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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 25 May 2017
Excellent. Thank you.
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on 19 June 2017
Oh, just the best film EVER
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on 23 January 2006
It's great to finally see a film where surfing isn't potrayed as the perfect lifestyle and an easy sport. What's great about this film is that it shows that not everything is perfect in the world. Although Annmarie's life might seem great from the outside, I bet that bringing up a rebellious sister and struggling with near poverty is no cup of tea. The photography in this movie is amazing, the way that it switches from over the water to under the water. The background of Hawaii is beautiful, and the Director has managed to capture the dangerous reality of surfing despite all of these factors. A must-see movie: captures the harsh reality of life with a feel-good ending!
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on 9 June 2010
As far as movies go (even as a surf flick) this is great entertainment. I love surfing...and...well women too, so what more could i want in a movie! Beside that the movie does have some great surf footage, an easy plot to follow, good action scenes and but most importantly manages to capture part of the escene of surfing and the anguish of wipeouts. My girlfriend thoroughly enjoyed this too, so based on this as well, it gets 5 stars : )
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on 20 June 2017
The plot of the film feels very close to reality. I think I really fell in love with this movie, and I'll watch it a few times. The film's camera switch is too montage. The outcome is unexpected. The two main characters of the emotional performance of people laughing. I watched this movie with my father.
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on 26 September 2007
The summer movie of 2002 arrived a few months late. Blue Crush epitomized the very spirit of summer, with its surfer mentality and hanging out at the beach. Blue Crush, however, goes against the grain of most surfer movies. It tells the truth about surfing and that most surfers have to work hard to pursue their dreams.

The best part of Blue Crush, while giving an interesting view into the surfer culture, is the surfing scenes. Much like Top Gun with its jet scenes, the actual surfing overwhelms anything the story has to offer. They're wonderful and exhilating, and as you watch you suddenly realise why, as dangerous as surfing is, why people fall in love with it. The surfing shots at the film's climax are absolutely stunning, and you suddenly realise how much force the ocean has to offer.

The story of Blue Crush is Ann Maria is preparing for the Pipe Competition, which is the one competition that if you do well you can pretty much surf for a living. Her two friends, Eden and Lena (a real surfer), support her and makes sure she stays focused on the competition. The one struggle Ann Marie must overcome is she nearly drowned threes years before the movie starts out. Her mother, who we never see, has left her to raise her sister because life got to intense, and Ann Maria struggles with this same flaw. The Pipe Competition features some of the most intense waves surfers can tackle, and people die out there. The three girls work in a hotel to make ends meet and struggle with getting Ann Maria's sister to school..

That is the movie in a nutshell. Blue Crush's driving force is whether or not Ann Maria will give up her dreams. The biggest stumbling block in the way is an NFL football quarterback who, with some of his buddies, are vacationing. They begin a romance which makes Ann Marie lose focus on the competition. It turns out the quarterback a player and has done this before on several vacations. He then has a change of heart and supports her in the competition. This is the weakest part of the movie.

Why he has a change of heart is never really explained and to this viewer the romance seemed little more than a tool instead of an actual love story between the two characters. You never really connect with him as a person. Instead, he feels like just the mandatory love interest instead of an actual character.

However, give credit where credit is do. Blue Crush gets kudos for actually showing the surfing culture as having to struggle to continue surfing instead of the beach movies of the 1960s where no one knew what work was.

And the surfing shots. Don't forget those.

September 4, 2002
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on 6 February 2005
I love this movie - I know a lot of reviewers here have bombed the storyline etc but it's fun. The Hawaiian scenery is beautiful and the fact that Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez and Sanoe Lake trained in surfing for months to do all their own stunts for the movie makes it even better. Yeah, the story may be basic and a little predicable but I'd still recommend it - if just for the stunning Hawaiian scenery and the great soundtrack.
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on 29 March 2008
I bought this movie hoping to see beautiful and dramatic scenes of people surfing big blue waves in Hawaii.I wasn't disappointed and would say that
this is the best photography of the sea I have ever seen. The actors and actresses in Blue Crush put their lives on the line for real and this is why the surfing is so believable.One of the waves surfed for the film was among the biggest waves ever surfed by a woman.The story is okay but the surfing is all I'll remember in years to come.Thoroughly recommended to anyone who likes nature and the outdoors.Young people will like it most but adults will also be amazed.If you liked Blue Crush then buy a copy of the WCT 2001 Review of Professional surfing (Pro Surfing).You should enjoy that too.
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on 20 June 2015
There is a great surfing movie in here, unfortunately it is lost among the cliches of the teen genre. For a surfing movie, there isn’t a lot of surfing. We keep being told that Anne Marie is a great surfer and loves the sport, yet all we see is her faffing about in the small waves and wimping out of anything that even barely resembles a competition level wave, and yet she has somehow gained an invitation to compete at Pipeline. Also, considering the first ten minutes of the film drums into us that Anne Marie loves surfing, she very quickly seems keen to throw it all away just because a cute boy comes along.
I do like the rawness of the film. The action shots are awesome and it does a great job of showing the ferocity of the waves which come thick and fast whilst the wipeouts are shown in harrowing slow-motion; which to anyone who has ever experienced it is very realistic. I also like that the surf girls are living in squalor, working as cleaners to pay the rent. A bohemian existence that many who have a passion can appreciate.
Michelle Rodriguez is also very good. She has a calm aggression in her acting style that makes people sit up and take notice and it works very well in this film.
There are a generous amount of extras on the DVD too.
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on 21 May 2004
I love it! With the sun, the surf, the whole lifestyle. The three girls: Anne Marie(Kate Bosworth), Lina(Senoe Lake) and Eden(Michelle Roderiguz)live the surf lifestyle. They eat sleep,and drink surfing. Whats really refreshing about this movie is that you feel motivated after watching it. You'll prob want to take up surfing-Although not with the waves that they surf on!! It is all set in Hawaii which makes it more interesting. Anne Marie is a great surfer, but she had a near death experience, and almost died while surfing. Will she let this stop her from trying to win Pipe masters?
Some people have said that they dont want to watch this movie because they think it is just about surfing-Not true. It is about these three girls trying to live a dream, and trying to cope on their own. I would definetly recommend this movie to anyone, and especially as its coming up for summer, it'll put you in the mood. Enjoy.
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