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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 8 July 2004
This is possibly the best album i have ever bought! Finch are like a heavier taking back sunday but have a variety of different influences from blink 182 to radiohead (although i hate radiohead i can see why they could be similar to some people). 'perfection through silence' is my favourite song and for me typifies Finch's charm. They are melodically excellent and i would recommend the album to any emo/prog. hardcore/ punk fans. i took a chance when buying the album after discovering them through a promo on drive thru records (an awesome record label in my opinion) and was blown away. I think this album is full of singles, any would have been a successful release and i was delighted when they released 'letters to you' as i had previously heard it on their fantastic EP 'falling into place'. Stand out tracks for me are New Begginings, Grey Matter (featuring Darryl Palumbo of Glassjaw), Untitled, Ender and of course Letters to You and What it is to Burn. I would also recommend buying or listening to the compilation, 'Atticus 2...dragging the lake' as there is a track called 'Worms of the Earth' which was on the soundtrack to a film called 'Underworld'. This apparently is an insight to what their new album will be like!
What it is to Burn really is an amazing LP, an has bridged the gap between pop punk rock and emo/hardcore.
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on 4 December 2003
Alongside Glassjaw, Finch is the greatest band in the world. A bold claim perhaps, but one that is easily confirmed by listening to the album. This really is modern music at its very finest, Finch are reaching the same heights of musical achievement Bach was centuries ago, now.
All of the musicians in Finch, Nate Barcalow, Randy Stroheimar, Darren Dougherty, Alex Linares and Alex Pappas, are beautifully talented, a wonderful and truly refreshing thing in a music world filled with talentless rubbish.
Their music inspires and elates, whilst being thought provoking and emotionally stimulating at the same time. The best songs in my opinion are certainly not Letters To You, this single is not something to go by, as I know a lot of people will know of Finch from hearing this song on Kerrang - Three Simple Words and Perfection Through Silence, Without You Here, and Stay With Me are works of musical art far more demonstrative
of Finch's awesome talent.
I bought this album over a year ago, soon after its release, when Finch were still pretty much unheard of in England and the album was an obscurity. I have loved it ever since and listened to it literally thousand of times.
You have to buy this album, or you are missing out on so much.
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I cannot think of a better band. With music somewhere between phenomenal and extreme brilliance, I could not give Finch a higher rating.
Especially with the deadly "debut album" syndrome that leaves many bands in ruins until they can pull themselves together, Finch have no cause for worry since their debut album is wicked.
From the headbanging sounds of "Without You Here" to their released single "Letters To You", and the signature theme, "What It Is To Burn", which clearly is the best track on the album.
Excellent live performers as well as album producers, they are an all round great band fairly new to the scene, I suggest you at least get a single or two if you're not going to buy this album.
I even had friends not into progressive rock of this type, yet they liked the songs "Stay With Me" and "Letters To You", and wanted to hear more. Go figure.
Roll the dice with this album, even if you have never heard of them, give them a try.
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on 27 March 2003
well where do i start! i heard a finch song about a year ago now and bought there album and to tell you the truth i was a tad put off but after about 1 listen i fell in love with the hardcore riffs and punk moments that is finch...
Nate has one of the best voices i have heard that is a perfect match to the music. Some highlights of the album although there is not a bad song on the album has to be 'ender' or 'what it is to burn' they are 2 awesome songs that add the brilliance to the album. randy has a talent on the guitar and so does alex. alex p on drums plays exactly how u want a drummer to play but better. with all this you can expect finch to go along way! with a sold out uk tour! IM GOING!!! and many years of music to come. if you already havent heard finch or bought this album buy it now as opnce you have heard the album you will be hooked! BUY NOW!!!!!!
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on 31 December 2003
I got this cd for christmas off my sis as i couldnt really think of anything else to ask for and i really loved the singles esp. new beginnings. Despite me liking these i was prepared to find the album a bit dire....... but OH MY GOD! I'd like to give the finger to anyone who laughed at me for asking for this and saying it was 'pansy emo' or whatever. This cd is ROCKING!
