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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 28 December 2005
This complete set of the Sharpe TV movies will appeal to many people. Sean Bean fans, historical military fiction fans, Bernard Cornwell fans, action fans, early 1800's fans!
Above all if you're already a Sharpe fan and don't own any of the episodes on DVD yet, then buy this set!
With great action, decent scripts and good acting and effects this is compelling and entertaining viewing. All set in the Napoleonic Wars on the continent, following the career and adventures of Richard Sharpe; raised from the ranks to officer class, through to the Battle Of Waterloo.
There are 15 feature-length episodes here, with the 15th a bonus episode of clips recalling Sharpe's exploits. The box set has a very attractive, neat design.
EXTRAS: Not a lot compared to some DVDs, but there is a 25 minute behind-the-scenes featurette and photo galleries. There is a lovely booklet to accompany the DVDs and also a glossy colour map of the continent charting where each episode/battle from the Sharpe series takes place.
A simply brilliant set!
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on 23 September 2006
What can I say about Sharpe?

An utterly fantastic series that is sorely missed by all. Sharpe's Challenge was a great taster for (I hope) things to come, ie, another series!

There are plenty of Cornwell novels to go round, so they should definitely make three or four more into films :)

The set includes all fourteen Sharpe films, and a bonus DVD (I've yet to watch that one), as well as a cool, informative booklet and fold-out colour map of the Iberian peninsula; so you can see where all the historical battles featured in the series took place.

A brilliant buy for fans of Bean, history or just great television alike.

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on 8 November 2002
all 14 of the televised episodes are put together in this boxed-set which follows Sharpe & his band of men through the peninsular war & onto waterloo.
Each episode is loosly based upon the books by Bernard Cornwell, & although they have been 'downsized' for television, (regiments being portrayed by a handful of men etc)they still manage to draw you into the plot. There are a few inconsistencies between the books & the screenplays (Cornwell's Sharpe is a londoner whereas Bean's Sharpe is from yorkshire, yet in Sharpe's Regiment he also claims to have London roots) OK, so i'm nit-picking a bit, however these minor points in no way detract from the excellent storylines or the presentation.
The stories follow Sharpe on his quest to rise through the ranks and later for his revenge against his cheating wife. This usually involves a mission that only Sharpe & his band of men can complete, which of course they do, although not without the occasional casualty, which goes to show that no-one is indestructible, except of course, the gallant Sharpe! So, with the mission complete, the damsel saved (including the likes of Liz Hurley & Abigail Cruttenden) Sharpe makes it back to Wellington in time for tea & medals. Sean Bean is an excellent choice to portray Sharpe with his arrogance & hatred towards his fellow officers who hold their ranks & titles through financial means rather than the abilities that are shown by Sharpe on the battlefield, a comparison to todays forces perhaps???
All that is missing is a Miss Moneypenny & some fancy gadgets, then we would have a 200 year old 007! Thoroughly recommended for anyone wether you have read the books or not. Congratulations to Bean et al.
The boxed set itself contains 14 discs in a 7 box set.
Each disc has a single episode, a photo gallery showing screen shots from the episode that runs like a powerpoint brief & gives a quick synopsis of the film. There is also a section of 'Sharpe Facts' containing such things as the weaponry used, some of the battles & other historical facts. There are also tokens to receive a further disc.
Unfortunately my original set contained 4 faulty discs out of 14, but i am sure this is an exception rather than the rule.
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on 15 August 2003
I would recommend this boxed set to almost anyone, particularly those interested in period dramas. With regard to previous reviews that pointed out minor flaws in picture quality or faulty DVDs, I must say that I experienced no such problems.
The box contains all fourteen episodes of the historical drama "Sharpe", on seven DVDs. The series is based on the books by Bernard Cromwell, and shows the exciting career of Richard Sharpe as an officer in Wellington's army during the Napoleonic wars.
Each individual episode is enjoyable and almost all of them are fantastic television, but the series has its low points. Towards the end, when the war finishes and Sharpe returns to England, one has the distinct impression that Sharpe is confused and out of his depth, struggling against more subtle, peace-time threats rather than military ones which he would know how to handle. It is frustrating to see snobs and aristocrats running rings around a hero who would have previously dealt with them by showing them up as useless soldiers, or humiliating them some other way. Instead, they seem to get away with the last laugh. Because of the way the excellent series connects you with the characters, it is very irritating to see Sharpe helpless and defeated.
Yet this is only the case in about two episodes. For the rest of the series, the arrogant "officer class" who resent Sharpe being promoted officer from NCO (something that didn't normally happen in those days) will often become jolly good croppers for messing with Sharpe - one way or another - and there are few things as satisfying.
The acting is excellent and Sean Bean is wonderfully cast in the lead role - I can picture no one else as Richard Sharpe. The episodes are very well done and the series is close to perfect period drama - even the not-so-good episodes are above average for this undervalued genre.
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VINE VOICEon 26 August 2004
Sergeant Richard Sharpe saves the life of Arthur Wellesley (later known simply as Wellington) and is raised from the ranks to Lieutenant. He takes command of the elite Chosen Men (Harper, Hagman, Harris, Cooper, Tongue and Perkins) and the adventure begins. Across six years of turbulent history Sharpe faces the evil French Major Ducos, the sadistic and cunning Sergeant Hakeswill, insane guerillas, corrupt and incompetant officers, spies and traitors, until finally (as a Lieutenant Colonel) he faces Napoleon himself across the fields of Waterloo.
As one reviewer has mentioned, these are very akin to Bond films, filled with action, bravery, romance and heroism. Each one is a gem of British television and a gripping story unto itself. The acting is generally very good, but the best moments are when the four main characters (Sharpe, Harper, Hagman and Harris) interact in the calm between battles, their contrasting personalities but absolute commitment to one another making compelling viewing. The series is a veritable who's who of British actors with internationally recognised stars as Sean Bean, Liz Hurley, Brian Cox, Pete Postlethwaite, Alice Krige and Paul Bettany as well as actors who've appeared in everything from 'Poirot' to 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' and back to 'Coronation Street'. If you like swashbuckling, gunfighting, bosom-heaving historical adventures, then I can't recommend this DVD box set enough. I'd like to make the additional point that I really enjoyed the musical interludes by John Tams (Hagman), particularly the theme song at the end of each episode.
Most of the episodes have one or two failings (usually owing to the occational poor performance by a temporary character) but the only two real problems that last across the series are a) because of budget restrictions, some of the battles seem a bit small-scale and b) the fact that characters come and go from the series (obviously due to the actors having other plans), such as Hogan, Nairn, Munro and Ross who're basically the same character but different actors (although I was much more distressed by the abrupt disappearance of Cooper).
O'er the hills and o'er the Maine, through Flanders, Portugal and Spain, King George commands and we obey, over the hills and far away.
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on 20 March 2007
The Sharpe series presented in a very attractive box set is a must for all Sharpe fans.

