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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars

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on 20 September 2017
I got this set after seeing a re-run of some episodes on TV. Great to watch without adverts every few minutes - and I feel that the first Series was really good, the others were still good, but the first series started well, established the characters quickly and had some really funny story lines.
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on 6 May 2016
great series, still after so many years it feels fresh
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on 13 June 2017
Great series with some good one liners from all four actors.
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on 17 February 2011
I was thrilled to watch this series as I love comedies series but I was very disappointed to find this DVD does not included subtitles as I am hard of hearing myself - so I hope this DVD will involve the subtitles soon in the future. A real disappointment.
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VINE VOICEon 23 October 2003
I first came across this gem of a sit-com on cable channel ‘Living’ and did not think very much of it. I laughed a little, then some more, by the time the episode had finished I was hooked.
For those of you unfamiliar with Will & Grace, it revolves around the lives of Will (McCormack) and Grace (Messing) who have been best friends since college days. No surprises there then. Add to this that Will is a gay lawyer and living with Grace a straight interior designer and the comedy potential does not ring out. In fact it is the supporting cast that get the biggest laughs. Jack (Will’s highly strung and very high maintenance gay friend) and Karen (who is supposed to work for Grace, but just criticises her taste in clothes) are comedy masterpieces in themselves. The fact that all this is established in the first ten minutes of the first episode tells you how quick fire this is. Given at the time that Friends and Frazier were going through lax periods this gave a shot in the arm to US sit-com (although it has recently undergone a dose of mogadon thanks to the truly alarming ‘According to Jim’).
With the pilot out of the way and the characters established the rest of the DVD edition is an unalloyed delight. The comedy is brisk and sharp, Karen (Megan Mullally) particularly is a brilliant characterisation of a gold digger who lands a rich husband (whom we never see) and spends most of her time trying to get away from his advances and spending his hard earned money. Her relationship with Jack (Sean Hayes) is particularly delicious. His main job is avoiding work with various artistic schemes (like his one man stage show 'Just Jack')and getting Will to pay for his lifestyle. This pairing has led some calls for a change of name to Karen & Jack since it is the sub-plots involving them that are the most consistently amusing. Season One is by far and away the best so far (although the same could be said for most long-running sit-coms) and for those who have only just caught it on Channel 4 this is a purchase well worth making.
Caution – Once you have started watching this you will not be able to stop at one or two episodes – be prepared for a late night.
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on 16 August 2017
This series is fantastic; the only thing is that Amazon is displaying 20 min episodes. This is the commercial TV format (because of those awful ads; 10 min per 30 min slots in the US). There are ...30 min version of our beloved TV shows (you find them in the original DVDs (I have those). Why can't we have those in streaming format?
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VINE VOICEon 21 February 2008
Back in 2004 when Friends finished there was a gap in my Friday night TV watching (back in the days when I was skint and couldn't afford to go out on a Friday and Saturday night) and this was soon filled with a programme I'd never seen before. This programme was 'Will & Grace'. After watching a few episodes we were instantly hooked and decided to try out the DVDs. We've started watching them again now from the beginning and they are still as funny and entertaining as they was when we first watched them 4 years ago.

The show is about a gay lawyer (Will) who has recently broken up with his long-time boyfriend, and his best friend (Grace) who is a designer and in a bad relationship which results in her leaving her fiancé at the altar. Grace then moves in with Will and so sets the foundations of show. As well as the two main characters there is Will's friend Jack, who is also gay and constantly in-and-out of various jobs whilst he is trying for his dream as a stage actor. Then there is Grace's "assistant", the rich alcoholic Karen.

