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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 30 October 2002
I bought "Stripped" on the quality of her sleazy-pop single 'Dirrty'. Boy I was surprised ... It's nothing like it. It's actually a surprisingly mature, beautifully crafted masterpiece. This is all about Christina Aguilera and that’s where we will begin…
[Ratings out of 5]
1. Stripped Intro - An interesting start, with Christina delivering a personal statement to lovely piano beats. Shame it's so short. [4/5]
2. Can't Hold Us Down (feat. Lil' Kim) - a slinky 'woman power’ song riddled with thought-provoking lyrics. Lil' Kim contributes an average rap to the proceedings. Feminists will love it. [4/5]
3. Walk Away - A bluesy piano number. A real indication of Christina's new direction. Striking, but it goes on for far too long without offering anything to keep interest. [3/5]
4. Fighter - Linda Perry's first contribution is a Pink-esque rock-pop piece that is full of aggression and is catchy in all the right places. [4/5]
5. Primer Amor Interlude - Spanish guitar interlude spoken by Christina in Spanish. Pretty pointless in general. [2/5]
6. Infatuation - Lively, funky Latin-pop song. It flows along nicely and has single potential. Above J-Lo quality thankfully. [4/5]
7. Loves Embrace Interlude - Sickly sweet dreamy interlude with high pitched singing. No more please. [1/5]
8. Loving Me 4 Me - Another piano breeze. Lyrically average, and plainly middle of the road. The low point of the album, which is still better than many other's best offerings. [2/5]
9. Impossible - Alicia Keys works her charms on this smoky ballad. A film noir feel to a song that oozes quality. [4/5]
10. Underappreciated - A mix of mo-town charm and Anastacia comes into play on this upbeat number. Good... but just wait until you see what's next... [3/5]
11. Beautiful - The best song on the album. Beautifully crafted, and the very first time we get to hear Christina's "stripped" voice without any over-dramatic warbling. Lyrically simple yet effective. A true classic. [5/5]
12. Make Over - Sounds strangely like Sugababes' "Overload". Very experimental and unique for this album. Another Linda Perry classic. Electric pop meets scratchy guitar ... and Christina's stripped voice returns. Excellent. [5/5]
13. Cruz - Another excellent song, another Linda Perry effort. A toned down "Beautiful", a lovely song in general. Who needs plastic pop when we can have this instead? [5/5]
14. Soar - Christina continues her streak of 'feel good' music with this uplifting gospel offering. Christina really does this well ... and I'm certainly not complaining. [4/5]
15. Get Mine, Get Yours - Christina gets her groove back on for this upbeat track which is basically an average entry into an already epic music catalogue. Pales in significance to upcoming tracks. [3/5]
16. Dirrty (feat. Redman) - Totally out of place on this album. The first single produced by RockWilder. Dirrty. Filthy. Sleazy... Wonderful. Clunky, heavy beats coupled with in-your-face lyrics. Redman adds a good rap that fits perfectly. [5/5]
17. Stripped Pt.2 - Picks up where the intro left off. Not as long as its predecessor but surprisingly good for what it is. [3/5]
18. The Voice Within - Reminiscent of Christina's debut album. Reminds me of Mariah Carey at her very best. Wonderful trademark ballad from Christina. [4/5]
19. I'm OK - The most personal song from Christina and my runner-up for best song on the album. Guess what? ... it's another Linda Perry collaboration that is lyrically affecting and moving. An emotional masterpiece ... but why so late on?
20. Keep On Singin' My Song - The closing number is a preachy gospel statement. Surprisingly forgettable, but as the lyrics are saying, keep on singing Christina no matter what people say.
Overall I’m giving this album 5 stars of five. Christina really has excelled expectations by delivering an album with such depth, variety and class that breaks Ms. Aguilera out of the ‘teeny pop’ league once and for all. Britney Spears take note. This is how to do it.
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on 2 January 2003
Being not exactly a Miss Aguilera fan, I bought this album on a whim and on the strength of the single Dirrty.
And was not disappointed - there are so many different styles featured on this CD and for each one Christina manages to blow you away with her amazing voice which makes Mariah Carey sound ordinary.
Every track is brilliant but the standouts for me are 'Beautiful'- one of the best and most heartfelt ballads you are likely to hear,'Get mine, Get yours' - a sexy, urban tune which is incredibly catchy and the gospel-tinged end to the CD 'Keep singingmy song'- which is impossible not to sing along to (although you do realise how bad you sound in comparison!!)
