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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 21 August 2003
The legendary liberine boys have yet again come up with an amazing 'cockney Punk' anthem.
The beggining kicks in with a droaning yell from Pete Doherty
which follows up a kicking, upbeat, dance along, guitar tune which continues throughout the rest of the song, utter punk bliss.
the Libs have managed to squeeze this marvellous, fresh sounding punk beauty into just two minutes and 38 seconds, clearly punk music from Britain's finest.
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on 18 March 2004
I'd heard Libertines songs on nights out and was very impressed, but like many people I wasn't convinced that they would be able to pull it off at album's length.
How wrong I was to be proven. Despite drawing heavily from classic British influences such as The Clash, The Jam and Squeeze, this alubm sounds fresher and more innovative than most others out there at the moment. Arrogant, cocky and downright crude in places, this is what rock 'n' roll should be like.
Both lyrically and musically, this album could not have been produced anywhere other that Britain. From the Strokes-like garage rock of I Get Along to the Weller-esque social commentary of Time For Heroes, this album excites and entertains every time it is played. An essential purchase for thos who wish to hear what could be the beginning of something very good indeed.
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on 23 September 2003
Up The Bracket has something for every rock fan. It has the New Wave/Punk styles of The Sex Pistols, The Ramones and The Buzzcocks in tracks such as Boys In The Band and I Get Along, and the more subtle softer styles that could mellow out the most hardened rocker!
The Bonus DVD contains 3 Videos from their last three big hits and is a nice addition to what is in my eyes, on of the finest debut albums of all time.
Even with the recent internal problems in the band, I still believe with a solid cult following and firey tracks such as What A Waster and Horror Show, The Libertines have a long, sucsessful and hard rockin' future ahead of them!
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on 3 December 2005
I didn't have much time for The Libertines when they first appeared on the scene, the few songs I heard from them on the radio at the time, just seemed like more of the same to me.
But I got hold of a copy of 'Up The Bracket' a few months ago and upon a few listens I was really surprised by how good they actually are. I was wrong to dismiss this band as another Strokes, and am kicking myself for missing out on this album for so long (and of course it looks like I'll never get the opportunity to see a live performance from them now). This is one of the best albums I've heard, ever.
It's a real shame Pete is better known for his drug fuelled antics (thanks to the incessant coverage by tabloid newspapers) than he is for his songwriting ability. The man really is a great lyricist and song writer. This quickly becomes clear upon listening to songs such as 'Death on the Stairs', 'Horroshow' and 'Tell the King'.
Their debut album is better than the self-titled second effort 'The Libertines' (which is also excellent in it's own right, however. And definitely shouldn't be missed either). 'Up The Bracket' /will/ go down as an all time classic album. If you want a great rock and roll album, you can't do much better than this. Top stuff, don't miss out like I did.
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There really aren't the words to give any sort of true representation of this incredible album, but here goes.

Basically, this album changed the way I view life. It sounds very dramatic I know, but once you have heard this album you'll understand.

What you'll find within this CD is something that goes beyond music. It's poetry of the highest form. Art.

Pete Doherty has been all over the papers for this and that, and I realise that most people just read the stories and choose to dislike him. I'm aware that if I told the majority of the public to at least try his music they'd dismiss it and brand him 'a useless junkie'.

Well, each to their own and at the end of the day, it's their loss.

This really and truly is, in my opinion, the best album ever made. Each and every song has individuality, class beyond words and lyrics that send shivers down my spine on every listen.

'Vertigo' kicks off the album, and is classic rock'n'roll.

'Death on the stairs' is incredible, spine-tingling and the lead guitar has an air of sadness to it, which only adds to it's brilliance. Great lyrics sang faultlessly by Carl and Pete.

'Horrorshow' is an instant classic. Rock'n'roll at it's best. Pure Libertines.

'Time for heroes' has the most amazing lyrics. Pete's talent is showcased to the maximum in this incredible song. The line 'there are fewer more distressing sites than that of an English man in a baseball cap', in particular captures everything that the Libertines represent. It's effortless in its brilliance.

'Breck Rd. Boys in the band' has an amazing riff which, combined with Gary's impeccable drumming, leads to another fantastic song.

'Radio America' is packed with emotion, and everything is slowed down. It's simple, but extremely effective.

For me, 'Up the Bracket' is pure British rock'n'roll. Pete puts incredible character into this song, and the lyrics tell a witty story.

'Tell the King'. This for me, is the song of the album and possibly the Libertines' greatest song of all time. The lyrics are incredible; "You're like a journalist oh you can cut an' paste an' twist". It's genius. You have to listen to this song, if it's the last thing you do. Takes my breath away everytime.

'The Boy Looked at Johnny' is light-hearted and great fun. The guitar, drums, voice and lyrics remain flawless.

'Begging' is sung solely by Carl, and he clearly displays his talent. Whilst not the toast of the album, it's still a brilliant tune.

'The Good Old Days' is another one of my favourites. The lyrics basically tell the story of the Libertines and everything that drives them. It's both moving and wonderful in equal measures. The line, "If you've lost your faith in love and music, oh the end won't be long" says it all really.

Finally, I have never heard a better ending to an album than 'I Get Along'. Carl belts this classic out with heart and soul and it really works. Yet another brilliant song. One of the best lines of the album comes in the middle, but I won't quote it for obvious reasons (if you've heard the song!)

All I can say is that this album is unbelievably inspirational, to the point that it upsets me to think what life would be like without it!

