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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 January 2016
key tracks..
finer feelings
word is out
where in the world

after 4 successful albums with pwl, it was time for kylie to fly the nest. this timely best of, reminds us why the s/a/w years were the foundations of a showgirl. this album features a staggering 19 uk top 20 singles from just a four year period, reminding us how kylie broke records, without ever skimping on quality. from bubblegum pop, to disco diva, to sensual balladeer, i defy anyone to not know the majority of these songs be it kylie fan or not.

its the mature kylie that shines on this album. and 'finer feelings' is a prime example..surely one of the greatest kylie songs of all time. but still you cant escape the wonderfully catchy 'what kind of fool', while 'where in the world' is one of the best kylie singles that never was. a great way to write the s/a/w years into complete chapter of pop history
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on 8 September 2017
good.nice to hear the early hits again
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on 22 August 2017
Good product and response.
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on 10 March 2017
Highly recommended

Something to cheer you up, listen to in the car

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on 3 July 2017
One of the cds did not work
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In 1980's Britain, the most successful pop record producers were the team of Stock, Aitken and Waterman. Many of their singers faded from popularity as quickly as they emerged, leaving a legacy of doubtful importance. A rose above the rest but the star that shone the brightest was Kylie. This is the definitive compilation of Kylie's music from that period, notably including her UK chart-topping duet with Jason Donovan, Especially for you, which originally appeared on one of his albums but did not appear on any of Kylie's original albums.
Nobody who was around in Britain in the late eighties will ever forget the chorus line of her first hit (one of several British number one records) - I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky - it's the kind of song you either love or hate. Many hate it, and I sometimes feel I ought to - but no, I love it. There was always something about Kylie, even then, that set her apart as something special.
Most of these songs were written and/or produced by Stock, Aitken and Waterman. There are a few covers and it was two of these - Locomotion (the Little Eva sixties classic) and Tears on my pillow (the Little Anthony fifties classic) - that aroused my interest in Kylie's music. They are both brilliant - indeed, Locomotion provided Kylie with her only huge American hit during this period. As to Tears on my pillow, I've heard several versions. Kylie should be proud of her cover, which gave her another huge hit. Give me just a little more time and Celebration (Kool and the gang) provide further evidence of Kylie's ability to revive oldies and take them high up the charts.
Je ne sais pas porqoui (an English language song despite it's chorus line), Got to be certain, Hand on your heart, Better the devil you know and Wouldn't change a thing are among the other classic UK hits to be found here.
While many will continue to dismiss Kylie (especially these early hits), she is much better than many of the singers she is sometimes compared to, and has proved it by lasting longer than any of her critics thought possible.
Just a warning - if you got into Kylie's music because of her more recent material, you will find that her early music is very different. It is possible to enjoy both her recent music and her early music (as I do) but not everybody does.
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on 15 October 2015
What? Who bought this ??????????
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on 26 November 2002
I know that Kylie is not very happy with not only the cover but with the release of yet another Greatest Hits from her old label PWL. But for freaks of her you get a bonus disc of rare and unreleased remixes to add to the collection. Disc 1 is full of the hits plus 1 B-side("Say The Word-I'll Be There"). The songs ,like the booklet state, are like ABBA songs in that when originally released were trashed yet years later they are considered classics now. They are full lyrically structured songs that happen to be put in happy/dancy arrangements. The booklet that comes with this cd shows all the single covers to the PWL singles as well as giving chart information as well. As for the songs they still hold up with "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi","Celebration","I Should Be So Lucky" ,"Tears On My Pillow" ,"Shocked", "Made In Heaven","Never Too Late","Step Back In Time" and "Better The Devil you Know" are the best tracks. Disc 2 is the reason to buy with the original 12" mix of "I Should Be So Lucky"(6:05),the house Oz Mix of "The Loco-Motion"(5:43),"Step Back In Time"(6:45)--a little more disco than the original mix,"Word Is Out" (7:48) --a little more ambient and "Celebration" (Techno Rave Mix) are the best of the rare older mixes presented here. There are the previously released The Espagna mix of "Wouldn't Change A Thing" which I have on a promo US single and the kick ass rock vibe of "Shocked" as remixed by Phil Harding & Ian Curnow. Then you get two 1995/96 unreleased mixes from Movers & Shakers of "Better the Devil You Know" and "What Kind Of Fool" that are very good too. The New 2002 W.I.P. Mix of "Hand On your Heart" is excellent. So if you have loved Kylie since 1988 or just found her in 2002 this is an excellent collection of her youth with Stock Aitken Waterman and the hits that made her a huge star.
