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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Halo 2
Price:£22.01+ £2.03 shipping

on 7 July 2017
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on 29 October 2017
Got it as a gift and was well received. Delivery next day.
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on 19 July 2017
Doesn't work in Xbox 360. No longer supported?
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on 31 March 2005
Halo 2 on Xbox live, ofcourse its gonna be quality. If thats your main selling angle for this game then you're in for a real treat. I'm going to hopefully give a fresh angle on single/cooperative mode.
The WOW factor of the first Halo is always going to be hard to reproduce. The graphics are slightly improved (apart from some dodgy pop-up in the early cut scenes) and there's a lot more going on in the background. I found myself staring out the window watching the space battle for a couple of minutes extra entertainment, but the game still ultimately looks and feels like halo.
The levels are still big and bad, but the biggest seem to be rolling vehicle battles, another element which has been focussed on and vastly improved, therefore you tend to get through them quicker (anyone remember back tracking quite a lot in the first halo?). ALL the vehicles can now be destroyed, there are more of them, and there are more to drive. There are more bad guys to kill, more insight into the covenant side of the story and you get to be the covenant. There are a lot more weapons, including grenade launchers and covenant sniper rifles, but the best part is dual wielding, where you can hold 2 weapons at once, the down side being that you can no longer throw grenades, an extra tactical element.
My annoyance with some of the reviews are that they're saying that the game is too short, then adding "granted I only played it on easy/ normal". Why would you want to just breeze through a game you just spent hardcore money on? put it on a hardcore difficulty level. The beauty of halo 2 is that there are checkpoints after every mini-battle, and once you get to a checkpoint progress is saved, so why not make that mini-battle hard as nails? At the end of the day, yeah multiplayer is good fun, but there is no better fun than playing co-op with a mate on the single player game, on LEGENDARY setting, and within 20 minutes you're screaming at each other until you get to the next checkpoint where the relief is as much as completing the whole game on easy level. Its the only way to play halo 2 and get the proper experience. It'll take forever to complete, it'll boil your blood and you wont even notice or care that the levels are slightly shorter in size to the first game, coz they've thrown in a lot more bad guys and this game is a lot tougher than the first, which doesn't make up for it, it makes it a better game. If you're playing halo 2 completely by yourself, do the same thing, stick it on legendary and within half hour you'll be throwing your gamepad on the floor, walking away from it red-faced, then coming back for more within 5 minutes coz you've had time to think about your tactics. Isn't that the sort of emotion a great game is supposed to bring out? Dont play it on easy, whats the point. You'll probably think the games too short and be disappointed. Stick it on legendary, get a mate round and play halo 2 the way it's suppposed to be played.
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on 12 November 2004
....that there will probably not be another game of this calibre for quite a while, nor probably on this generation of consoles. :-)
The intros between sections have a strong cinematic feel which that big film production feel. After only getting to the 3rd level up to now the sudden twist that occurs here supprised me. I won't put it here as it would be too much of a spoiler on an excellent level.
Graphically this game is simply stunning, DOT3 mapping with, from the looks of it view dependent mapping is fantastic. The only down point is that it is Level of Detail based (i.e. further away less detail) and some objects suffer from sudden increase in details. I can live with that though.
Sound is phenominal. From the brrdddppp of the SMGs, to the voice work of the Elites who have been to the James Earl Jones school of voice coaching.
The most important bit, game play. Well what can I say, smooth, think smootheness of Project Gotham Racing in an FPS. The weapons pull as you fire meaning you can't just aim and hold the trigger. The sword is excellent fun. Thankfully the jumping isn't OTT so the game isn't going to be an UT heavily armed pogo-ing ninja shooter.
And on top of that the live play is fantastic. After two hours of on line play I was suppised to find I really liked it (Ghost Recon and RS3 are more my on line game). The nice bit of hearing the opponents voices when near by is sweet. Creeping up behind someone they shouting boo before sticking them with a sword is groovey. Its fast,lag free with some very clever maps and some very good game modes. Up to now I've been playing slayer and capture the flag, I am looking forward to playing odd ball with swords on line.
The only down bit is a lack of co-op online and I would drop a star, but then you can't give a game 6 stars.
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on 3 January 2006
This game is unbelievably AWESOME.Greatest xbox game of all time!! When the first Halo game was released for Xbox only it was a whole new experience. It had a great plot, it was gruesome and had incredible graphics , It was just a great game.... until Halo 2 was released. The Halo 2 plot is even better than the first one. Covenant forces attack Earth in order to get revenge for the first halo being destroyed. Human forces on Earth are outnumbered- this is where MasterChief comes in! He is a genically modified super human- armed and dangerous!! You play the game from beginning to end as MasterChief whether you fight along side with other humans or alone. This game is definitely worth getting even if you don't like first person shooters!
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on 26 September 2016
An absolute classic! The game works completely fine with no problems at all. Now I can re-live my memories of Halo 2 :D
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on 8 January 2017
It's HALO 2. Yeah !!!
