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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 8 December 2003
Vietcong is one hell of a game. For once and quite uniquely, the “enemy” have some character, you’re in their jungle territory, you hear them speak, you’re in their homeland, they care, they’re gonna get you before you get them. You’ll get up close instead of blindly shooting at anything that moves across the screen. All in all a little realism goes an awful long way in Vietcong.
What Vietcong has, that other more famous war time FPS fail to achieve, is atmosphere. This feels like a real war game and a real battle. There’s plenty of stealth as well as full on fire-fights. You have to think as well as push the trigger. There are some moments where you will be so immersed you’ll jump out of your skin as a Vietcong emerges from the jungle in front of you. There are moments where you’ll feel totally overwhelmed and vulnerable. Refreshingly you’ll not feel the script is rushing you on to the next scenario.
Vietcong is different and better than most war games because you are fully involved. You get the in between mission briefings animated, there are no cut aways to typed documents with mission overviews. You get to see the choppers getting you out once the mission is finished.
And for an all time, wonderful gaming experience the rescue of the American POW from the Vietcong camp is tough, stealthy, brilliantly realised and amazing to play.
There are one or two minor glitches but overall a great game that deserves a great deal more credit and great deal more gamers to play and savour. Rank it alongside Medal of Honour and Call of Duty when you want some quiet time mixed with trigger happy jungle trekking. It deserves its 18 rated badge for the language and often dodgy motivations, but at least Vietcong takes no prisoners in a straightforward and hard core Hollywood Platoon style romp.
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on 13 April 2003
This game is produce by Illusion Softworks the team that produce the very memorable and brilliant Mafia, that went on to become game of the year as voted by gamespot. This game could have also been another run away success but fails on to many levels. The problem is that there was a rush to get the title out before the current explosion of Vietnam games, and the designers missed out on a number of bugs. The game sees you flying into the jungle as Sergeant First Class Steve Hawkins not to be confused with Professor Steven Hawkins, with a machine gunner and clone of Chef from Apocalypse Now, talking about what happened to your predecessor. You land at your base and the fun begins. You get to meet the team and learn to shoot and you are of on your first mission. The game for the next few missions is great and exciting, you are in the most part a team of men with a medic, a radio operator, a machine gunner and an engineer and the very hand guy on point who leads your team through the jungle. The teams AI is reasonable and can get you out of many scrapes. But after a while you start to realise that the jungle start to look the same and a bit repetitive. And be prepared for the level in which you are down in Charlie’s tunnels, it just seem endless and makes you want to quit the game. The plot line is good enough to keep you playing but the voice acting isn’t the best. Illusion Softworks should have spent more time on this title; it could have been a classic rather than a good game.
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on 9 April 2003
General/Summary: This is a great game.Very realistic to play.
Gameplay: The game play is great.You need to take your time in the field or you will die quickly.The missions are very realistic as well as the multiplay portion of the game.The enemy is very hard to find in the thick jungle. The squad that you command and give orders to is a nice feature.
Graphics: Graphics are great. I had some frame rate problems at first, but that went away when I installed the no cd patch. While in multiplayer your frame rate depends on how good your game server is.
Sound: Sound is also great.I did however go in to dxdiag and turn down the audio excelerator.This also increased framerate with no loss to sound.They really did a great job with the sounds of the jungle.
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on 27 July 2004
We all know of the real vietcong, but this is your chance to exsperience all the firefights, snipers, traps and bombings from the saftey of your own homes. The computer are really intelligent (which makes a change from normal) which means that your actually going to have trouble killing them. There's special features such as horiffic traps and mines. You can either play as the vietnese, or the Americans. The scenary is absouloutly AMAZING. There's very, very dense foilidge and networks of caves and hide outs. This is a simple case of look two meters ahead of you in the open and shoot somebody, and it's not the case of somebody saying "act dead carefully" and been able to run around like a mad man, this is a game in which you have to treat things as real life. You can play dead to fool your enemies which is great for that moment in which you are surrounded. If you do ever get tired of going for the computer, then go on line and join in the multiplayer, this I can promise you never gets boring, it's brilliant. There is a realistic hud view in which there is no aids on the screen, and I mean nothing. No health meters, no ammunition counters, no crosshairs in the middle of the screen for easy playing, it means it's like what you would see. To aim your person will actually lift the gun up to his face and use the scope/aiming marks on the end of the gun. It's realism is amazing, and it has a great range of weapons. The only bad point with it which I can find is the sound. It may not be the game, and it may just be mine, but one or two others on the internet have the same problem, they say when using an automatic, there will be one bang, but you will continue to fire rapid, but no sound follows. This means it's like firing a rifle, then going into silent mode for a bit afterwards. Like I say though, don't let it put you off. You forget about it after a couple of times of doing it. It's a great game which you'll never get bored of.
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on 27 February 2004
Well i must say 1 thing about this game, brilliant. As i read some of the other reviews of this game it is clear to me that people don't like this game because there is a swearing drill instructor. well lets look back at the popular operation flashpoint. Now correct me if i'm wrong but I cant see a fully trained soldier in the heat of battle calling the enemy a meat head can u. No I think they are more likely to shout "stronger" words at them. Because of this it gives a great impression of how your soldiers are feeling during the heat of battle. The weapon models are excellent with some great sound effects. I also noticed that some people complain that the jungle doesn't look good enough, but if you check out the official web site for this game then u would c that they took pictures of the real jungle in Vietnam and used them in the game. Also the pointman Nhut was a real soldier in the war and he was the game makers guide thru the jungle. He is also your best friend out there. I think this is an excelent game and a must own for all 1st person shooter fans and people like me who r interested in the vietnam war. Also when u r not on a mission you r in Hawkins bunk and u can read his diary and listen 2 authentic 1960's music. now I am only 20 and obviasly i was not around in the 60's but I am hooked on the music and gameplay. one word of advice though watch your step for traps.