This album is simply the best you will hear all year and although impressive on the first listen by the tenth, you will not want to play anything else as it just gets better and better.
Perfect for blasting out of your car stereoas you drive along the motorway it is a guaranteed mood improver and soundtrack to your life, I cant recommend it highly enough.
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on 31 December 2002
what a pleasant suprise!! chrstinas album is diverse, eclectic and mature! while i was a little concerned at the 20 tracks (it often happens that the quality of the songs begins to drop) just about every song was a great listen.
1. stripped intro, an intro with medlody, irony and a message.
2. can't hold us down, with lil' kim, one of my fave's it is hip hop influenced, beaty and catchy with a kick-ass message.
3. walk away, probably my favourite, a six eight ballad with some real gustoand some incredible vocals from christina.
4. fighter, cleverly blended in from walk away, while its message is basically the opposite, it carries on from the theme of walk away, to the girl who is standing up for herself! this is great, a real rock tune!
5. primer amor interlude, spanish lovey stuff.
6. LOVE THIS!! infatuation, latino, great lyrics, catchy, a great sing-a-long song!
7. love embrace interlude, english lovey stuff.
8. loving me for me, not the best song of the album, but still good, sweet and soulful.
9. impossible with alicia keys, melodic, soul, r'n'b, this is great!
10. underappreciated, again, more soul influence, macy grayish kinda sound, but at the same time, unique.
11. beautiful, probably her second release, this is GORGEOUS! its simpleness is its brilliance!! one of the best songs of the album.
12. make over, another rock song, the great linda perry getting christina to branch out into different genres. love it!
13. cruz, gorgeous sound, easy listening, summery tune.
14. soar, similar to cruz in a way, but still great, sweet hamronies.
15. get mine, get yours, another more r'n'b type song, catchy and basey, this is a good tune.
16. dirrty with redman. i dont need to say anything. you've all heard it, all seen the video. this is one heck of a tune!
17. stripped pt 2, an interlude, sorry shes not a virgin, sorry she's not a slut, honest, and personal, critics can shut the f up.
18. the voice within, FANTASTIC!! i love this. starts off slow and mild, but later develops into a real hard hitting soulful deep song, fantastic vocals, shows us why she is not britney's rival, she is a superb singer in her own right who is going to be around for a lot longer. trust me.
19. i'm ok. moving, quietly disturbing, but motivating.
20. uplifing song, a nice final track, showing us that she is a real star!
great album christina, i expected it to be good, but this is fantastic, the best album i have listened to in a good few years! buy this people, if you like pop, hip hop, r'n'nb, a bit of rock, soul and an all'round bloody good set of songs.
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on 25 August 2003
If you're like me - if you despise the number of moronic "artists" who churn out the blandest of music but nevertheless rocket to the top of the charts - then "Stripped" is a must-have.
I have been a fan of Christina Aguilera's voice for some time, but I was more than a little disappointed with her self-titled debut; I knew she could do better. And now she has. Jettisoning the catchy-but-empty pop of her early days, Aguilera has brought forth the real person behind the image, and real music back into the pop scene. Besides the fact that every single song on this album is worthy of Christina's incredible voice, you would be hard pushed to find a more raw, emotional album than "Stripped". Just listen to "I'm OK", the creepy account of a childhood plagued by an abusive father, and try not to be moved. It's impossible.
It must be said that there is a dark undertone running throughout "Stripped", which may turn a lot of younger people off; most of the songs are about as bright and happy as a funeral, but that's what makes this album so great. Christina is one of those long-lost divas; she sings the blues because she's had them... frequently. But that's not to say she wallows in self-pity; "Keep On Singing My Song" sees her deciding to ignore the critics, get through the pain of the past and move on with life, while the raunchy "Get Mine, Get Yours" and club anthem "Dirrty" complete the dance numbers but still retain a level of quality not seen in the rest of today's so-called R&B tracks.
