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VINE VOICEon 22 January 2004
This is by far the best manager game for the PS2, primarily becuase it is virtually the only one. I was at first skeptical about the LMA series so I didn't buy the 2002 edition. Like many I have always been a fan of the Championship Manager PC games and I was waiting for them to move to consoles, unfortunately they didn't move the the playstation. I can't understand why the X-Box should get it and we PS2 owners don't but whilst some may dislike all other games, this one is better then most, to the point of possibly outdoing Champ Man.
I was rather dubious even after buying this but my doubts quickly vanished as I started to play this. It is fairly simple to play but it takes a bit of time to get used to the buttons. Unlike in the Champ Man series you get really involved in everything in this game. Its features are fairly similar to all manager games, you buy and sell players, deal with contracts and set-up players training. You can also get invovled in staff contracts and scouting players and teams etc, but you can also get involved in all the commercial aspects (you have to sack the commercial manager for that). This allows you to sell your advertisement space around the ground as well as shirt sponsors. You can also try to build a new stadium, but this is both expensive and costly - the first time I did it I forgot that when you build a new stand you don't get any revenue from it.
If you want a simply straight-forward manage the team you can also do that by delegating most of your powers to your staff, but if, like me, you like a more hand-on approach, you can get into the depths of the clubs day-to-day running.
This game also has a variety of game options ranging from the traditional team management across seasons to shorter versions like a cup run or the last six games. This can also relieve any boredom you have of the longer game.
This game isn't Championship Manager but it doesn't pretend to be. It allows the player to have varying degrees of control depending on what they want. It is a good game in general although it can be almost impossible to buy and sell some players, whilst ridiculously easy to tansfer others.
The only other main problem is the pointless highlights section. You get to watch the whole match on a 2D pitch with varying degrees of speed - a feature oly recently adopted by Championship Manager. This is fine but when the game has ended you get the Lineker and Hanson commentary. I am generally a fan of the BBC team, and would take them over ITV any day, but it is completely pointless in this game. It just slows everything down when you just want to get back to you main screen and resume managing. It is only a minor flaw but it is pretty much the only flaw so it really annoys me. Without the stupid replays LMA would basically be the perfect manager simulation game which shows its quality.
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on 18 May 2004
LMA is a fantastic manager game. The gameplay is superb and easy to control and, although you can't actually play the games, the graphics are quite good. The game includes alsorts of managerial options such as promoting youth players, building stadiums and transferring players. In LMA 2004 you can create a fantasy team so may be a SLIGHTLY better game, but the gameplay is just as great as that in 2003. I urge you to buy this game as i have had it for a year and still play it - RECOMMENDED!!!
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on 5 October 2011
I used to play this game about 5 years ago when my friend introduced it to me. I can honestly say I still play this game to this date, it has got to be the most addictive game ever made. I have most the latest games but I still play this one more. Highly recommended to everyone :)
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on 26 May 2003
An avid fan of football management sims, I browsed around for my 2002/03 season game.
Trying the LMA series for the first time after Championship Manager and FA Manager, I found the game a breath of fresh air. A superb match engine that doesn't look too bad, simple charts and easy interface made this my most favourite management sim to date.
Having waded through the vast databases of pointless information contained within the bowels of CM, the simple bars of the player interfaces told me precisely what i wanted to know and nothing else. You didnt have to wait a millenium between matches, and the results vary much more in real life form too. The variable workload is also a plus, allowing more or less pressure depending on how you're feeling.
The only gripes are the lack of depth that is evident when compared to the CM games. No internationals and only European leagues means a limit of the talent pool you can purchase.
Overall, this is a well designed management sim, lacking in depth but making it up in playability.
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on 13 January 2004
Lma manager 2003 is the best ever manager game it is better than all the previous lma games.Buy it and become the manager of any team.
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on 23 June 2014
i have allways loved this game.i think it is the best managment game i have ever played.even though it is old this game is great.
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on 29 September 2014
Quick delivery, hadn't played this game in years and very happy with it. Wish they would bring out more versions.
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on 28 March 2015
Arrived the next day after purchasing and item was as it was described
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VINE VOICEon 10 March 2003
This is a decent manager game, despite what people say. The only thing is that its unpredictable. I have managed to do quite well in it, but it takes some work.
On the whole the style of the game is good. The match part of the game is well presented and you can make decisions which actually affect the game, rather than the result being preordained before you have begun. (Something that Championship manager suffers alot of) Getting new players to join your club is difficult, however, but can be acheived.
I would recommend this to newcomers and those who actually want to enjoy a manager game, rather than stressing all the time, as this is one of the few games that you can actually be successful in.
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on 8 March 2003
No one can deny that Champ is by far the best modern management game. However, the LMA manager games that started life on the PSone have the monopoly when it comes to consoles.
Codemasters and Hoodoo studios yearly update should definetly be a worthy buy for PS2 owners who are into management games.
Starting a new season couldn't be easier.the range of teams to manage in the game is not shoddy at all, with every team int he Scottish,English,German,French,spanish and Italian divisions, and many other teams that you can play against and buy players from.The menu system is easy to use, and gives you easy access to many screens, without having to trawl through them.You can chose your own management team, improve your stadium, deal with prospective sponsers, and much more. Also, winning games isn't the only thing to worry about, as you have to keep your club in a good financial state, or you could quickly find yourself in debt.Training your squad is easy with lots of options available, and contract talks with players is also well realised.THis may make you think that LMA is not hardcore and to simple,but it is not the case, as it works on many levels.If you are a novice in the management stakes, you can asign tasks to your virtual staff to relieve your workload, or in the other extreme, do it all yourself.Team tactics can be customised, or play in a selection of pre-programmed tactics used by teams like Wimbeldon during the early nineties, or France in the late nineties, and many more.
However, it isn't all great.The transer system for instance needs a bit of a shake up.Player's values are often way to high and the system relies a lot on the standing of your team.For instance, a quality player is much more likely to go to a club ina the relegation zone of the premiership than a club with good promotion prospects, even if the smaller club pays larger wages.Another downside of the game is that often the game will affect the way other teams play.Troughout the whole month, you could be playing brilliantly and beating the top teams, then all of a sudden alll the small clubs will start chalking up 6-0 victories while you have a succession of draws and losses, with exactly the same team.I know form is a large factor,but that is ridiculous.
One of LMA's major selling points has always been it's game engine.Watching a game can be entralling, and obviusly adds a new depth for tactical substitutes andformation changes, which could not really be done in earlier games in the Champ series. However,passes are nearly always in the air, and the amount of time it takes some goal keepers to recover from a save often leads to an easy tap in for the attacking team.Also far to many fouls are given, and the referee will often punish a shoulder takle with a red card, and in sliding takle that injures a player with no card at all.On top of all this, it has a truly teerible offside rule, with players miles behind the last defender often being punished.
Overall, though nothing can detract from the amount of options and playabillity of this game.ou can't beat the feeling of wiinning the league with your favourite team.LMA is a must buy for any PS2 owner who likes their management games.
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