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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 5 December 2016
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on 3 September 2014
Great album
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on 7 November 2002
For those of you that hadn't already noticed how Justin Timberlake seems to stand out from his peers, here is proof that a blinding talent has been locked away inside *NSYNC for the last few years. Like Beyonce Knowles, he just has that drive and talent that will hopefully see him go a long way.
Justin Timberlake is making the music that Michael Jackson would have been making if he hadn't gone insane. Soulful, funky and mature, the album shows what he is capable of, and tracks like "Cry Me A River" and "Like I Love You" are truly excellent. Ardent R&B fans will probably dismiss this as the acceptable pretty white face of their genre, designed to appeal to the legions of screaming girls who are growing out of their pop obsessions and want something a little edgier. However, that wouldn't do justice to Timberlake's obvious vocal and songwriting abilities, nor to the exceptional production from the Neptunes, Timbaland and others.
A very good start to what will hopefully be a long and successful solo career.
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on 8 March 2003
I'll be totally honest - I never liked N*Sync. I'm not a great lover of mainstream pop music with boy and girl bands. When I heard that Justin Timberlake was bringing out an album my intial thoughts were of "oh here comes more pop"
How wrong I was.
I got hold of copy of this album and reluctantly I thought I would give it go.
And I was totally wowed by some amazing RnB tracks and some very good vocals.
Track 1
A stunning beginning. One of many many songs on this album which straight away you could say "got to be a single". This song doesn't do Justin's voice full justice but still a very very good track.
Track 2
Like I Love You
You all know this one. Its been played so much over the past 10 months that I don't realy need to review it.
Track 3
(Oh No) What You Got
RnB with hip hop beats mixed together equals a fantastic track and one of the many superbly produced songs on this album.
Track 4
Take it from here
Justin shows his soulful side with this beautiful ballad. Matching the likes of Soul Crooners Alexander O'Neal and Luther Vandross in the lyrically department, we see a softer side to Mr Timberlake.
Track 5
Cry Me A River
Most people should be aware of this song now. Its the second single from the album. Also most of you will be aware of the fact its about Britney blah blah.
As a song its different to many of the tracks on this set, but a very powerful track where we real do see the fruits of the vocal talent this man possess.
Track 6
Rock Your Body
Strongly rumoured to be the third single and if so I predict a number one here. Its full of funk, has one hell of a bassy beat that you won't be able to help yourself from dancing.
Track 7
Nothin Else
I swear I thought Stevie Wonder was about to burst into song here when I heard the start of this track. But no its Justin taking a change in style and succeeding in making every track sound different.
Track 8
Last Night
Simply Superb. Another potential single.
Michael Jackson is defiantly in his voice here but that isn't a bad thing. People seem think its a negative thing when compared to mr Jackson. Just as long as in 10 years time Justin doesn't look like Jacko!
My personal favourite track on the album.
Track 9
Still On My Brain
Justin gives us another touching ballad which sends his message out to a girl, that shes still on his brain. Britney again?
Track 10
(And She Said) Take Me Now
Ohhh this is out of this world. Just one of those tracks where you can listen to once and say "make it a single and you will have a major hit".
A funky edged track with a rough beat and superbly produced.
Track 11
Right For Me
Following on in the same style of "Take Me Now" this track gives us a rough style in the beat but keeps the funk going.
Track 12
Lets Take A Ride
I do think it is testament to Timberlakes talkent that most of his songs sound very different. He makes every song sound like they could be a single in there own right.
This is no exception. Pop RnB with a soulful edge
Track 13
Never Again
Sounds a bit N*Syncy for me. Sounds a bit in the same vein as N*Sync "Gone".
Not a terrible track but I see why its stuck near the end!
Mix Justin's vocals with the producing of the best producers in music at this moment in time - Neptunes and Timbaland then your going to get an album of geniune class.
I cannot believe I actually enjoy an album by Justin Timberlake.
I strongly recommend that you buy this album now.
I usually like to say to people "well think about it" but in this case no. Just buy it - I'll be very suprised if you don't like it.
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on 4 November 2002
Now I'm more an R&B/Hip-Hop kinda girl, but for the last week Trevor Nelson has been waxing lyrical about this album so I decided to buy it and OH MY GOD, it is fantastic! Believe me, all the hype is true.
There are 14 songs on "Justified" and I liked pretty much all of them.
The first track, Senorita, is really good. Produced by the Neptunes, it has this Spanish vibe going on and Justin's voice sounds great. Really good to dance to.
Two more of my favourites are the Timbaland-produced, "Cry me a River" and "(oh no) What you got". Both are really catchy and sound like nothing else on the market at the moment. "Cry me a River" is gunna be the next single, and with good reason; it's amazing, really powerful.
Another great track is "Rock Your Body", produced by the Neptunes. It's very '70s pop/R&B and damn it makes you wanna shake that boot-ay!
The two slower, more soulful tracks; "Never Again" and "Last Night" are both excellent. "Never Again", produced by Brain McKnight in particluar.
There is also a hidden track (track 14) which is *amazing*. It's very mellowed-out and compliments Justin's voice beautifully.