It's up to you to judge Pete as you wish, but his music speaks for itself. And not forgetting the other boys; Carl, Gary and John who are obviously a massive part of this amazing band and album. But try to look beyond the headlines, because if you don't, you truly are missing out on something great.

Long live the Libertines!
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VINE VOICEon 18 December 2007
The Libertines were really, really good. This, the first of their two albums, is loud, raucous and brilliant. Like so many truly great bands, the Libertines were based on two songwriters whose abilities complimented each other, both by tempering and encouraging the right tendencies in each other, and by providing a large number of quality songs in order to create here a solidly excellent album.

For me, the highlights are title track Up The Bracket, Time For Heroes (as anthemic as they get, and packed full of fantastic lyrics - 'no more depressing sight than that of an English man in a baseball cap'), and closer I Get Along, which bangs and bounces the album to it's we'll-do-whatever-the-hell-we-want climax.

For me, this became the third really important and truly great album released since the start of the 90s (following key offerings from Radiohead and Oasis). For some reason, it wasn't met with the same commercial success, which is strange, as the songs here are of the highest order. Full of power and attitude, but with a sly intelligence and the class of lyrics that most bands can only dream of.

I can't recommend this album enough.
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on 28 January 2005
So, i decided to see what all the fuss was out....Boy, it was worth it. The first Libertines CD i heard was the brilliant self-tilted album, and that was probabaly just as well, as its a great album to introduce you to their great grasp of brit rock and fast punk. After enjoying the self-tilted, i decided to try the debut. I wasnt expecting much, but WOW. What an album. From start to finish this CD is pure genius. Songs like "Death on the Stairs", "Horrorshow" and "The Good old days" are timeless classics and the beatle-styled "Radio America" is just stunning.Its one of those albums where your favouite tracks change every time you listen to it. At the moment im currently loving "Tell the King" and "Time for heroes". The real shame is that Petes now suffering from all his problems and this caused the band to quit. However they left us with 2 astounding albums, proof; just listen to this album. Up the bracket is never off my CD player, and im currently onto my 2nd copy (my 1st broke!). Brilliant album. Get it.
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on 5 April 2005
I had nearly lost hope in modern music.It was either snoop-dog, girls aloud or coldplay in the mainstream. Rock music was populated by complete fakes such as puddle of mudd and Simple plan, singing about how they hate there parents on over-produced songs.So After all the hype surrounding the libertines last year, I decided to check them out. I must admit at first, I wasn't impressed, but they have grown on me, and this is now my favourite album. Chaotic and at times shambolic it may be, but for me that is the lovable thing about the libertines. It is a real record, not one destroyed by over-dubbing. The sound of the record may grab your attention at first but its the songs that are the real incredible thing here. From the raw acoustics of 'Radio America' to the classic punk of 'Up the bracket, this is a must buy for anyone sick of over-produced american rock, or anything american in general. There is a revolution on the cards as bands like the others and the libertines remind people what punk really is. There is hope.
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on 27 April 2004
This is, without doubt one of the best albums of 2002. Once described as'Britain's answer to the strokes', this, as a follow up to their debutsingle 'what a waster' proves this comment very wrong indeed. It buzzesfrom start to finish, opened by the tight, catchy 'vertigo', it fails todisappoint, with such clash-esque highlights as, 'the boy looked atjohnny', and 'horrorshow'. Produced by ex-clash member Mick Jones, it isnot hard to see their punk influence. However, they bring their own takeon the genre, with a variety of songs from the simple, romantic 'radioamerica', to the crude description of groupies in, "boys in the band". Allin all a fantastic album that has been top on my playlist for 2 years now.class.
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on 1 August 2003
After the most promising debut single since 'Supersonic' and a truly legendary gig at the 100 Club in London, much expectation was heaped onto The Libertines' shoulders; many critics saw them as a revolutionary Jam and many fans of the new wave of music discovered that a new set of heroes had arrived on the scene.
'Up The Bracket' is quite simply breathtaking. An album that never sits still, it clocks in at just over 35 minutes but in that time simply re-writes the new rock revolution rule book. Here at last is a British band that has the iconic status we were all looking for and fantastic songs to boot.
Every time this album is played, something new will arise; songs as good as 'Up The Bracket' and 'Time For Heroes' simply never get boring. The re-recorded 'I Get Along' is possibly the greatest song in the last 5 years. Every nook and cranny of the album deserves your attention, for there is simply not a duff track.
This is why the Libertines are so fresh and - yes - revered by their fanbase; not since the Dawn of Oasis has Britian had a band with so much passion and attitude to admire. For the last few years we've had to put up with the likes of Travis singing about flowers in a window - now we have The Libertines screaming about heroin ('Horrowshow') and punk heroes ('The Boy Looked at Johnny') with a rage that defines their existance.
There is a downside, however; this may be the only album they record. And this is the greatest of all tragedies, because you just know The Libertines will not last long. A band prone to self-destruction. You can only hope that they gets back on the straight and narrow soon because otheriwise we shall be watching yet another talented band falling by the wayside.
Already, this album (originally released to indifferent reaction) is slowly growing into a cult favourite. My guess is that it will repeatedly make the top 100 albums lists in the coming years as people realise just how special the record is. Remember when 'The Stone Roses' was released? Exactly.
If these boys continue to make albums and singles of this calibre, they shall be superstars. A classic in every sense of the word (and remarkably similar to The Sex Pistols' debut in terms of length and quality), here is hoping that Doherty will get back with his former band to carry on what they have started here. A lot of people will be watching intently.
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