If you are still unconvinced, then just listen to "Walk Away" - a sexy, melancholy song about the pain of breaking away from a harmful relationship. This is true blues, and it puts the numerous R&B pretenders (e.g. Justin Timberlake, Beyonce Knowles) to shame.
Congratulations, then, to Christina Aguilera, Scott Storch, Matt Morris and Linda Perry for creating a heartfelt CD that hasn't left my player since October. Even though she has already shown a maturity beyond her years with "Stripped", I'm sure Christina will continue to grow... and I'll be first in line for the next album.
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on 14 February 2003
Well, the long-awaited follow-up to 1999's "Christina Aguilera" is finally here - three years on, and not a moment too soon. While Britney's been churning out new albums of decreasing quality, Christina's waited. And it's paid off! This album has evidently been lingered over, and shows a new, more mature "Xtina". A masterpiece from start to finish, I want to break the album down and give you my view on each track:-
1) Stripped Intro 7/10
This should have been made into a fully fledged song (though maybe an album track as opposed to a single). A thumping, sultry R'n'B backing track coupled with Xtina's message of "This is me, stripped bare" truly sets the pace of the album.
2) Can't Hold Us Down 6/10
True R'n'B, with "Lady Marmalade" collaborator. This could be better, perhaps a little more punchy, but with a strong message of female empowerment and a catchy chorus, this is a possible future single.
3) Walk Away 9/10
Ballad with edge. Different to the masses of anodyne ballads out there, with a middle eight that will truly blow you away!
4) Fighter 9/10
On first listening of this album, this was my favourite track. A rough'n'ready R'n'B track with Dave Navarro lending his skills and that extra touch of credibility.
6) Infatuation 6/10
Christina doesn't have brilliant diction on this slightly muffled Latino track. Not brilliantly catchy, and definitely one of the poppiest moments of the album. However, despite this being one of "Stripped"'s weakest moments, it's still twice as good as half the music out there.
8) Loving Me 4 Me 8/10
Is this Christina Aguilera or Jill Scott?! Not only is this reminiscent of Scott's style, but Christina's voice takes on the floating subtlety of Philly's finest export. Truly brilliant!
9) Impossible 9/10
This is an obvious single, and certainly more of an Alicia Keys record. But that's no bad thing. Christina's voice is outstanding here, and when this is released will capture the number 1 spot with very little difficulty.
10) Underappreciated 5.5/10
Weakest song on "Stripped", with a vague attempt being made at Macy Gray-esque funk. Not very impressive, but as with "Infatuation" would be the standout track on any mediocre Britney album.
11) Beautiful 10/10
The title says it all. Beautiful in message, orchestration and melody. We all know this follow up to "Dirrty", and this moving ballad is not only commercially appealing, but touching in a different way to every listener.
12) Make Over 8/10
Linda Perry's on top form here (as with "Beautiful"). The rockiest track on the album, the chorus isn't "overdone" (as this might make the piece repetitive and draining) and the melody is reminiscent of Sugababes' "Overload".
13) Cruz 7/10
The name baffles me (not an ode to Penélope!), but nice all the same!
14) Soar 7/10
A gospel track that left me rather impressionless. But nonetheless, a nice melody and uplifting lyrics make for an all-round nice song.
15) Get Mine, Get Yours 10/10
THE BEST SONG HERE!!!!!! Brilliant!!!! Simply put, its wonderful, sensual, and the standout track on "Stripped"!
16) Dirrty 10/10
Once again, perfection. A masterpiece of a reworking of Redman's "Let's Get Dirty", and the sexiest track around at the moment. A brilliant choice for a leading single off an all-round brilliant album.
18) The Voice Within 6/10
This anodyne ballad harks back to weak tracks from her debut, such as Obvious and Blessed. But nice enough. Not a future single though!
19) I'm OK 9.5/10
Possibly, one of the most personal songs ever recorded by an artist. A deeply touching portrait of life in the Aguilera household, this shows Christina's bravery in tackling a subject that most artists would try and gloss over.
20) Keep On Singin' My Song 6/10
This is puzzling. A brilliant album merely fizzles out. There's nothing memorable about this song, and it seems a bizarre choice to have even been put on the album. Lyrically positive and empowering, yet melodically uninspiring and bland.
And that's my view. Despite some weak points ("Underappreciated", "Keep On Singin..."), a masterpiece!
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on 23 August 2006
Why have I got the Album 4 years on?......

