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on 3 November 2012
I reallyl ike this album It has some really good riffs and overall songs and also some nice Bass and drum only sections too.
I particularly like Crushed Like Fruit which opens with a rather catchy riff.
Dave Mcpherson has a very distinctive voice that Falsettos, and gravelly sings really well and also occasionally screams.
The music is very good and quite varied too. It is/was rather a fresh sound at the time sort of as alot of emphasise was placed on the bass due to only having one guitarist who was also singing. brilliant band. brilliant album.
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on 2 December 2004
...erm - me! I'm 34 in reply to a scathing review somebody posted. I decided to give the CD a listen just to double check - nope, it's still brilliant and the intro to Neptune still sends a shiver of pleasure down my spine. So I'm very sorry if that's not 'cool' in some eyes, but I know what I like when I hear it.
Answers on a postcard as to why I love Inme so much as I never got Nirvana, Korn make me sick and I hate Silverchair, all of who's influence I can see on Overgrown Eden. BUT I ADORE everything about this CD. Dave McPherson's voice and guitar playing are raw, passionate and emotional and immediately sucked me in.
I think the thing that sets this apart from most other post grunge Emo music (yawn!) to my ears is that it's done with 100% conviction and sincerity. It totally caught me off guard when I heard Underdose - I felt like I shouldn't like it, but I couldn't help myself. And then, damn it, I loved the other three singles too. It was even more surprising coming from a bunch of 'kids' who are almost young enough to be my sons.
This is one of those rare albums that I din't get an itchy finger and want to skip any tracks. Highlights for me are the swirling melancholy Wounds, Natural where Joe Morgan's backing vocals really come into their own, the beautiful Her Mask, Ice Warm with it's killer bassline, the twistedly upbeat Trenches and the aforementioned Neptune.
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on 17 July 2014
Perfect, thank you
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on 2 May 2016
Legendary band and album
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on 30 September 2017
I listened to this album a lot during my teenage years; the negative lyrics, combined with the nasally, rough vocals definitely appeals to that generation. I was never sure what genre to put this album in. It’s kind of Hard Rock, but maybe should be classified as Metal. I’d say there is a slight Grunge and Nu Metal influence to it too. Whatever you classify it as, I think the sound is pretty unique; I can’t think of a good comparison. There’s loads of energy in this album and I love the overall sound to this. Even though the ‘singing’ isn’t great, the choice of vocal approach is perfect for the album. A classic.
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on 12 September 2003
Growing up in a band together gives the feel this band are years ahead of their time, experienced, accomplished as a group, big things were expected of this debut...And they delivered.
The band romp through hard rock anthems like Lava Twiglight and ease the listener into melodic songs like Her Mask.
The songs best song by far is the subtle yet overpowering Mosaic, pure rock delivered in their unique style.
Dave MacPherson's voice comes under criticism often by non fans but the album is a showcase for his diverse and complex range. From the peaking highpoints of Her Mask to the earthy growl unleashed througfout the album.
But there is a downside, at heart InMe still display school rockband characteristics, like the over use of guitar FX but this can be forgiven due to the overall feel of the album.
The album justifies the hype, but bigger things are still expected from the group and with a busy gig schedule they should be finally honed in on their own sound for their second album.
I would reccomend to anyone.
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on 13 February 2004
It would be fair to say that ‘InMe’ took the UK by sheer surprise when it came to their landslide rise to fame after the incredible success of their first single ‘Underdose’, this catchy Alt. Rock song filled with elements of nu-metal and grunge fill the music TV channels and airwaves for months, soon to be joined by equally successful follow up single ‘Firefly’. Two more singles ‘Crushed Like Fruit’ & ‘Neptune’ would follow, not doing quite as well as their predecessor yet still keeping the dream alive for this teenage 3 piece from Essex.
This album’s strongest points are; of course the sheer quality of the writing, that far exceeds any expectations for a band this young and the wide ranging accessibility for listeners from all different genre fan groups and walks of life.
