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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 22 November 2002
When I first heard this album back in 1975 I was ten years old. Twenty eight years on and it remains my favourite album of all time. Indeed, when friends have heard me playing this album, they too have fallen under its spell. I am so pleased it is now on CD for the first time, with original artwork and extra tracks.

Utilising multi layered tracking and harmonies, perfect songs and melodies, great production and placing it together with Noosha Fox's sensual and captivating vocal style was a stroke of genius. From the opening track, a cover of 'Love letters' the listener is taken seamlessley through a wonderful selection of songs. The hit singles, 'Only you can' and 'Imagine me, imagine you' set the benchmark for this album. From the lilting 'He's got magic' to the haunting 'Pieces babies' it is so hard to choose a favourite track. However, if I had to choose then the plaintive 'Love ship' would just marginally be ahead of the rest.

This album is so good that I will still be playing it in another twenty years or so. I hope that Kenny Young (writer), the rest of the musicians and Noosha Fox herself appreciate what a wonderful album they made. One is left wondering though, 'Just where is Noosha now and why doesn't she sing?'. She had a unique voice, never heard before or since.

One minor gripe about the extra tracks is that I wish it had included the song 'Silk milk' and I hope that the song finds its way onto a CD soon.

Although it is impossible to convey the sheer brilliance of this album through a review, one can only hope that the words at least succeed in capturing the essence of what this album is about. To truly appreciate it you will have to buy it for yourself!!

I am updating this review that I wrote almost ten years ago. I loaned my original CD to a friend and I never got it back. I think they too fell under the spell of the Fox album. So I've just purchased a new copy for myself. My feelings towards this record have not changed in the last ten years since my original review. I still love it as much as I ever did. I read an official review on iTunes a while back and was astounded to see the album poorly rated. So I cut and pasted this review onto iTunes. Just ignore any negative reviews about this album and don't hesitate to buy it. No matter that it's now thirty six years old, it's still fabulous. And I'm pleased to see that so many people found my original review helpful. I tried to make it succinct and to the point. (Martin Wedge 15.09.11).
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on 17 January 2005
FOX'S eponymously titled and debut 1975 album was the first LP I ever bought and it is still in my top five 30 years later.
A woefully under- appreciated album in the annals of pop history, it is quite simply a masterpiece.
It is easily up there with other classics of the 70s - Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, George's All Things Must Pass - you name it. Honest.
Why? Noosha's compellingly rich voice and harmonies both caressed and swooped over some simply fabulous songs.
The group's Kenny Young, as producer, innovated multi-tracking techniques groups like Queen eagerly emulated (and were credited for).
The album also embraced the synthesiser a good five years before inferior efforts by Ultravox, Tears for Fears and Depeche Mode et al.
This all made for a sonic joy to anyone with ears, even those that were just eight years old like mine.
As frontwoman, Noosha's voice, looks, and demeanor confirmed her as a class act, but her unique talent probably precluded her from further, and deserved success.
I bought the album when it came out after being blown away by the singles Only You Can and Imagine Me Imagine You.
Maybe it was an unusual choice when most of my peers were into Mud, Pilot or the Wombles but I didn't care.
It just sounded utterly different to anything I had ever heard before. It took my mum, no mean record collector and equally impressed, to inform me that the first track on Side one, Love Letters, was actually a cover of a classic Ketty Lester hit twelve years earlier. Fox's version has never been bettered.
Highlights apart from the singles are, I think, He's Got Magic and Pisces Babies but every track is marvellous. He's Got Magic was such an advanced piece of music making, I really thought my dad's speakers were on the blink.
The Stevie Smith-esque The More that closes Side one is a true delight and Side two opens with Noosha's vocals subtle, smooth and languorous. It closes with her attacking Red Letter Day, effortlessly sliding up and down the octaves a good three years before Kate Bush employed the same technique.
The album was quite simply way ahead of its time and as a result never really harvested the plaudits it should have done.
That is a great shame. I am the only person I know with a copy but it's great to know that there are others out there who really appreciate its worth. Buy. Savour. Enjoy.
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on 25 October 2002
I first bought this album on vinyl LP in the 1970s because it was on sale in Woolworth. When I got it home and played it, I couldn't believe it had found it's way onto the 'SALE' rack. It was far too good for that. To this day it is one of the top 10 albums I would choose to accompany me to a desert island.
Now 25 years later I received it on CD. Great job by to get it to me 7,000 miles away in Singapore, just 4 days after it was released.
The first thing that impressed me about the CD is that it has somehow retained the warmth of the vinyl version. The sound quality is excellent. The second is the addition of 4 bonus tracks. Georgina Bailey is especially fun. If you have a French Uncle - watch out!
When you listen to this, you will realise that Macy Gray is not as unique as everyone claims. Noosha Fox preceded Macy by two decades and is in my opinion more interesting.
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on 4 April 2006
I took a chance with this purchase. I don't really remember the band as I was just four year's old on it's release. Just like the modern day Goldfrapp. This band had a charasmatic lead singer in Noosha. Her vocals are just amazing. (Is Noosha, Alison Goldrapp's auntie? There is a likeness in the look and vocal talents). The album cover doesn't do this work any justice. There are mesmerising chill-out songs along with up tempo songs with irresistable hooks. I just love the Moog bass synth and other synth input. Traditional intruments add to the depth, and clever use of classical strings between tracks is impressive. Seven of the eleven album tracks could pass as hit singles.
The top track 'Imagine me, Imagine you'. Is the only hit song I remember from them. Other standout tracks are the hook-laden 'Juggler'-'Only you can'- The great 'He's got magic' and 'Red letter day'. The mesmerising tracks are 'The more'-'Spirit'-'Pisces Babies'-'Love Ship' which blends beautifully into 'Red letter day'.
The Love Letter's cover, Patient Tiger's and the bonus tracks are the weakest. I really cannot believe this was made in 1975. Give it an updated cover and hide the production year and you wouldn't be any wiser of it's age. Noosha and Kenny Young and co have made a timeless album, which I'm hooked on.
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on 26 April 2006
The album sounds as fresh and contemporay as when it was released. Love it, love it, love it!!