The Box contains the first 14 feature length episodes (Challenge was not filmed when this was released), the films follows the adventures of Richard Sharpe from his promotion from the ranks (very uncommon in those days) through the Neapolean Wars to the final battle of Waterloo, his promotions, frienships, trials and love life.

Each episode is based on the Cornwall books with the exception of Sharpes Justice (Number 13), though slightly out of sync with the books it still makes for exceptional viewing and follows on from one to the other relitively well.

The battle scenes are an anti-climax from the books due to the much smaller scale but the atmoshere is just as rich.

Jion the chosen men and relive the excitement of the era!
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Here are all the episodes of this great series (up to date) in one box set, what more could you ask for? Each episode is so full of charm and adventure that you can't help but watch them again and again. You get battles, betrayal, love and friendships all with a slice of history thrown in for good measure. Superb!

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 5 January 2004
I was a huge fan of Sharpe when it was on tv even though I was quite young at the time (I was 14 when it finished in '97) so when I saw this DVD Box Set I just had to have it! I'm happy to say that I haven't been disapointed- it's every bit as good as I remember it, even more so! Actually, I got so into it that I watched all 14 episodes (each about an hour and forty to an hour and fifty minutes long) within four days!
What can i say, he cast is good, the scenery is beautiful (mainly Spainish countryside but a little of France & England), the characters are wonderful & the stories are action packed & just generally excellent! Anyone who likes period dramas and/or action will love this!
The special features on the DVD aren't that good, there aren't many & I have yet to track down the promised 25 minute documentary. The 'Sharpe Facts' are interesting though, giving both information on how the series was made and information about the times the series is set in (19th Century Napoleonic Wars).
Oh yes and ladies, don't forget the gorgeous Sean Bean being very energetic in a very sexy uniform! I have to say that I've never thought he looked that great in anything else but I can't take my eyes off him in this!
This is an excellent series which I've found appeals to a very wide variety of people- my older brother loves it, my ex boyfriend loves it, my friend's mother loves it, another friend's father loves it, one of my best (female) friends loves it and a Dr I recently saw told me that his grandfather loves it! This box set is now one of my most prized posessions and I think I'm going to have to convince a lot of people to buy it just so that they don't steal mine! (I've found I've become very protective of it lol).
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on 4 October 2002
Sharpe the complete box set is what every fan of the itv show has been waiting for. Follow the rise of Richard Sharpe from a Sergeant to colonel through the Napoleonic wars. The quality missing from the video collection is now improved with superior vision and sound quality allowing you to relive the wars fought against Napoleon.
If you enjoyed the tv you must buy this. Also includes episoded never shown on tv including Sharpe the Legend, where the story of Sharpe is told by Daniel Hagman. Five stars all round
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on 9 January 2008
This is an excellent series and there is nothing I could say that has not already been said.
I would just like to point out that the image Amazon posted of this edition is wrong. The collection I received does not include the "Exclusive Chronicles Booklet" and the "19th Century Battle Map", only the Bonus Disc "Sharpe The Legend". And this is not the case of a faulty edition, because the text has been removed from the cardboard box. Those items have been removed by the editor and Amazon is displaying an old picture.
A bit disappointing, because I was quite interested in the map also.
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