The show has genuinely funny gags and sketches that has me in stiches in every episode. The dialogue is fast flowing and extremely quick off the mark with some really clever come-backs and one-liners. The characters are also all very likeable and each have certain characteristics that are so unique to this sitcom that it actually makes it even funnier than the likes of Friends and so many others like it. Although it's not as good as Frasier (probably my favourite US sitcom), this is a highly enjoyable and very re-watchable show that is a must-watch for anyone looking for a good laugh and a great series to get into - especially now as you can get it for under a tenner!
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on 4 April 2003
Series I
Episode 1 : New Lease on Life
Episode 2 : Head Case
Episode 3 : Between a Rock and Harlan's Place
Episode 4 : Boo! Humbug
Episode 5 : William, Tell
Episode 6 : Where There's a Will There's No Way
Episode 7 : The Buying Game
Episode 8 : The Big Vent
Episode 9 : The Truth About Will & Dogs
Episode 10 : Will On Ice
Episode 11 : My Fair Maidy
Episode 12 : The Unsinkable Mommy Adler
Episode 13 : Big Brother is Coming (1)
Episode 14 : Big Brother is Coming (2)
Episode 15 : Yours, Mine or Ours
Episode 16 : Secrets & Lays
Episode 17 : Grace, Replaced
Episode 18 : Will Works Out
Episode 19 : Saving Grace
Episode 20 : Alley Cats
Episode 21: Object of My Rejection
Episode 6 :
1st Season 1998
Eric's poker night is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Grace, who has once again broken up with her boyfriend. She plans to spend the night to the displeasure of Eric's friend Jack, who was planning to move in temporarily. When Will talks Grace into finally leaving her boyfriend for good, she marches off to confront him, but returns to announce that she has accepted his marriage proposal.
"New Lease on Life"
Self-centred Jack is driving Will crazy, and apartment hunting is doing the same for Grace; but when she asks why she can't simply move in with Will, he convinces her that she needs to take care of herself for a change. Much to Will's surprise, she does just that, finding a terrific but affordable apartment in Brooklyn which is much too far away for Will's best friend to live. He asks Jack to move out and Grace to move in, but she insists that he was right and she needs to lead her own life for now. A few hours later, she concludes she has led her own life long enough and arrives with her bags.
"Head Case"
Grace is completely frustrated by the miniscule size of the second bathroom, a problem Will promises to address. Jack drops by and mocks Will's compulsive control-freak nay saying to changes, hinting strongly that this is what drove his lover Michael away. When Will arrives home with his solution to Grace's problem (more shelving), she counters by suggesting that they rip out the dividing wall to combine the bathrooms into one giant deluxe designer dream. Controlling his instant no-way response Will tells a delighted Grace to go ahead. She does so, along the way trying to whip the distracted Karen into better shape as an assistant; but when Will gets home to discover that she has not only begun to demolish the wall but has added her own decorator touches throughout the apartment, he loses it.
"Between a Rock and Harlan's Place"
Will's latest bright idea: since his client Harlan has left his wife and moved to Manhattan, who better to redecorate his place than Grace? There's an obvious problem: can control-freak Will keep his nose out and agree to "just be the pimp?"
Jack decides to go for a singing career by mounting a one-man show ("Just Jack") at a gay nightclub's open mike night, with staging advice from a reluctantly intrigued Karen.
"Boo! Humbug"
Jack isn't having much luck convincing either Will or Grace, both Halloween-phobes, to accompany him to the annual downtown "Gay High Holy Day" parade, so he takes Karen instead, who to her delight becomes an honorary drag queen for the night. Just as Will and Grace begin their spoilsport evening of lamb vindaloo and Ingmar Bergman video, Harlan appears with his two kids in tow (dressed as a bee and Richard Nixon), explaining he has been called away on business, and the reluctant pair set off trick or treating with the children.
Jack lucks out when, dressed as Starsky, he encounters another man dressed as Hutch.
Quote: "Don't eat too much candy, and don't put anything in your mouth that isn't wrapped!"
"William, Tell"
Karen is going on vacation, so Grace hires Jack as a temporary office replacement, but he immediately unsettles her by revealing that Will had an affair the previous summer with a man he referred to as his "client". Concerned that she doesn't know Will as well as she thought, Grace becomes obsessed with what else he may be keeping from her, especially when he goes out at 9:30 to meet with another "client". Unbeknownst to Grace, this is Karen, who is considering divorcing her rich husband and has hired Will to investigate the full extent of her spouse's corporate holdings.
"Where There's a Will There's No Way"
Guest star: Julian McMahon [ Guy ],
Concerned over her lack of dating drive, Grace reaches the horrifying conclusion that she is having much too good a time living with Will to want other men, and imposes a complete moratorium on further mutual fun. Meanwhile, Karen plays poker with Will and his buddies; and Will helps Jack deal with the fact that he is being audited by the IRS after not paying his taxes - ever.
"The Buying Game"
Grace has the opportunity to buy her studio space. Since savvy lawyer Will is a tough negotiator, she asks him to help her with the offer. Grace thinks the whole deal will be a piece of cake, so she's shocked at the tactics Will has to use to get the price down. Meanwhile, Jack decides to become a massage therapist and asks Karen to be his "guinea pig" for his training. Although reluctant at first, Karen discovers that Jack has a real knack with her back -- and wants him all to herself.
"The Big Vent"
Warming themselves over a heating vent, Will & Grace discover they can hear everything happening in the bedroom below, including an extra-martial affair that soon has them both hooked on a real-life unfolding soap opera. The distracted pair are too wrapped up in eavesdropping to read Jack's play which is being given a class reading.
