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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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 Following on from their brutal debut album 'Eaten Back To Life' (1990), in 1991 the legendary US Death Metal band Cannibal Corpse released their follow-up album, with the equally controversial 'Butchered At Birth'. Like with their debut release, 'Butchered' was produced by the legendary Scott Burns.

Where 'Eaten Back To Life' ripped you a new one with the speed and anger-fuelled aggression of their thrash like assault of guitars, 'Butchered At Birth' saw the evolution of the band as they down-tuned their guitars for a deeper and eviler sound, whilst Chris Barnes followed suit with plummeting his vocals to a stomach-churning, far deeper guttural growl.

The end result? Cannibal Corpse had created their very own signature sound. With 'Butchered At Birth' the band carved out their undeniable place in metal history. And what an album to do it with.

This is unquestionably one of the band's finest releases. From its ball-crushing start until to its brain-haemorrhaging finish, 'Butchered At Birth' delivers a tsunami of tightly controlled gore-soaked aggression.

Opener 'Meat Hook Sodomy' is a masterpiece of down-tuned Death Metal with some of the finest examples of red and raw guitar hooks. From here the band continues with the punishment, blasting the listener's ears out with a ferocious display of fast and furious Death Metal until 'Covered With Sours' rears its ugly head. The pace is slowed, Slayer-style riffage finds a new home, and you get to take a handful of apprehensive breaths as the songs gets itself geared-up for some absolutely incredible metal brutality. This is how it's done. What a track. What an album.

And if that's not enough for you, the album continues with another three tracks displaying some of the very crème-de-la-crème of 90's Death Metal. The criminally underrated 'Rancid Amputation' ends this monstrous quartet of outrageously superb tracks.

From here the album signs off with 'Innards Decay' - let's be honest, it's a darn good track to end the album with; laying down a chunky guitar sound that claws at your innards, whilst awash with pummelling drumming that promises to bring the whole house down around you.

This is one of the very finest examples of 90's Death Metal.


1 Meat Hook Sodomy (5:49)
2 Gutted (3:15)
3 Living Dissection (4:00)
4 Under The Rotted Flesh (5:04)
5 Covered With Sores (3:17)
6 Vomit The Soul (4:30)
7 Butchered At Birth (2:45)
8 Rancid Amputation (3:16)
9 Innards Decay (4:32)

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 36mins 32secs
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on 15 December 2000
Incredible! atmosphere to the music. Fantastic guitars, vocals and stunning drums. The music on this album is the musical equivelent of having your face smashed in with a sledgehammer or being driven over by a 20 ton truck. Cannibal Corpse make bands such as Slipknot, Marilyn Manson and Slayer sound like a couple of whining babies when compared to cannibal corpse's deafening guitars, drums and amazing vocals. All other So-called Death metal bands give death metal a bad name. Cannibal corpse will rock your world whether or not you like death metal. After listening to this your hooked to death metal for life. Makes you feel like you could headbang 24 hours a day. This album is total musical ecstacy for the mind it makes you feel like vandalising something like your own television set! So energetic it makes you feel literally like your heart is beating so fast that it will pop out of your chest!
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on 6 July 2001
This is probably the best death metal album i've ever heard. The vocals are the lowest, most powerful grunts ever recorded and the music has some of the heaviest riffs, skull pounding drums and sludgiest bass lines your ever likly to hear. Tracks like "meat hook sodomy", "under the rotted flesh" and "covered with sores" all help this to be a truly terrifying release. The art work and lyrics are totally sick, i'm not going to deny. I knew what people had said about the lyrics but it wasnt untill i actually read them that i realised what all the fuss was about, trust me they aint pretty. But its what you hear when you put this in your CD player that matters. And luckiy what you'll hear is one hell of a death metal album!
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on 2 June 2013
Altho this a great, brutal album from the band Cannibal Corpse, 'Butchered At Birth' really isnt their best work. The riffs arnt very remember-able and the production of this album is somehow worse than their earlier work, which doesnt seem to make any sense. Its still a great death metal album and better than most from today and I still listen to it from time to time.
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on 19 March 2001
If your looking for the heaviest music around then this is the band for you, the guitar is amazing, the drums fast and the lyrics pretty messed up, especially on track "butchered at birth" but you can't make out what he's saying anyway so it makes little difference. If your easily offended then don't buy this album go buy some weiner thing like the backstreet boys, however if your like me and prefer decent stuff, i strongly suggest you buy this album.
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on 3 September 2003
Ok, I had heard all about the lyrics to the Corpses music, but when I actually read them, man they scrape the bottom right out of the barrel. The music is quite good, I must admit. There are some great riffs in there. But when I try to listen to the album right through, it is a hard listen. Could it be TO noisy? Mabey. Mabey not. And you cannot make out the lyrics if you don't have a lyric sheet in front of you. But does this matter? Well yes it does. After getting the lyrics online, I have to say that they are FAR sicker than I could have imagined. They really are the soundtrack to serial killing. I really mean that. I was going to quote some lyrics, but my review would never be published. I should have known by the titles to the tracks, but the explicit nature of the tracks surprised even me. And it's not just that they are explicit. They are all about killing and gutting people in the most graphic way possible. Now I don't know about you, but I cannot get any enjoyment from that sort of thing. Now don't get me wrong. I do not believe in any censorship but come on! And I LOVE metal. But the music is not that great. It is overshadowed by the lyrics and that is bad. So take my advice, go for Carcass, Decapitated or Morbid Angel. Go for Zyklon, Dimmu Borgir or Darkthrone. All these bands have amazing music. Forget about Cannibal Corpse though. Sick for the sake of it is not the way to go.
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on 20 December 2013
Just when you thought it was safe to turn the music up along comes Chris Barnes with an awesome vocal delivery.
This is CC at their death defying best. Play it loud for full effect. This ground breaking album is accompanied by some of the most imaginative artwork of the last 50 years.
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on 18 March 2001
There is some pretty creepy stuff going on in this album which results in it becoming a deathmetal masterpiece. It has a great track listing, with pounding rythms which rattle through your brain at a phenominal speed so it is not for the faint of heart or those with a weak stomach for that matter. The tracks on this are superior to those on Cannibal's previous album, but they still suffer from the sluggish guitars by Rusay. This is it's only downfall with Barnes' low groans and gargles covering it up and Websters' bass bringing in the more sludgy deathmetal attitude towards the album. The titles and lyrics may be over the top but one has to cast a smile on its extremity and then relax in its musical power and malevolence.
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on 8 December 2013
excellent band ... amazing music ... top rated metal band of the century ... artwork amazing ... not for the faint hearted .
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on 8 September 2004
Cannibal Corpse are routinely derided by Death Metal snobs, but the fact remains that their first 4 albums are classics of the genre.
'Butchered At Birth' is their 1991 sophomore release and still sounds supremely brutal: the music has a distinctly claustrophobic feel, the sick guitar tone is strangely dry (yet suffocatingly brutal) and because it lacks a deep bass sound allows the ugliness of Chris Barnes' vocals to shine through ... or at least gargle up from the gutter!
In my opinion this is one of Barnes' best vocal performances, along with that of 'The Bleeding' and 'True Carnage' (with Six Feet Under).
This album is pure death metal sickness from start to finish, with nary a chance to recover from the vileness of one song before the next onslaught of sickness begins! If you like the Death Metal-lite of Hate Eternal, Decapitation, etc this may not be to your taste.
As a bonus this album has such a sharp sound that you can crank it up REALLY loud without the bass blowing out your speakers!! :)
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