I never used to be a fan of Christina's image or her music when her first album were released. Especially when Stripped was released back in 2002! When I was much younger I used to be a strong Britney fan, (...I know!) and I used to love all that sugary sweet pop stuff. So obviously when Christina came out with Stripped I was outraged. Her image was horrible and I thought it was just a sleezy RnB album after hearing Dirrty! I then got out of that Pop world and started to like a variety of stuff and no longer was I crazy Britney fan.

4 Years on from Stripped I purchased 'Back To Basics', her new modern take on Jazz/Soul/40's Music. I listened and was absolutely amazed and 5 days later I bought Stripped.

Stripped is a collection of fantasticly produced music with catchy beats and mind-blowing vocals. I love this album and listen to everyday and I agree that her voice is one of the best in our generation. She uses her voice well and makes any song (as simple as a piano and a drumkit) into a fantastic song. Her voice takes you through the album and her different voice sounds fit in with all the moods. Here's how I judged the album.

1)Intro - Should have made this into a proper song, fantastic start 10/10

2)Cant Hold Us Down - One of the highlights of the album, a great differnce. Its not about love for a change and the rap is certainly worth having in. Great 10/10

3)Walk Away - Great Ballad with a touching Chorus and vocally it is thrilling ranging many octaves, possibly could have made this shorter! Great 9/10

4)Fighter - A change from the last two and shows a powerful side to Christina's Vocals. Another highlight of the Album. Great 10/10

5)Interlude - Her spanish is suprisingly good and it is a good start to Infatuation, not really needed, couldn't this have been included in track 6? Anyway the guitar is great and her voice is beautiful and has a nice sound! Great 9/10

6) Infatuation - WOW! Very poppy but very, very good! The lyrics are great. This one is certainly worth listening to and I think this is another highlight! WOW 10/10

7) Interlude - Rainforest sounds with highpitched voices. Hmm. I dont think this was neccessary and really should have been included with track 8. Still nice to listen to and fits nicely before Loving Me 4 Me. Ok 8/10

8)Loving Me 4 Me - Not really much to say about this, it's nice but not really exciting, I often skip and is very slow! Still good and it's a grower. Good 8/10

9)Impossile - I swear this sounds like another Alicia Keys songs but oh well. Very nice touch with Alicia on the track and is a very nice jazzy song! I like this one, not a highlight but still great! 9.5/10

10)Underappreciated - Alot of people think this is a filler and I strongly disagree. It's upbeat and the chorus is very catchy. Nice work, Scott Storch! Great 10/10

11)Beutiful - What is there to say, you already know. WOW! 10/10

12)Make Over - Woooooooh this is rocky. Great chorus, lots of booming energy and strong and powerful vocals. Well done, a highlight not to be missed! Great 10/10

13)Cruz - Whats with the name? A fantastic song like I keep saying to all of them. Is there any bad on this album? NOPE! Great 10/10

14)Soar - This is amazing if you want to hear her voice at the best. Not the greatest song but her voice, is well..... WOW! If someone like Britney did this song I would have given it a 7 but Xtinas vocals make this song for me a great highlight! Fab! 10/10

15)Probably one of my favourites, the first time I heard this it was live, and above many of the other songs this one stood out! Similar to Underappreciated as far as catchy chorus' go! Great 10/10!

16)I hated this song when I first heard it, the video was well... DIRRTY! Although Christina says its about how the woman is the main focus and its about being powerful and strong! NOT what I had in mind! After time this has come to be one of my favourites of the whole album. Maybe is she hadnt have been so 'out there' with this single maybe this album would have sold more. If beautiful was released first I dont think it would be as slated as much! Known as her first Flop - Its Dirrty! But I like it - 10/10!