"The Truth About Will & Dogs"
A party evening with two straight couples is spoiled by their obsessive conversations about their dogs (which we at first assume is about their children), and Will is even more upset when Grace comes home from an animal shelter with a dog of her (read: their) own. He orders her to get rid of the animal, comes face to face with it, and melts immediately. Then Grace must deal with the fact that Will has, just like their friends, become totally obsessed with the pet, to the point where he is oblivious to the advances of handsome gay men. After the pooch pees on Harlan's business papers at Will's office and destroys an expensive swath of fabric at Grace's office, she wants to send him off to the "Yuppy Puppy" dogminders, but Will can't bear the thought of strangers looking after him. Who do they know who has lots and lots of free time ... Jack?
"Will On Ice"
It's Will's birthday, and he has only two wishes: that the single grey chest hair he found would go away, and that Grace and Jack could get along for at least as long as it takes to have a quiet birthday dinner together. A tweezer takes care of the first, but the second gets complicated when Grace and Jack discover a shared passion for professional ice skating competitions, and Karen gets dinner reservations at a fabulous restaurant on condition that she tag along. When the foursome winds up rinkside at "Champions On Ice" and Will can't even get a box of popcorn, he suddenly decides that he is fed up trying to please other people on an evening supposedly devoted to him.
"My Fair Maidy"
Grace is in a panic about the annual design show competition, which she always loses, and as a result of her quest for creativity the apartment becomes a disaster area (Jack: "Did Grace explode?"). Will's solution: a maid in the form of tough-talking April, who is mightily impressed with the sketches Grace threw away and proves to be just the ego-boost she needs to get her creative juices flowing...
Meanwhile, Jack meets Alex, a cute young man, in a bookstore and tries to impress him by pretending to be a corporate lawyer, explaining Will as his incompetent assistant. But the scheme backfires when Alex confesses that he is looking for someone less assured and successful ... like maybe Jack's assistant?
"The Unsinkable Mommy Adler"
Guest star: Debbie Reynolds [ Bobbie Adler ],
Jack must help Karen deal with her suspicion that she is pregnant. Grace's visiting mom, Bobbi, a would-be star whose propensity for breaking out into show tunes and impressions dismays her daughter -- and delights Will, Jack and Karen - wreaks havoc by suggesting Will and Grace wed, despite their sexual differences. When Will winces at the fantasy of committing to anyone who needs to be the star of a relationship, Grace realises she's more of a chip off the old block than she imagined.
"Big Brother is Coming (1)"
Will's older brother is in town, but Will doesn't want to see him, and is furious when Grace invites him over during Jack's birthday party (during which Jack is horrified to discover that he is not 29 but 30). The brothers haven't spoken for five years, since Sam forced Will to give his honest opinion of his fianceé. Now Sam is divorcing her, but there's another problem: a strong mutual attraction between Sam and Grace.
"Big Brother is Coming (2)"
Will is aghast when he learns that Grace and Sam spent the night together, so Grace must use her wiles to reconcile the two stubborn men. Meanwhile, Karen tries to help Jack face the fact that he is now 30.
"Yours, Mine or Ours"
When a good-looking but sexually ambiguous new tenant moves in, both Will and Grace vie for his attentions until the competition grows so nasty it threatens their own relationship.
"Secrets & Lays"
The gang retreats to a cabin in Vermont for the weekend, where Grace rekindles romance with old flame Campbell and tries to hide the fling from Will, who's pining on the eve of his would-be anniversary. Meanwhile, Karen's culinary efforts go up in smoke, as does Jack's attempt to cheer Will by dragging him to a local gay pub.
"Grace, Replaced"
Will uses his zany new neighbour Val for his plans while Grace compulsively works overtime; when she finally twigs that she is being replaced, the result is a free-for-all chick fight. Meanwhile, Jack is sentenced to pick up trash after slapping a meter maid.
"Will Works Out"
Jack's bogus gym membership has finally been cancelled, so a reluctant Will takes him as a guest to his own gym -- where he is too embarrassed to introduce Jack to his straight friends and clients.
"Saving Grace"
Grace gets a coveted job decorating the house of a rich and powerful publicist, but there's a catch: he demands that she fix him up with a horrified Will.
"Alley Cats"
When Rob and Ellen admit that they don't have fun playing games with Will and Grace because of Grace's competitive nature, Grace works to change her image. However, as Grace loses her competitive edge, Will's emerges. Meanwhile, after learning how to administer CPR from Jack, Karen reluctantly saves a workman's life.
"Object of My Rejection"
Karen persuades Jack to marry her maid Rosario so the woman can legally stay in the country, and the sham wedding has a strange effect on roommates Will and Grace -- who decide they shouldn't live together any more.
Over all this is a must see series and will be sure to get a laugh out of anyone!!!!!!!!
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on 8 September 2006
Along with Cheers (1982-1993), The Golden Girls (1985-1992) and Friends (1994-2004), Will And Grace (1998-2005) ranks as my favourite American sitcom. This handsomely packaged 6-disc box set of the very first season of NBC's unforgetable and top-rated sitcom, contains all 22 episodes. There is also a wealth of enthralling bonus features which includes great, nostalgic interviews with the cast and crew, interesting behind the scenes footage, useful biographies of the principal actors, enjoyable themed montages and last but certainly not least some very amusing series 1 out-takes. This box set certainly gives you your moneys worth!