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on 21 November 2002
This has been a long time coming! All you have to do is look at the likes of Steps and Westlife who release "Best Of's" after only a handful of hits! Well actually this isn't Kylie's first "Hits" album. The "Kylie Minogue: Greatest Hits" album was released a few years ago, but I don't have that. Anyway, that album's been dusted off and revamped so it appeals to 21st century Kylie fans.
This collection of Kylie hits is for everyone. In my opinion there are four types of Kylie fans. Firstly, there's the "die-hard" fan that buys anything Kylie related. Then there's the "fledgling" who was in nappies when the likes of 'Locomotion' and 'I Should Be So Lucky' were pumping out of the radio. This compilation gives you youngsters the chance to hear PWL Kylie, whose hits dominated the charts in the late 1980s. The next category are the people like me, the "80s child", who grew up with Scott 'n' Charlene in Neighbours (yes, the duet, "Especially For You" is here). Unlike the die-hard fans, we're not as loyal to Kylie and didn't buy EVERY album. Therefore this compilation is a handy collection of all the classic Kylie tunes. If this is you, you'll find yourself automatically singing along to all the tunes wondering how you know ALL the words!! A wonderful piece of nostalgia! Finally there's the "lad" who enjoys the videos more, but buys the CD for the "girlfriend", or that's what they say...
Under the PWL label, Kylie had hit after hit, all of which have that familiar yet likeable "Stock Aitken and Waterman" synthesised beat. The compilation has a staggering fifteen Top 10 hits including four No 1s. The album begins with Kylie's signature tune "I Should Be So Lucky", although many may argue that this has been overtaken by the more recent "Can't Get You Out My Head". This is not on the album, but I'm sure will be a part of the Volume Two: post Waterman & co, which will wing its way to us by next Christmas no doubt.
Kylie certainly gets the award for the most "remixed" songs. I see the second disc as a bonus disc which is full of remixed versions of numerous songs on the main disc. Many of these versions were new to me and so made a refreshing change. Look out for the "Wouldn't Change A Thing" remix.
My personal favourites on the album are the lively, catchy "Step Back In Time" and "Never Too Late", but hey, they're all great and make you want to get up and dance. Have no fear, all the Kylie hits between 1988-1992 are here, plus other album tracks which weren't released. I guarantee you'll enjoy this album, whichever type of fan you are. Even if you're new to all this early Kylie, you'll be hooked after one play of the album. For me, the album brought back so many memories of my childhood and I found myself singing the tunes all day long!
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on 27 March 2004
As the liner notes state, Kylie Minogue was written off by many critics as a manufactured "flash-in-the-pan" pop star whose fame wouldn't last much longer than 15 minutes. To this day, I remember the 1989 Rolling Stone critics poll which named Kylie the worst female singer of 1988. Even her producers, Stock Aitken Waterman, took blows from naysayers who found their music too formulaic and canned. Yet, in spite of the above, Minogue remains one of the most resilient and successful female perfromers in the last 20 years. Who cares if she's not the world's best singer? If we judged performers based on singing alone, then Celine's last album is a masterpiece. But I digress. "Greatest Hits" is a retrospective that compiles all of Kylie's singles from 1988-92, along with a bonus disc of remixes. Considering the countless other hits compilations that are already out there, should fans still bother with this one? The answer is "yes." The digital remastering gives these songs a welcome sonic upgrade and they sound way superior to the original recordings. "I Should Be So Lucky," "Got to Be Certain," and "Better the Devil You Know" are all frothy but straight-up infectious bits of neo-disco that were huge hits in the UK back in the day. Her covers, on the other hand, are pretty much hit-and-miss. I liked her cover of "Give Me Just a Little More Time," but her versions of "Celebration" and "Tears on My Pillow" still make me cringe. In my mind, nobody can top the original "Celebration" by Kool and the Gang. Also, the disc of remixes are pretty good, with highlights including the extended version of "I Should Be So Lucky," a nifty remix of "Wouldn't Change a Thing" and a 2002 house remix of her No. 1 "Hand on Your Heart." "Greatest Hits" is a smart introduction to listeners who aren't familiar with Kylie's earlier work beyond "The Loco-Motion," and older fans should get it for the remastering and the second disc of remixes.
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