17) Stripped part 2 - please read intro!

18) The Voice Within - I think Christina has been clever by spreading the best songs out. Because Im Ok and this are beautiful ballads and are my favourite and so near the back! TVW - Beautiful 10/10

19) Im Ok - What can I say? She sings about her father and her abuse with such emotion and care that it sends chills down your spine! Another favourite! WOW! 10/10

20) Keep Singin My Song - Another hit from Scott Storch and it sure pleases! Vocals are great! But why so long - Over 6 Minutes, but then again at the end it stops for a while then has a load of voices saying, 'Can we Go'! Great End - 9/10!

No Fillers, amazing. Please get this - you will NOT regret it!
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on 4 June 2004
This album is fantastic I completely recommend it! Best album I've ever bought & I own a lot of albums! If you are a fan of Dirrty, Beautiful, Fighter, Can't Hold Us Down or The Voice Within (her singles) then you are going to love this! Christina has showed not only the talent of being able to sing, which we all know she's very good at, but also her ability to use emotion in her tracks, the tracks on here all mean something to Christina's life, for example 'Make Over' is a track the Christina is basically saying she is fed up over being catogorised as something she's not (ex. pop princess) 'Lovin' Me 4 Me' is a track where she is basically a song that she wrote sedcibing a man, who loves her for her and not who she is, I've quoted a bit of the lyrics that point this out "People ask why I'm in love with you... well let me start by saying you've got my heart by just being who you are. What we do is between me and you, doesn't matter about the money I make or what I do or that I'm a ...star!". Another track that is close to Christina's heart is 'I'm OK' where she talks about her rough child hood, (when singing it you can hear her choke back the tears) she actually sung this song lying down, and yet still it sound good! She also said to MTV TRL that if she sung that song at a concert or whatever that it would be a one off, as it is very emotional for her to sing... as the owners of this album have heard!
BRITNEY SPEARS HAS SAID SHE BOUGHT THIS STRIPPED ALBUM AND ENJOYED IT VERY MUCH!!!! So there you go if Christina's supposed rival is saying it's good it must be... trust me!
And it is one of the most successful albums in the UK album chart at the moment! ... I hope I have been of some help!
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on 25 April 2003
1999's self titled album was pretty cheesy really and wasn't exactly what Christina wanted to be.. 3 years later and album number 2 Christina Aguilera strips down to her real self and produces easily one of the best albums of recent years.
Great production, personal lyrics and wicked tunes 'Stripped' has it all. There are no Ricky Martin duets or 'Genie In A Bottle' type songs here, instead Christina has opted for something to make her a more credible artist and musically more relaxing whilst remaining upbeat. There are so many styles of music on this album, there are quite a few ballads (the best being 'Walk Away' and the number 1 smash 'Beautiful) some more rockier songs in 'Fighter' and 'Make Over' (which sounds very reminiscent of Sugababes' 'Overload') there is also some brilliant RnB tunes in the shape of 'Dirrty' and 'Get Mine, Get Yours' (which is a very sexy track :D). Other standouts include the beautiful ballad 'Loving Me For Me', the Alicia Keys produced 'Impossible' and the incredibly personal and emotional 'I'm Ok' which tells of her childhood.
Whether people can take Christina as a serious and extremely good vocalist is yet to be seen but judging by this album, Christina could/should easily be the next Madonna. Buy!!
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on 6 November 2002
It's been such a long wait for this album; but to me it's so much better for an artist to record one fantastic album like this than churn out a disk every year.
I can't stop listening to it! Every track is so different and original; Christina has grown up since her first album (just look at the difference in album covers!)
'Dirrty' is a great song, but don't judge the entire album on the first single; it's much deeper and personal.
I love 'Make Over', 'Infatuation', 'Get mine, get yours', 'the voice within','impossible'... too hard to choose just one!
If you like 'Missundaztood' by P!NK then I would definitely recommend this album. It's no-where near as pop-orientated as her 1999 album, and unlike many other artists, Christina has written many of her own lyrics
