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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 23 December 2006
Like the other reviewers, we bought this on DVD to replace our worn out VHS version. We were gobsmacked and upset to the point that we couldnt watch it as the scene where Scrooge is seen to melt and become the man he was to be in the future, is cut, and the song removed, that he joins in at the end, with an Oscar winning (or should be) performance from Michael Caine. Its a disgrace that it was cut, and I wouldnt buy this DVD if you want the full and unabridged version that makes more sense. Otherwise why is Rizzo crying? BOO to the film editor. Stick with the VHS until they release a full version.
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on 21 March 2004
I originally bought The Muppet Christmas Carol years ago when it came out on video. I thought it was wonderful, great fun and, even with the Muppets playing many key roles, it was extremely true to the book. My favourite part was where a young Scrooge tells his Belle, his fiancée, that they're going to have to postpone their wedding because he doesn't have enough money. Belle then says that he doesn't love her and sings a beautiful song called 'When Love is Gone'.
I bought a DVD player just before Christmas and since my MCC video was well watched and worn, I decided to buy the DVD version. What a disappointment. This beautiful song was cut out, which I think is wrong as it is pivotal to the story. Disney haven't given a reason for it and it wasn't mentioned during the Audio Commentary of the film. The extras on the DVD are ok, but overall this is way below the standard I'd expect of a Disney DVD, particularly for the price. This is more worthy of being in the 'bargain bin' rather than full price.
If you've got the video and are thinking of buying the DVD, don't bother - you're better off sticking with the video, and if you haven't got either, just get the video.
If I was rating the video version I'd give it 5 stars but am giving the DVD version three stars, because of the cut scene and the general poor value for money.
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on 8 July 2012
Don't know why they would bother releasing a version missing a key song! Sort it out. This film is a Christmas tradition in my house and everybody noticed it was missing this scene.
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on 10 December 2002
The Muppet Christmas Carol is a classic in its own right; wonderful entertainment executed with astonishing skill. But the Disney DVD release is extremely disappointing. The extras are nice and the menu design is fun, but Disney have done a serious disservice to the muppets in not releasing a definitive version of the film when transferring to DVD. Not only is the picture quality no better than the video, but the film has been cut in a pivotal scene, and has been released in 4:3 instead of widescreen. There is no excuse for this. Five stars for the muppets and all their human associates, but bottom marks to Disney. Buy the video version instead.
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on 1 October 2013
I can honestly say i'm truly gutted that they finally released this fantastic film on blu-ray but cut the only real emotion in the film! They say its because people didn't like it, well we all have a fast forward button but at least give us the choice as personally I thought it was a relevant scene and actually liked it. So very sad indeed, wish i knew how to beg Disney to re-release, any ideas welcomed.
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VINE VOICEon 24 November 2005
The Muppets Christmas Carol is perhaps the best of the Muppets movies, with Gonzo doing a fantastic job as Mr Dickens, and Michael Caine doing a decent job as grumpy old Scrooge.
This is the second version of The Muppets Christmas Carol released on DVD. Unlike the first release, this one's in widescreen (yay!). However, the song 'When Love Has Gone' still does not make an appearance - and we lose a big bleeding chunk of the film's heart as a result.
Disney could also have taken the opportunity to include the deleted song 'Room in Your Heart' (sung by Honeydew and Beaker), but we just get the same extras as last time.
So - a five star film is only a four star DVD. If we wait another couple of years maybe we'll be able to have the chance to give Disney more money so that we can finally see the entire film as it was meant to be...
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The Muppet Christmas Carol may well be the greatest film ever made. It's certainly far and away the best screen adaptation of Dickens perennial even if Michael Caine's Scrooge is more game than great (George C. Scott is probably the definitive personification of Dickens' Scrooge while Alastair Sim is the most beloved, but that's another story in a much lesser movie). Aside from the real visual imagination on display (almost every scene is filled with great throwaway details you may not spot until a second, third or fourth viewing), from the wonderfully stylised production design and warm photography to Jerry Juhl's genuinely witty script, it's also the only version I've seen that passes the Tiny Tim test: usually the part is played by such obnoxiously saccharine little tykes that you can't wait for that empty place by the fireside, but in this case you really do care for once. Pure greatness in every frame.

Unfortunately, the care shown with the feature has not been mirrored with the DVD, which has never had a satisfactory release anywhere to date. The UK PAL editions are missing a key musical number, 'When Love is Gone' (which features on the NTSC disc, but only on the fullframe version), which is particularly unfortunate since its absence leaves a gaping hole in the Christmas Past section of the movie. And it's still missing on Disney's impending US Blu-ray release on the grounds that it was cut from the US theatrical version, and it's that shorter cut they're sticking with. But the Blu-ray does have one of the most enjoyable extras I've ever seen hidden away in the Disney intermission feature, where a group of wonderfully choreographed chickens sing Joy to the World.
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on 23 December 2006
This is a perfect example of how to ruin a brilliant film. I've been watching this favourite every year on VHS and when the Anniversary Edition DVD appeared I leapt at it. Unfortunately about a third of the way through I switched off. An entire scene (including the best song in the film) has been removed from this version without explanation. For those unfamiliar with the movie I am referring to the character Belle's wonderful rendition of "When Love is Gone" and a touching performance from Michael Caine where we see Scrooge's humanity for the first time. True, even a cut down Muppet Christmas Carol is still a great family film, but I certainly wouldn't want to read a novel with some of the key pages missing and I won't watch this abridged DVD. Looks like the squeaky old videotape is going to get dusted down for another year.
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on 30 November 2005
I love this film, it's one of my favourites adn we watch it every year. I even have the original video from when I was 9.It started to wear out so I brought the 1st released DVD of this, but it didn't have Belle's song in it and I (and my friends) were dissapointed. With this new release saying it was fully restored we thought it would be put back in it, and maybe the other 2 scenes that had been cut since I saw it at the pictures (the songs are still on the CD) but they haven't which is quite dissapointing. It's been remastered well, the colours are stronger and having it in widescreen seems a little less cramped, but they are the only differences with this release.
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on 18 December 2004
We've been watching The Muppet Christmas Carol at home since 1994 on VHS and, as many others say, it has become a significant part of our Christmas Traditions!
So this year we got the DVD to replace our ageing VHS - only to find that this was not the same film. Without any indication Disney have removed a vital part of the film - namely 'the love is gone' song, sung by Scrooge's girlfriend during the Christmas Past sequence. Corny as it was (and not part of Dicken's original!) it's still is a key moment of the film and provides an insight into the story.
The DVD version we have simply cuts out the song, moving from a conversation to Rizzo and Scrooge crying - a totally inexplicable break without the song to explain.
Why leave the song out - after all, Muppet movies are musicals?
This is a great disappointment and a bit of a cheat I think. I also understand from the net that it is in the Region 1 version.
I think we should have been told 'this is a cut version of the film'.
V. Disappointed.
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