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They Live [DVD] [1989]
Format: DVD|Change
Price:£9.96+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 26 September 2017
This release was a total surprise to me. It contains the best of both worlds. First off I owned the Scream Factory which is cool with the new artwork which is on this release and has reversible artwork of the original cover. Great extras and perfect HD quality but the only draw back was this continuing problem with the Region Lock which in this case is Region A Locked. This should not be a problem for most collector's of Blu-Rays as most have multi region players which will play anything but there are some including myself to begin with who didn't or don't own these machines (I recommend you buy one).

But anyway Studio Canal to the rescue who have not only released a UK version of this classic John Carpenter movie but also included all the extras off the Scream Factory disc and flung them onto this one. I believe a similar pattern has emerged with other releases but all in all this is the perfect solution going forward especially as Scream Factory do not take orders from UK buyers as they do not ship to this part of the world.

The film truly speaks its for itself, it was way ahead of its time and is just as important now as it was then. The release is perfection all the way, giving you great insights in a funny audio commentary from Carpenter himself and Roddy Piper. It also contains interviews with Keith David and Meg Foster plus much more. The cover artwork is a little off but by today's standard's is actually very cool with plenty to feast your eyes on. OBEY this release.
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on 26 July 2016
Piper plays a loner/drifter looking for work who ends up meeting Keith David (The Thing) on a construction job who directs him to somewhere he can stay. Piper then notices some strange goings on in the local church which ends up being raided by the police as well as the camp he is staying in. After the raid, he goes back to the church and finds a box full of sunglasses which initially he thinks nothing of. However, when he finally tries a pair on, he discovers that he can 'see' what's really going on in society and the authoritarian system of control that most people are blissfully unaware of. After a fight, he teams up with David in order to do something about the alien/demonic creatures that have taken over the country. Overall great ideas, if not slightly dated, but still very relevant today. Recommended.
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on 9 March 2017
This film 'KICKS ASS',and i believe it also chews bubblegum ! Great iconic scene of the sunglasses awakening/awareness,funny thing is,in certain circles people are looking at this film today with a more reality to it than ever ! RIP RODDY PIPER
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on 14 November 2016
Not John Carpenter's best movie but all these years later it has actually stood up to the test of time, I enjoyed it more recently than I did when it first came out back in the good old eighties.
On finding a special pair of sunglasses which allow him to see how things really are, down and out Roddy Piper discovers that we have been invaded and are being controlled by aliens and joins an underground resistance group fighting to get the human race to wake up and smell the coffee.
Tongue in cheek sci fi but with one or two wee social comments.
The Bluray quality was excellent all round and the extras are nicely put together too.
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on 17 May 2017
This is one of John Carpenter`s best movies ever. An unemployed construction worker stumbles upon an alien conspiracy to enslave humans and terraform planet Earth to be more suitable to them. It is an allegory to the values we have now. Consumerism is on a rise whereas the spiritual values are slowly declining. Great stuff.
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on 2 March 2016
I saw this film some years back and was blown away then. The allusion to what is going on with the world have several levels and is referred to by many as an example of who is pulling the strings even today. Is it alien, satanic or the hidden Illuminati ? The fight scene must be a classic, not seen since John Wayne fought Victor McLaglen in the Quiet Man (1952) have I seen such a novel punch up. I highly recommend this film, so open your mind sit back and enjoy.
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on 8 July 2017
A wonderful John Carpenter movie. All those who have given it a low star rating are clearly just not John Carpenter fans, or did not look at the year it was made. I loved it!! Remember that it was made in the 70's & has that wonderful tongue in cheek fun that comes with most of the Carpenter movies. A most excellent evenings entertainment!!
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on 6 March 2017
Classic Carpenter film starring the late great Rowdy Roddy Piper. This is a film that everyone should see. It's time we all put the glasses on!
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on 7 May 2010
This is definitely one of my favorite cult films, They Live is based on a pulp sci-fi story about aliens who live among us and manipulate us through subliminal advertising, other mind control techniques, and sometimes, guns and bulldozers. Like most Carpenter films, its artistic, fun, intelligent and does not take itself too seriously. As usual Carpenter's casting is brilliant. Roddy Piper plays the good-hearted but not very bright construction worker who is both the hero and protagonist of the film. Keith David, whose character is just a little bit brighter, is his unwilling sidekick. Piper's character sees some strange goings-on in a local church, hears some weird paranoid ramblings from a street preacher, and becomes especially curious when the church is raided by 30-40 police officers and the vagrant camp where he lives is bulldozed one night. Soon after he finds a pair of sunglasses in the now abandoned church, that literally changes his view of the world around him. The fight scene between David and Piper, while straight out of TV wrestling, is one of the best I've ever seen (and there are also some other great and memorable scenes in the movie) - it goes on for a very long time - which nicely and subtly points out its significance in moving the plot forward. When Piper finally gets the sunglasses on David's face, he is vindicated and the last shred of doubt about his sanity disappears. From that point forward, they are both committed to saving the world from the alien menace. This film was an attack on the Regan era in the U.S., an attack on the rampant consumerism of the 80's, but it also seems more relevant nowadays as we see the manipulative media propaganda on t.v., or these same greedy and selfish politicians and bankers. Nonetheless, I had a blast watching THEY LIVE! It was a thoroughly entertaining sci-fi/action/B-movie. The poor special effects actually accentuated the experience. I can guarantee you also that this is most likely the best film you will ever see starring an ex-WWF wrestler.
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on 11 January 2018
Classic movie from the 80's, brought as a gift and they were very happy with it. Lot's of great one liners like "I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass... and I'm all out of bubblegum" and " You know, you look like your head fell in the cheese dip back in 1957" simply brilliant.
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