She receives so much bad press for her fashion-style, I just wish all the critics would buy this album and remember what a fantastic voice and persona she has.
This definitely gets 5 HUGE stars!!
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on 16 May 2003
I am seriously addicted to this album, it is so good! Anybody who has any doubts about Miss Aguilera, buy this CD, because it is absolutely brilliant! My opinions on each track are:
1. Stripped Intro 10/10 - This is only a short introduction to the CD, which basically tells everybody who doubts her, her side of the story. Very good, for such a short piece.
2. Can't Hold us Down - 4/10 - This is the only song on the album that I don't like. I a;ways skip over it when I listen, so I can't really say that much about it.
3. Walk Away - 9/10 - You can't really fault this wonderful ballad, which really shows of Christina's vocal talents. It begins slow, and builds up throughout, to end slowly again. Very good.
4. Fighter - 10/10 - This is the new single so many people have probably already heard it. Very good, and quite rocky - different to what she's donw before. About Christina's relationship with her Father, this is one heck of a song.
5. Primer Amor Interlude - 10/10 - I like the little interlude things, as they sort of set the scene for the next track. Helpful for this one if you can understand Spanish.
6. Infatuation - 10/10 - This song is about an infatuation with a Puerto Rican. Kind of tells the story of her infatuation with this person. I like the lyrics ("She said I gave my heart too soon and that's how I became your mother"), and the Spanish phrases (el ritmo, te quiero). Very good song.
7. Loves Embrace Interlude - 7/10 - Once again a sort of 'prelude' to the following track. This, a little different, is also very good.
8. Loving Me 4 Me - 7/10 - One of the weaker tracks on the album (if there is such a thing as a weak track!), this song is a little slow going, but after listening to it a couple of times, it begins to grow on you.
9. Impossible - 9/10 - With Alicia Keys, this is once again, a very good track. With the traditional Alicia Keys piano backing, and lots of soulful harmonys, it is once again, hard to fault.
10. Underappreciated - 8/10 - On a par with track 8, this is once again a very good song. Lyrics are perhaps a little bland, but I still like it.
11. Beautiful - 10/10 - Is there anything that needs to be said about this song? The track is, as the title suggests, beautiful. This is one of the best songs on the album, in my opinion.
12. Make Over - 10/10 - I LOVE this song. It's really good, quite rocky, once again away from Christina's usual style. A catchy backing track, serves this song well.
13. Cruz - 9/10 - I really like this song, though am not quite sure what it is about. At first, it seems as if it will be a fast song, but turns out to be a lovely ballad.
14. Soar - 8/10 - When I listen to the album, this song sort of sounds like a continuation of Cruz. It's still very good, with a nice, catchy chorus.
15. Get Mine, Get Yours - 9/10 - This is a very 'sexy' song, and I think it's great. Once again, there's the catchy chorus and backing track.
16. Dirrty - 10/10 - What needs to be said? You've all heard the song and seen the video. At first, I didn't like this song, but it grew on me, and was what inspired me to buy the album.
17. Stripped Pt 2 - 9/10 - A continuation of track 1, this sees Christina once again telluing off all the people that have put her down in the past.
18. The Voice Within - 10/10 - An excellent ballad, this begins very slow, but builds up in the middle, and ends slow once again. This is one of my favourites on the album. The beginning line reminds me of a song, but I don't know what it is!
19. I'm OK - 10/10 - The beginning of this is a continuation from the end of track 18, so it doesn't seem as if there is a gap. The sounds at the start are a little strange, if not disturbing, but set the scene perfectly. About the abuse from her father, this is quite an angsty song. I like the way the POV changes from 3rd person to first person continually throughout the song. Excellent.
20. Keep on Singin' my Song - 9/10 - If the context of this song wasn't what it is, I would have thought that this track would be better suited in the middle of the album. However, this track is basically saying that no matter what anyone says, Christina is going to keep on making music, and "Keep on singin' my song". Very good.
Overall rating: 9/10, 5 stars. Definitely buy this album now! Click on the shopping basket button right awayThis CD deserves to win album of the year, because it certainly is mine.
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