Theres not one bad tune and liked it on my first listen, a rarity for me. My favourite the bezerk 'project mayhem'. A jump-fest if there ever was one. The first time i had it on my sister charged in yelling 'what the HELL is this?!' Most of my cds are metal and industrial so this was kinda new territory for me and i have to say im glad i took a chance. I had no idea this cd would be so heavy. And also, i love screaming so this goes a long waaaay!
4 and a half stars!
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on 9 May 2003
Finch are too heavy to be what we now see as "punk" and too melodic for the bloated corpse that is "metal", yet they will appeal to fans of both genres.
I got this after hearing the awesome single "Letters To You", but every track is a winner. The likes of "New Beginings" and "Protection Through Silence" will have you leaping around your bedroom with glee, and the stunning "Ender" is the perfect soundtrack when you're staring mournfully into space, thinking about the one you love.
There is an obvious debt here to the likes of Jimmy Eat World, Quicksand and Glassjaw (whose frontman makes a guest appearance on the INCREDIBLE "Project Mayhem"), yet Finch take the sound and attitude of these bands and create something that is theirs and theirs alone. A true class act.
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on 3 February 2003
well guys and girls i have to say as a band member myself this is a amazing and very insprational album.
The pure quality of the music with Nate Barcalow's emotional and touching lyrics this makes one of the best albums i own its stuck in my music player all the time. I would recommend this band to anyone who likes emo rock with a heavy edge and any nu metal or hardcore fans looking for something new.

In my opinion i would say the best tracks on the album are grey matter, without you here untitled and three simple words.
the best track is bay a long way what it is to burn
so every1 buy this album and support one of the best up and coming american acts in recent years. =o)
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on 22 May 2002
What it is to burn is going to be one of the biggest albums of the year with its thrashing guitar riffs complimented with melodic, intense vocals. The anticipation of each song is immense and unpredictable. Songs such as ender starting off cool and subtle soon roared with vocals and riffs full of emotion. Thrashers such as project mayhem release the intensity of the album with fantastic guitars and roaring vocals.
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on 18 July 2005
As a relative newcomer to the so-called 'emo' genre, purchasing a Finch album was quite a departure for me. However, now I've made that departure I never want to return. 'What It Is To Burn' is one of the best albums I have ever heard. Fantastic vocals from Nate Barcalow with a good singing to screaming ratio, catchy riffs and I-wish-I'd-written-that lyrics all contribute to making this a masterpiece.
You certainly don't need to use your 'skip' button when listening to this album. Each track is of a brilliant standard. My personal favourites include 'Letters To You' for its gorgeous lyrics which mould perfectly with the tune; 'Ender', a 13-minute track which, although the lyrics are repeated a lot, has a haunting effect; 'What It Is To Burn'... oh, forget it. I love every single song.
I would recommend this to anyone who wants to listen to 'accessible' emo music which doesn't overdo the screaming and matches its powerful lyrics with a powerful sound - as opposed to a more Dashboard Confessional-esque approach of relying on just lyrics, vocals and acoustic guitar to do the talking (although I am most certainly not against that approach). In fact, I would recommend WIITB to any fan of good music.
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on 17 July 2004
What can I say? There is no better rock/nu-metal album to date.
It grabs your attention with the first listen. You then become addicted to the point of requiring medical help. Every song has something new to offer. The riffs are powerful, the melody is just right and there are screams in all the right places.
"New beginnings" is a brilliant opening track. The second song shows you just what chart pop music lacks. Number 11 is too good to even attempt to describe it. Then don't forget the epic "Ender" and the single "What it is to burn" which is so close to perfection!
Finch are similar to Filter and Funeral for a Friend, but realistically I'm still trying to find something just like it.
Buy this album and if it leaves your cd player before next year, you're doing better than me!
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