The first season of Will And Grace commenced production in early 1998. Will & Grace had been created by masterminds David Kohan and Mat Mutchnik. All episodes of series 1 were directed by James Burrows.

Will Truman (Eric McCormack) is a handsome, hot-shot lawyer. Genuine and warm, Will became a rock for his best friend Grace Adler (Debra Messing). Grace is a beautiful, sassy and smart interior designer. On the very first scene of the shows pilot it appears as though Will and Grace are lovers but it quickly transpired that Will is infact gay. Therefore their rather intense but very close relationship remains firmly platonic, much to the disappointment of Grace who subconciously is harbouring a secret, burning desire that one day Will will "turn straight" and that they become a couple. This is only touched upon occasionally and the main premise of the series is drawn on their complex, lively and always fun to watch friendship.

In the opening episode of Will & Grace, Will had recently split up from his long term partner and Grace changes her mind about getting married, literally moments before the deed. Shortly afterwards Grace decides to move into Wills classy, high-rise apartment.

Will has an overtly flamboyant and outraeously camp gay friend, Jack McFarland (Sean Hayes) who becomes a central figure in the show as this season progresses. At work, Grace is somewhat assisted by the inefficent, lazy, independently wealthy Karen Walker (Megan Mullaly) who sees working for Grace as just a mere hobby and because of her financial status, doesn't even bother cashing in her salary cheques. Were it not for Karens useful business contacts, Grace would have fired Karen as other than that her part in Grace's thriving business is useless. Another character eratically seen in the series is Karens amusing, put-upon-maid, Rosario Ynez Consuela Yolanda Salazar McFarland (yikes what a mouthful) who is played with inimitable comic flair by Shelley Morrison.

All 22 episodes in the first series are marvelous blends of skilfully played comedy. Particuarly memroable episodes include A New Lease Of Life which depicts Will and Grace desperatley trying hard to get accustomed to one another living with each other. That episode also sees the legendary first meeting of the shows wackier characters, Jack and Karen, who become just as an integral part of the show as Will and Grace. Will On Ice, Boo Humbug, Secret Lays and the seasons finale, Object Of My Rejection are amongst my own personla favourites but there are no dud episodes here and each one is wonderfully enteratining packed with LAUGHS, LAUGHS and MORE LAUGHS!