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on 24 May 2003
This game is superb! The self-aware character muttering to himself, sensible squad mates using cover as a human would, brilliant attention to animation - watch them dive, slide, lean, roll over logs, jump up rocks, everything! The graphics are ace, with loads of small attention to detail - light shafts pierce through the canopy, brightly coloured butterflies dancing around, 3D foliage that responds to contact (really, not flat 2D rotating stuff in Soldier of Fortune), the high pitched whine in your ears following a concussion! WOW!
The game plays out in a great way, night missions, tunnel missions, base defence, infiltration and all out twenty-man squad assaults with mortars and multiple choppers providing air support. The speech is really worth a mention, lots of variation in responses to common commands help to make the characters feel more human, and the pointman Nhut is my best friend!
Definitely for the gun action lovers, you cannot help but enjoy playing it - even when your bunker gets rushed by forty enemy soliders and you have to hold them off stabbing them with a foot-long combat knife because your ammo has been emptied into their mates!
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on 27 May 2004
This game is fun, that's all I ask from a game, and a good buy. There are a few problems, like the lack of arty support and the utter uselessness of it highlighted by an earlier review. But these problems are to be expected from one of the first in what will hopefully be a long list of Vietnam inspired first person shooters. Gathering have done well and hopefully will improved on what they have learned and bring out another Vietnam game.
But finally we have a game with more realistic dialog, no longer will we have to suffer the annoyance of soldiers calling the enemy "meat bag" (*cough* operation flashpoint *cough*) Theres realisic amounts of ammo, you run out! You have to scrounge, and on the very rare occasion, have to search the bodies of friendly soldiers! Meaning ammo conservation is a real issue, and sometimes you may find yourself resorting to that all important side arm that usually has no use in most games.
Have some spare cash and looking for a fun game then Vietcong is well worth the investment.
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on 19 July 2005
When you fisrt play Vietcong you feel breathtaken by the vasteness of the country you would be,soon,battling for suvival in.The graphics are crisp although perhaps not as good as Far Cry or Half-Life 2.Even though it is 2005 and PC games have advanced more I still like to get out Vietcong and hear Hornster(part of your team)shout :'DIE YOU COMMIE BASTARD!' and pumping 100's of rounds into just one,I still laugh at the training sargeant shoouting abuse at the reccruits as you crawl along the ground.
You arrive at a base camp called Nui Pek where you start missions, go to briefings,and practise firing at the firing range.You play Sgt. Steve Hawkins part of the Special Forces accompanying you is a team of top soldiers.In your team you have a Vietnamese pointman,a medic,an engineer,a gunner,a radio man and you.
The team can be called to you or just the individuals to get revived by your medic or ammo from your engineer.
Your enemy the Vietcong(AKA 'Charlie') are very skilled at ambushing you making your heart beat rapidly.The AI is superb as you sneak through the jungle the sometimes you can hardly notice them less than a meter from you.The choice of weaponary is great ranging from the AK-47 to the M79 granade laucher to the M80 shotgun.At first you have only a few weapons but as you progress you have more dangerous weapons.You also have granades and knives which can be useful for stealth missions.The effect of the granades is incredibly realistic when one goes off close by you will hear nothing but a high pitched ringing sound for a few seconds.You can also call in artillary via your radio man which is devastating against your unseen foes.
For many, their computer should be able to handle the requirments needed to run and play.Loading most missions is relativley quick and doesnt usually cause too much hassle.
This game is truly amazing even if its graphics seem terrible comapred to games of today.This is not your average family game though.Swearing is always happening as is limbs getting blown off so not for the younger people!
Take my and ,everyone else,advice.GET THIS GAME!
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on 14 October 2004
First of all- buy this game!!! it is the most satisfying game to complete in single player i promise you. some of the missions make you want to pull your hair out but once you get through them you will be in heaven. ok so theres a mission or two where you will spend a month just trying to get past the machine gun post undetected with 5 health or the one where the tunnel complex seems to go on forever, but it is well worth it. there are atleast 5 missions which i would consider some of the best missions i have EVER played on any war game! just buy it-please
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on 6 September 2003
One thing you notice when you begin to play vietcong is that it is a very atmospheric game, from the rainforest settings to the screams of your team mates as they slaughter yet more enemies without hesitation or remorse. This is a very violent game with plenty of swearing, and a very nice training mission involving a drill instructor, full metal jacket style. So why only 3 stars? Well, this is an extremely buggy game. There are so many errors, from team mates being stuck, to enemies not shooting at you when you are stood right in front of them. There is now a patch but it still leaves a lot of the errors untouched.
On the multiplayer side, this game sounds like it would be the most perfect online gaming experience, but the reality is that the game is very laggy, dominated by snipers to a ridiculous extent and the team work is not there. I suppose with a clan the team work would not be an issue, but then again, in counter strike the team work can be good even when you are playing with total strangers.
Personally, I played this game for a few hours and got tired of the errors and faults. This is a shame as the game could have been so much more.
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