Claire Grogan of Altered Images fame should be ashamed of her shameless rip off of Noosha Fox's sublime vocal style. Why didn't the music press pick up on this glaring rip off at the time??? Maybe Claire was too cute. Happy birthday, Claire! Noosha beat you to it.

But the extra tracks??? Tripe! Sound like they were recorded off wonky cassette tape or warped records. Really, they stink!! Grrrrrr! Rotten. Buy for the album alone and NOT the extra tracks.
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on 4 November 2006
Fox were,along with the Rubettes and Sailor,the most interesting of all the new bands in the 70s and their actual pedigree goes back into the early 60s via Kenny Young and as she was known at the time Susan Traynor,later to be renamed Noosha Fox.
In 1963 she was on a single by the Charmettes called Please don't kiss me again-which became Kenny Young's first "hit" as a writer even though it only just made the Top 100.
Susan Traynor was born and educated in Australia and emigrated to the States in the 60s By the time Kenny Young made his first album-Last stage for the Silverworld- he was already a hugely succesful songwriter with hits by the Drifters,Hermans Hermits and Ronnie Dove.He came to England after his song Captain of your ship by Reperata & the Delrons charted in the U K and shortly after discovered Clodagh Rodgers via a TV programme.Thus the Irish singer would become a blue print for Fox as her Young produced albums covered many of his previous songs as well as new ones which saw chart action at least 3 times.
The soon to be Noosha Fox had appeared on the first Young LP as Amanda.
The rest of the band were made up of Herbie Armstrong,who was Irish,and various session musicians.
Seen as more of a studio project than any attempt to create a permanent band,Fox would make 3 albums with a 4th one by Noosha which was never released until the time of the first CD under the Fox name and which was called Only You Can after the first hit in 1974.
Ths solo career of Noosha Fox amounted to just one hit and after a few other singles on Earlobe and the standalone Fox single Electro People in 1979 she eventually returned to Australia and left the business.Kenny Young and Herbie Armstrong carried on under the name of Yellow Dog and cut 3 albums which spawned 2 hit singles-Just one more night being the biggest.
Next came Gentlemen Without Weapons which was not actually a band but the sounds of real animals in the background!
Which indicates Young's love of animals-as well as the 2 group names theres songs with titles like Patient Tigers and a publishing company called Kangaroo Music.
The music was both ahead of its time and a throwback to the early 60s which was further strengthened by a cover of Ketty Lester's Love letters-done for no other reason than the writer having the same surname!
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on 4 July 2014
Some really memorable songs on this, their first Album. Haunting vocals, catchy riffs and a really eclectic mix of styles.

Although they only subsequently brought out a couple of Albums, this one and the follow up Tails of Illusion, are two of my personal favourite albums of all time.

Even coming back to them after a few years, they feel as fresh and new today, as they did back in the 70's.

Not sure about the bonus tracks...hopefully they will grow on me.
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on 31 May 2010
I still have the original vinyl album and haven't invested in the CD re-issue yet. However, having listened to the samples of the extra tracks, I'm not impressed as the recording of Georgina Bailey is not the original 7" single version (which I also have). Yes, it's still Noosha's great voice, but it doesn't seem to sound as good as the original. What a shame - I was seriously thinking of buying this CD and was really excited to see 'Georgina Bailey' as an added bonus, but now I'm disappointed. Surely the master tape must still be around somewhere. Sadly in the 70s people didn't seem to take such good care of such tapes and many have been lost (or probably damaged). Let's hope they turn up soon and are re-issued. In the meantime, listen to Noosha and enjoy. I know one reviewer compared her to a cross between Lynsey de Paul and Kate Bush. Well I have to say that I am a Kate Bush fanatic and I don't think that's fair on Noosha or Kate. They are both unique and fabulous in their own right and there's enough room in this vocal town for both of them.
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An excellent album from a little remembered 70's group well worth listening to. All the tracks are as fresh as they were in the 70's, it's strange they seemed popular in the mid 70's then seemed to fade away and nothing more was heard from them which is a pity because they were a very distinctive and different. Well worth buying.
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on 16 July 2003
In the 70's my ex-boyfriend bought an LP for my birthday which I have never heard the album before apart from the single "only You Can". The album was absolutely brilliant and it certainly is now. I have just bought CD from Amazon and I cannot wait for it to arrive for me to play it as soon as possible.
I highly recommend it.
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