In a time where pain and angst are at an all time high, with bands like ‘Staind’ marketing it to death as you would a new bathroom cleaner. Taking this into account, ‘InMe’ could have died on their feet but there is something special about this album, a genuine feeling of hurt and a resounding indication that this is a band of wise young men. ‘I went to the aisle to marry your soul, to miss you that much’ & ‘Rust in my eyes from my corroded halo’ from ‘Firefly’ suggest a real dark experience, this is moving and torturous and at the same time insanely catchy.
I would say that the good tracks on this album are very good and the not so good tracks are very wearing and mediocore, yet still all in all; a creative masterpiece for such a young band. Songs such as ‘Underdose’ & ‘Newptune’ are full of pain and hope swimming amongst creative and advanced, haunting guitar and pounding rhythms. Whilst somgs like ‘Energy’ offer nothing more than anonymity amongst a selection of instantly classic tracks. The line in ‘Neptune’; ‘This is the way forward, you are the way backward’ shows a delightful glimmer of hope, rather than just a wearing series of doomed anthems.
‘Overgrown Eden’ is a wise and well written affair that is sure to aid you with those homicidal feelings of lost love and hurt. ‘InMe’ are far more than the sum of their years, all they need to do now is to create a follow up without the slumps that are just packed with the exceptionally memorable and creative masterpieces that much of ‘Overgrown Eden’ was.
Standout Tracks: ‘Underdose’, ‘Firefly’ & ‘Neptune’
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on 17 June 2005
InMe are one the best bands to have come from Britain in the last few years. In a music scene full of the same talentless, 'emo', 'punk' and 'metal' groups, InMe have managed to break through and impliment some actual talent and emotion into their music. Overgrown Eden is their first, and to date only album, but i am eagerly awaiting the release of white butterfly. For now, i am going back through their classic debut and rediscovering why i love InMe so much. My favourite tracks off the album have to be 'lava twilight' and 'neptune', but i keep finding more songs that manage to capture me just as much as they did when i first listened to them. Dave's vocal abilities are apparent on every track, the guitars are always full of passion and present a style all of their own, whilst young drummer Simon shows he could be the next Dave Grohl. Not sure whether to buy overgrown eden? Go on...it'll definetely stay in your CD player for a long time to come. Listen and enjoy one band set to change music and the direction of the music scene today.
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on 27 July 2004
This was an impulse buy for me; I'd heard only UnderDose yet decided that I'd give them a try.
At first, I wasn't all that impressed. But, I gave InMe some time, and the album grew on me. And now it's one of my favourite albums.
InMe are one of few bands who can master a range of songs from anthemic (and by that I mean Crushed Like Fruit), to slow and meaningful (such as Her Mask) and just plain awesome (like Mosaic. Boy, does that song rock...)
Their spine-tingling riffs, powerful unique vocals and brilliant melodies combine to create an atmosphere of sheer genius.
Well worth buying, and I'd really recommend seeing them live, too, it's an experience you'll never forget! (UnderDose, Crushed Like Fruit and Faster The Chase (from their new album) are possibly the greatest songs to mosh to. Period.)
Buy it now.
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on 21 November 2003
This is without doubt the best album i have heard in a long time. Inme are exceptionally talented and their music is both aggressive and progressive at different times, and sometimes at the same time, combining both frail chilling acoustic moments (The supreme Her Mask), and they also certainly know how to rock (The brilliant "Mosaic"), Dave Mcpherson is a sublime guitarist and vocalist. People either love or hate his voice. i Personally love it and the passion and rage he gives off with his singing/screaming are both beutiful and touching at the same time. As with the rest of the music his voice goes from beutiful melody to high pitch singing to low and rough as gravel growls and screams. Joe Morgan lays down fine bass tracks on the album, his base is a lot like dave's guitar in that it utilises the effects pedals that the band are so brilliant at using the record and provides ample backing vocals as well throughout. The only thing that suffers on this album is Simon Taylor's drums. Not that he is a bad drummer because the other band members leave him very difficult songs to figure out a drum pattern to, he manages briliantly and his playing is faultless. However i fell that in the production he got the rough end of the stick. The one complaint i have with the record is that sometimes the drums are left sounding a bit flat, especialy on the more heavy of the tracks, such as Natural and Crushed Like Fruit, the symbols in particualr just seem to fade into nothing. Apart from that minor hitch though, great album, great band, they put on a quality live show as well.
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