kiss before ? yeah they caress in lovers way but hey they were sending a message to people and that message is 'DONT JUDGE PEOPLE ONTHE OUTSIDE EVERYONE HAS FEELINGS AND THE RIGHT TO LOVE SOMEONE' they are not lesbians but they both are bisexual so ignore the rants about the sexuality and enjoy the music as they are some beautyful songs on the album if you truly listen to the words you will know what i mean.
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on 30 August 2003
If you have the english version, this is well worth buying for one reason alone - the superb 'robot' track. This should have been on the english version of the album, it's strong enough to be a hit in the UK even in Russian. Once you've listened to it you can't get the tune out of your head. The rest of the album is great too, the tracks that were sung in Russian on the english album are a slightly different mix; and you can hear so much more passion in Yulya & Lena's voices when they sing in Russian.
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on 29 March 2004
To begin, this album is far better than the English 200 KM/H in the wrong lane, it has different songs, which are all better than even All The Things She Said, and Russian versions of others, which are altered and better. I would recommend this album to any t.A.T.u. fan, whether you speak Russian or not!! Brilliant!!
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on 10 May 2003
I found the English version of this very repetative, however this album is so much better. Tatu can sing much better in their own language. This is a vary good album and I recommend it to you, even if you don't speak Russian.
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on 15 April 2004
in a word, this album is GREAT! the actual music on the russian version is different (and in my opinoin BETTER) to the english. tatu also sing with alot more expression than the english album .there are also 3 new songs on the album only availible in russian- robot, ya troi vag (i'm your enemy) and desoti da sta (count to a hundrd) the sound of tatu is pop mixed with dance. i have given each of the songs a mark out of ten. (1=rubbish 10=brilliant.
klouny(clowns)= 6/10well i'm not so keen on this one and would probably skip it .
30 minuit(30 minutes)=8/10 very lovely piano melody and a great slow song
zachem ya (why am i)=9/10 this song is GREAT! the best slow one of the lot and a great russian rap in the middle.
ya soslha suma (i'm losing my mind= 10/10 the whole reason i bought the album! this song ROCKS!!!!
nas ne dagonyt (not gonna get us)= 8/10 very dancey track that will have you singing along.
malchik gay= 10/10 this song is much better than the english version. probably the happiest song on the album. i'd listen t it over and over again.
robot= 8/10 again a very dancey one but a bit repetive
ya troi vag (i'm your enemy)= 7/10 a nice song to chill out to with a catchy beat
descoti da sta( count t 100) = 9/10the only track the girls sing with harmioniesed voice.very nice
show me love= 7/10 quite a rocky one with a phone bit at the start.
overall i think this album is the one of the best i have at home. you notice something new every time you listen and youll have great fun imitating the russian. PLUS more value for money than the english version. hope to hear more from tatu soon!
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on 21 March 2016
Arrived very fast, well packaged, good product, happy with my purchase, thank you.
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