The two songs I didn't like as much were "(and she said) Take me Now" and "Let's take a Ride". "Let's take a ride" was a bit too Burt Bacharach-esque for me and "(and she said)...", featuring Janet Jackson, was just, well, I thought it would be better, more sultry somehow. It might grow on me...
So all in all, "Justified" is a really good album, which shows off Justin's skills to full effect. Damn, that boy is talented! There were no tracks I really disliked, and about half a dozen that I absoluted *loved* and have been playing on repeat. The hidden track (just let the CD carry on playing) is a really cool surprise, and in my opinion is one of the best songs on the album (Justin why the heck did you hide it? It's really good!) Mysterious... anyway if you like R&B/Pop, you will like this. The Neptunes and Timbaland have done a magnificent job and come up with some dope beats which coupled with Justin's vocals make extremely good songs.
However, NSYNC fans be warned, it's not like any of their stuff and it's not bubblegum pop. If "Gone" and "Girlfriend" are your thing, go straight ahead. If you think that "Bye Bye Bye" was the pinnacle of their musical career, STAY AWAY.
All in all, well worth the wait. Justin, you're gonna go far!
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on 3 March 2003
When I first heard that Justin Timberlake was to launch a solo career, my first thoughts were 'Oh no, more recycled bubble gum pop that is forgotten as soon as it is conceived. The best we can hope for is a couple of snogs up to the standard of *Nsync's two best songs - Gone and Girlfriend'. However, it wasn't long before he was said to be working with The Neptunes and Timberland - the two cornerstones of American RnB/Hip Hop, and I started to think that it might produce something interesting, although I was still a little sceptic about the project. It wasn't until the VMAs 2002 that I realised that 'Mr JT' was about to drastically change his image and create an original and refreshing album, that would make him RnB's new favourite, as he strutted his Michael Jackson-esque moves on stage to 'Like I Love You'.
When I bought the album, I was pleasantly surprised that almost every single track is of such a standard that it would embarass almost every male RnB artists (Usher are you listening?). 'Señorita' opens the album, and sets the standard with the eclectic mix of its latino beat and Justin's soulful voice, as well as Pharrell's glorious production. After that, almost the entire album is full of a mix of classic RnB Tunes and meaningful ballads - 'Like I love You', 'What You Got', 'Take It From Here', 'Cry Me A River', to give but a few examples.
This album has shown that Pink is not the only person who can change their image, and everyone's opinion, and show them true selves. I would say this album is a must for anyone who likes music, and especially for people who are prejudiced against Justin Timberlake, as he has surely proven the doubters wrong. Well done Justin, I only hope you can top it with your next album.
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on 10 March 2003
The chances are that if you like NSYNC, then apart from being musically challenged, you worship the ground this guy walks on. This review is not for you. This is for the rest of us sane members of society who do not share your view. I was very dubious when told how great this album was, it just didn't seem right. But you just have to give Mr JT credit. This is a superbly produced album which is supported by beats from the best in the business. And Mr JT's voice is carried off extremely well. Yes, he sounds a bit like Jacko but ask yourself, is that really a bad thing? My advice, stop concerning yourself with how credible it would(or wouldn't)be to have a JT album in your collection and buy it. There's something on it for most peoples tastes and if you like the singles, then you'll like the album. One last thing. For me to buy this album by someone associated with NSYNC would NOT happen unless the album deserved a 5/5 rating. buy it. nuff said...
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on 14 January 2003
Justin Timberlake has proved himself to be a very, very talented individual. Justified is an excellent debut album. I loved every single song. Justin's sexy voice teamed with the Neptunes and Timberland is a winning combination everytime. Songs such as Last Night, (Oh No) What You Got & (And She Said) Take Me Now will go down a storm in clubland and the more soulful tunes such as Still On My Brain & Take It From Here are excellent songs for chilling. This really is an awesome album and I can't wait to see Justin in concert later this year!
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on 5 October 2003
I'd heard such great reviews of this album from friends and read about how good it was on amazon but on listening I was disappointed. The first 3 singles realeased from the album are the standout tracks for me,and on first hearing Senorita I thought 'they'll never release that' but I was wrong. My favourite song is 'Rock you're body'. So incredibly catchy u can't help but sing along.
Although this CD is not unpleasant to listen to it is certainly one of my least favourite CDs I have ever bought.
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VINE VOICEon 2 February 2003
Justin Timberlake's debut album was, for me, a very big surprise and if you're looking for something akin to N-Sync then you may be a bit disappointed. This is an R'n'B/Hip Hop album showcasing a grown-up Timberlake. Clearly, he's worked with some serious talent on this album but enough of a personality shines through to suggest Timberlake may have a big future ahead of him. For me, the opening track, Senorita, is the best and it certainly makes you sit and take notice of this album. The vocals on this track are superb.
The singles, Like I Love You and Cry Me A River will be familiar to many who come to this album and they are a good reflections of the content but, by no means, are they the only strong songs. Rock Your Body will fuel the comparisons to Michael Jackson which may be hard for Justin to shake but, I think, it's superb.
Another big surprise on this album is that Justin co-wrote so much of it. He's turned out to be a talented song writer even if, as many say, there is a little too much focus on the break up of relationships (Britney, anyone?). A musical shock - but a great one.
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