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on 20 November 2004
I love Halo games, and from the previews I read in magazines I was assured it was going to be even better than the virtually flawless original. But sadly Halo 2 is not quite on a par with the original, in terms of the campaign mode. It is slightly reminiscent of Metal gear solid 2 in some ways. Firstly in preview versions we were shown Levels set on earth showcasing amazing urban warfare, a brilliant contrast to the original's lush organic settings. Instead we spend two levels on the eath and are then whisked away to some pretty pathetic levels set somewhere else in the galaxy (Just like the Mgs 2 demo that gave the impression it was going to be set in new york city, and then ending up in a neon oil plant). Secondly the introduction of a lame second playable character who takes focus away from the main character(Raiden from MGS anyone?). The combat is still fairly tactical and most of the vehicles are satisfying, but the locations just aren't as good as the wide open spaces of Halo 1, feeling mostly like funneled corridors. So why four stars then? Well because like the original the Multiplayer is probably the best I've ever played (Bar mario kart). The levels are brilliant and once you work out how to make the best of your surroundings you find that there are ways to to tackle even the biggest advantages, Such as the new ways of disposing tanks and Hijacking peoples vehicles, jumping on the front of someones tank so they can't shoot you and then ramming a grenade into the drivers seat is especially fun, as is jumping into the gunners seat whilst your opponent drives, and then gunning down there teammates is an experience to be treasured. Anyway lastly on the subject of the fairly dissapointing campaign, finishing it on legendary reveals the words mysterious date february 8th after the credits , Don't quote me on this but I would not be suprised if Bungie released the second half of the game as an expansion pack or download, as the advertisements showed the master chief on earth underneath a scorched sky, when on earth on halo 2 the sky is blue, this to me could be a sign of the things to come... but if not this is still worth buying (like mario kart) not for the functional but occasionaly inspired campaign, But if you want one of the best multiplayer's ever made then get this in!
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VINE VOICEon 4 December 2004
I bought Halo 2 the day it came out, almost a month ago. It's taken me until now to reach an opinion of it that deserves reading. Here goes.
Halo was a tough act to follow. It splits gamers down the middle- some love its free-form action template, massive levels and small but innovative tweaks on the tried and tested FPS formula. Others find it repetitive, frustrating and lacking in plot and substance. With Halo 2, Bungie had to right those wrongs while keeping the winning ingrediants that made the original such a benchmark. And... they managed to pull it off.
The first, and most obvious improvement on the original are the graphics. They are absolutely gorgeous. The original Halo was shiny enough, even after three years, but Halo 2 is eye-candy of an unprecedented level, with the detail and polish of PC titles like Doom 3 and Far Cry and the massive, sublime levels that only Halo has done so far. From the gigantic temple in the middle of a volcanic crater to the water effects, Halo 2 drops your jaw over and over again. The sound is even better, improving on the original endlessly, and the music is arguably the best ever scored for a game. These improvements do more than just look nice, they increase the immersive aspect and the fantasy of the environments endlessly.
In correcting the original's errors, Bungie have done more than just improve the graphics. The physics engine is enhanced to increase the freedom of the player while making object interactions look very real indeed. The AI of both your allies (always dodgy in Halo) and your enemies is significantly smarter, especially on the harder settings. They hide from fire, use grenades well, sneak up behind you and run for help. Halo's cut 'n paste level design is all but absent, with every level being different to the last, and within levels the environments vary much more.
Where Halo 2 really excels is in removing the repetition of the constant gunning, through the use of vehicle sections and set-pieces. These awesome moments (such as jumping onto the Scarab or riding the gondolas) are what Halo's formula was lacking, and stick permanently in your mind. Halo 2 blends these unprecedented set-pieces with free-form combat in just the right amounts, so the player has freedom and option some of the time, and others is riding the rollercoaster of sheer spectacle. When it comes to making your own way through combat, Halo 2 gives loads of options. There are more guns, and the much anticipated dual wielding is a welcome touch, giving you more firepower at the expense of grenades or melee attacks. Vehicles are all destructible, and you can hijack any enemy vehicle, or merely plant a grenade in it and jump back off.
Apart from the single player, Halo 2's multi-player is truly in a class of its own. There are so many options, weapons and maps you can cater for anyone's taste, and there is massive variety and replayability. Playing it system-link is brilliant fun, and Live lets you fight people anytime all over the world. However, it's always better if the other players are in the same room, and even 1 v 1 multi-player is an absolute blast.
Gripes? A couple. The health/shield system has been altered, which makes the single-player extremely hard in places. Add to this the difficulty of Heroic and Legendary and you have some very frustrating moments. You still have to replay some sections many times to get through it. The opening level is also very mediocre, and a poor intro to the game. However, Halo 2 is an absolute masterpiece, with unbelievable levels of production, addictive gameplay and sound design. 95%, in the running for Game of the Year, on any format.
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