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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
Love, Laughter and Truth
Format: Audio CD|Change
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VINE VOICEon 28 April 2009
If you've got this far in your Bill Hicks Odyssey, you will no doubt have concluded that Bill was a comedian who was prodigal in innovation but limited in variety. Philosophy: The Best Of Bill Hicks,Rant in E-Minor & most of his other CD's all have the same sort of material, such as 'Smoking', 'Good times on Drugs' & 'Christians & Crosses', meaning that this material has lost its initial insight & brilliance.

Fortunately, this CD is something fresh. Unlike his other CD's (Dangerous &Relentless) or his live recordings (Flying Saucer Tour Vol. 1 &Salvation: Oxford - November 11, 1992), this album goes out of its way to find his rarer routines. Some of these may be familiar to the more nerdy fans (like myself - e.g. 7 - Kids on Planes) but many are entirely new (e.g. 10 - Australia), meaning they renew the hilarity that used to be derived from his more well-worn routines.

My one objection to this CD is that it lacks any of his prophetic / political material & instead is just his observation on more down-to-Earth things (e.g. 3 - his new Apartment). Saying this, the material is still interesting & well performed. Although it is good to hear his more eye-opening stuff, Bill used and developed this into his popular routines and hence we get to hear more of the basis for his comedic brilliance, and, are in the sorry situation of having heard his very best stuff already.

Don't be disheartened though - this CD has some amazing routines & is well worth purchasing to get a more rounded perspective on Bill. Maybe, one day, Mrs Hicks & co will get round to releasing another CD such as this one and then maybe the puzzle of the greatest Stand-up comic of our times will be solved. Here's hoping...
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on 23 March 2014
Although it had a lot of the same material I was happy to add it to my collection of material of Bill Hicks
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on 22 February 2013
It's just our luck that Bill was around when Bush was in, because Hicks is still relevant to the new Bush
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 2 July 2017
Released posthumously in 1996, the 'Love, Laughter and Truth' CD album collected together material from Bill Hicks' stand-up acts from 1990 to 1993, including snippets from his HBO television special 'One Night Stand'.

Bill was an artist who often repeated himself, and so a lot of what is on this compilation, assuming you already own a Hicks album, will be familiar to you. However, certain routines weren't performed quite so prolifically like the tracks on here which are titled 'Children on Airplanes' and 'My Favorite New Kid', so you could consider this rarities along with his famous, well-documented thoughts on drinking, drugs, and of course - smoking.

I admit that I could listen to this man's philosophies all day, and although this release doesn't really capture the essence of Bill's thoughts in terms of political, spiritual, and morality, it's nice to have some lesser-known material, and the aforementioned absences can easily be found elsewhere.

The only reason as to why I am rating 'Love, Laughter and Truth' four stars, is that the sound isn't the best, and as everything was culled together from different shows, the varying quality is quite distracting in places. If you're an avid fan of this American legend, who was surprisingly more understood and appreciated over here in Britain when he was alive, this is a great addition to your Hicks' collection. However, if you are searching around for your first CD album/MP3 download of his work, then there are better alternatives (try another compilation, Philosophy: The Best Of Bill Hicks, or even an official album like DANGEROUS first) out there.
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on 16 February 2012
It is astonishing to consider that a talent as profound as Bill Hickes - only recorded four complete albums for release before his untimely passing from cancer in 1994, and that only two of these were actually released whilst he was alive. The two others were released posthumously conforming to the editing and sequencing notes left by Bill himself. A fifth album was eventually released - cross-referencing unedited material from these four albums. The album under review here is special. It is comprised from many hours of unedited material recorded in various places between 1990-1993. It was recorded on many different sound systems and under varying standards of quality. The Hicks Estate has many of these kinds of recordings made by Bill himself as a personal record of performances. Key performabces were collected onto two CD's, and then edited down to the single CD we have here. The sound quality is very good, but does varying from time to time. It has been lovingly edited and restored so as to remove hisses and pops, as well as minimise the change in sound levels. The result is a stunning collection of incredibly funny and insightful material:

The CD - Bill Hicks - Love, Laughter and Truth - was released in 2002 and consists of 18 distinct tracks:

1) Intro/Smokers Vs Drinkers. 2) Drunk Driving. 3) New York Apartment. 4) My One Man Show. 5) Pot Smoking. 6) Drugs Are Bad. 7) Children On Airplanes. 8) 50 Year Smoker. 9) Smoking InHeaven. 10) Australia. 11) Satiating The American Audience. 12) Dance Club. 13) Speaking Of Homosexuality. 14) Poe-Naw-Grah-Fee. 15) A Question For The ladies. 16) My Favourite New Kid. 17) You Can't Get Bitter. 18) Closing Bit.

Bill speaks of the changing attitudes to alcohol drinking in the USA, and says that in the early 1980's - if a Cop pulled you over asked if you had been drinking - and the answer was 'yes' - he would apologise for inconvenience and send you on your way. In the early 1990's, by way of contrast, if you got pulled over for drinking every Cop car in the County would descend to watch you audition for your own freedom. Bill says that he use drink so much that on one occassion, when he was pulled over by the Cops he started 'dancing' to their flashing lights - thinking that he had made it to another nightclub. He speaks about pornography and the positive side to drug taking - pointing out the media distortion of the subject. One can not help being moved by the honesty and sincerity of Bill Hicks - and living in the times that we do, his brand of humour and intelligence is much needed. A masterpiece of expression.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 18 November 2017
Got this for a friend who stumbled across Bill Hicks and really loved the Rant in E-minor CD. She was super pleased to add this and lent it to me to hear a while later and have to say I really enjoyed it too. Very clever and funny guy.
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on 7 November 2007
A compilation from some of Hicks' early performances provides yet another great album showing Bill at his funniest. This has some great material on it, including some old favourites told in a slightly different way. I love it that he can make you laugh and open your eyes wide to the irony in life at the same time. His political jokes are sharp and witty and his life observations are not only true, but hilarious. Not as caustic as Rant in E-Minor, but a great album regardless. This isn't necessarily one to share with your mum, but it is one to share with all your friends, family and colleagues and as many people as possible!!! Once you hear one Hicks album you'll be hooked. Simply brilliant.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 21 May 2010
In typical fashion with the rest of the Bill Hicks collection this cd is excellent...each of Bill cd's brings a different vibe, style and response to his amazing material and Love, Laughter and Truth is excellent for exactly this reason. The brilliance of Bill is unquestionable and on this cd he delivers a nicely different performance, almost slightly chilled...anyway, just buy it, support him and listen to it.

RIP Bill Hicks. Greatest comdeian/prophet of all time.
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on 14 November 2002
Yep, the greatest stand-up comic/social commentator/satirist/cynic/preacher (Delete where applicable) returns from beyond the grave with some new, previously unheard material! Culled from various sources between the years 1990-93, LoveLaughterAndTruth will please all die-hard Hicksophiles happy, especially with the news that Rykodisc intend to release even more stuff from the vaults. Anyone not familiar with this man's wit and insight into the state of the world should check out this (and all of his other CDs) immediately, as well as read 'American Scream' by Cynthia True. Now, go forth and learn...
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on 13 November 2002
I'm a HUGH Bill Hicks fan, and have been waiting for this release for a while. Unfortunately, if you're already familiar with his work, you've probably heard most of this material before (from different recordings on CD/video). But, that probably won't stop you from buying this CD anyway :0)
If you're new to Bill, I'd start with 'Rant in E-Minor' instead (probably his best CD).
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