The title of episodes on series 1 are:

1: Pilot
2: A New Lease Of Life
3: Head Case
4: Between A Rock And A Harlin's Place
5: Will On Ice
6: William, Tell
7: Boo Humbug
8: Where There's A Will, There's No way
9: The Buying Game
10: The Truth ABout Will And Dogs
11: The Big Vent
12: My Fair Maid-Y
13: Secrets And Lays
14: The Unsinkable Mommy Adler
15: Wil Works Out
16: Big Brother Is Coming: Part 1
17: Big Brother Is Coming: Part 2
18: Yours, Mine Or Ours
19: Alley Cats
20: Saving Grace
21: Grace Replaced
22: Object Of My Rejection

The startling contrast of characters is what helps make Will and Grace such a KNOCKOUT classic! Whilst Will is mostly cool, calm and collected (though almost shrinks to stereotype when under pressure) Grace is deeply insecure and needy but loveable with it. Jack however is much more animated, manic, eccentric and blatantly extrovert whilst Karen is dry, witty, ever-sarcastic and like Jack, exceedingly eccentric. The neat blance of Will and Grace's relationship is considerably down to earth in comparison to the hilarious pairing of Jack and Karen. The calmer, more subtle characters of Will and Grace brilliantly compliments the zany, cartoon-like duo of Jack and karen.

Eric McCormack is very likeable in his role as the smooth and suaeve lawyer, Will Truman whilst Debra Mesing is equally as loveable as astute interior-designer, Grace Adler. The different dimensions of Grace's character are explored throughout series 1 and at times when she is at her most comically emotional, her child-like facial expressions vastly resemble that of Lucille Ball's inimitable Lucy Ricardo character in the classic sitcom, I Love Lucy (1951-1957).

Sean Hayes is totally hilarious in his performance of camp, wannabe actor/entertainer, Jack McFarland. Jack has delusions of becoming a first class entertainer and his cabaret act entitled "Just Jack" at the local gay bar provides some of the funniest parts in the whole show. His nervous energy is dynamic and his relationship with Karen is quite simply masterful comedy.

As fort Megan Mullaly as squeaky voiced Karen Walker, she is arguably (in my opinion) the funniest of the lot. Her dynamite, on screen presence steals any scene she is in with her sharp, witty delivery being perfectly timed. Her continual put downs to Grace cause vast amusement.

Special guests stars in the first season include a gloriously camp and over the top turn from Debbie Reynolds playing Grace's starry-eyed and eccentric actress mother and also a likeable performance from Gregory Hines as Will's fair-minded but occasionally awkward boss, Ben.

Will And Grace was the first U.S sitcom since Ellen (1994-1998) to feature a gay lead character. However it managed to avoid a blaze of controversy by making Will primarily low key which as a gay guy myself I found commedable as it would have been so much easier to have turned him into a steretype. However in the shows early episodes, a lot of gay men criticised the show for making (what they perceived anyhow) Will too un-gay. The flamboyant, stereotype gay role comes with Sean Hayes character. The subtelty of Wills character blended with the extrovert Jack worked extremely well. many of those notions were quickly dispensed with as series 1 progressed and audiences and critics alike recognised that Will and Grace was indeed a special, unique show of very good quality. I was absolutely GUTTED when Will and Grace finished production for good in 2005 as it seemed as though it would just go on and on and on. However the secret of a good sitcom is knowing the right time to call it a day. Season 1 takes you back to when the magical phenomenon
of Will and Grace very first started.

Will and Grace boasts a rollercoaster dialogue, riding with clever, sharp, intelligent wit and fabulous perforamnces from the four leading stars. A major landmark in American television history! A CLASSIC!!!!
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on 6 February 2005
Will and Grace has filled the gap left by the ending of Friends, without evern trying. The stories are well written and often having me crying with laughter. The characters are superb and the actors perfectly cast.
For anyone who has been living underground for the last few years and has managed not to watch Will and Grace, or if you love it like I do, buy the DVD's as you will laugh over and over again
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