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Bully [DVD] [2002]
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on 30 October 2003
Engrossing, disturbing stuff. Clark paints a world in which parents are spectacularly irrelevant and childish feckleness and nonchalance rules. His pattern revolves around a group of self-destructive teenagers. In the "Kids", the ghettos of New York were partly to blame. In "Bully", little blame is put on anything else than teen culture - and those who permit it. The teenage body is glorified as it reviles itself in Clark's films, giving away a sense of inevitable corruption and demise.
The DVD version is not great. The extras, substantial as they are in quantity, are mediocre in quality. in fact, competent tough Clark's actors may be as performers, their intellectual powers emerge as far from engaging in the interviews... Clark himself is not particularly good at the talking either, while the 'on location' footage adds little or nothing.
Nevertheless, "Bully" is a cogent, shocking story.
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on 10 October 2003
"Bully" is as disturbing as a movie can get. It shakes you hard and once it gets its grasp on you, it never lets go until it's all said and done. It's also a movie that is guaranteed to stay in your head for days, no matter how hard you try to forget it. This is a chilling and powerful film, and one of the darkest movies I have seen this year so far.
Based on a true story, "Bully" is about a guy named Marty, who is always getting beaten up and tormented by his best friend Bobby. Bobby's one nasty and mean character who does what he wants when he wants. He's been known to be sexually abusive towards women and unleashes his violent temper upon anyone who gets in his way. Not being able to take it anymore, Marty and his girlfriend decide maybe it's time that something should be done. They get together with a group of friends and decide they have to kill Bobby What seems to be a simple plan falls apart right before their eyes, and once the deed is done they can never go back to the way things were.
This film is directed by the same man who did "Kids," Larry Clark. He does a superb job of orchestrating this brutally chilling force of a movie that knocks the air right out of your body. The cast and crew were also great. Every actor did their roles justice. Especially the man who plays Marty. As I was watching this, I kept asking to myself "This is a true story??" in complete disbelief.
Be warned, this is a VERY uneasy film to watch. Not a second goes by in where there isn't something shocking going on. This is another one of those movies that isn't meant for everybody, but I still think it's an important film. Bullying is a very serious subject that plagues the world every day. This movie reveals the true ugliness of that and shows just how far some will go to stop it.
"Bully" is a success in my eyes, as hard as it was to watch. "Kids" is also very disturbing as well, but on much more different level. Again, this isn't a movie that everybody is going to like. In fact, I'm willing to bet that many who have attempted this movie were forced to stop it and were unable to finish it. Be warned, this is a very uneasy movie to watch. The scary reality of it all is these types of things happen all the time...
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on 30 July 2009
Larry Clark has made another film that continues his apparent obsession with the disassociated youth of America. Young, angry, directionless people having sex, taking drugs and committing vicseral acts of violence.

It is hard, painful and unbelievable to watch. But equally compelling. Being from a rural, middle class background this world these kids live in seems totally made up compared to my youth, but what made this so engaging was the knowledge that this based on a true event.

If you are a fan of Larry Clark films this will be a welcome addition to your dvd collection. But if you are just starting out with Larry Clarks movies I recommend you begin with KIDS.
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on 15 May 2010
Someone may be enthusiastic about this one, but surely it is not a masterpiece. The story may well be based on true facts, one can believe that, and the various characters are played quite naturally - meaning they kept out of any actor's studio. The dialogue is not overwhelming - "y' know" - but again, this reflects some slice of society. Nudity shots abound to the benefit of male audience eyes, and most of it could be spared without loosing a bit.
It will keep you busy for one evening, which in fact is already an achievement for any movie.
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on 7 November 2005
This was a really good film based on a true story of several Florida teens who got fed up of the way an alleged bully was treating them, it's easy to watch, but not totally believable. If you want to know more about a case, rather then just watch a film, get the buck by Jim Shultze. All in all it's a good film, but has stretched the truth just a bit too much
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on 30 March 2014
Yeah this actually went on..Lots of nudity and drugs and 18 cert. and so on..but a very tense film, for when they commited the murder! Best part of the film "Get our story's straight"..Watch it and find out!
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on 14 September 2016
Sorry did not like this flim
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on 8 September 2002
I bought this film on region one due to the fact that I feel that any Larry Clark film is a must-watch.
This Film is amazingly well done, it has a little bit of everything you want, If you have seen Kids a previous Clark film then you will recognise many familiarities. Not least of which is the reappearence of Leo Fitzpatrick (tully) in another Role. The cast is the stars of the future, Bijou Phillips, Rachel Miner, Brad Renfro (sleepers), Nick Stahl (Disturbing Behaviour), Yes there is gratioutous sex, yes this tale is disturbing, yes this film is in your face and does not pull and punches but yes it is amazing.
The tale centres around drugs, sex, bullying and revenge. We are talking small town, small minds and messed up values, all these things help make this film amazing. Nick Stahl is amazing as his character and has further cemented his future as a big star.
I would suggest that you buy this film because it has every aspect you could want from a film, im 18 i loved it, my friends loved it, you will love it.
Then film is again well shot and well acted, Larry clark has a talent of being able to make you fell the reality and this is no different by the end of the film you wont know who is in the right, who to feel sorry for and you will be screaming at the telly for the actions of Rachel Miners character. I suggest lots of mates a dark room and a late night watching kids then this, perfection.
The basics of the plot are, you see a character being bullied, theres rape and violence and all the bad things, the bullied person becomes sick of it all and aided by his stoner friends and strange girlfriend they begin to plot their revenge, if you want to know what happens....buy it!
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on 10 September 2010
Honestly I thought this would be better, I struggled to sit through this!

I think this taught me that I shouldn't buy a movie just because it has sex in it! If it had had a decent story to go with it, I would probably have felt different about it.
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on 20 February 2013
Based on a true story, BULLY is a film that could've been better. The BULLY of the title regularly beats on his "best friend", gets him to watch gay porn and even, somehow, gets him to perform in gay clubs in his underpants! This seems all to be because he, the BULLY, is actually gay himself, hates himself for being gay and simultaneously hates his "best friend" for basically not being gay. He's probably in love with his non-gay mate, so that also compounds the problem. His non-gay mate appears to be a bit slow and easily led, so pretty easy to manipulate. The BULLY is a thoroughly repellent character who is possibly bullied by his own father. His non-gay best bud gets a girl pregnant and it is she - disliking the way BULLY treats his supposed best friend and father of her unborn child - who suggests killing the bastard BULLY for making everyone's life a misery. With a bunch of drugged out teenage(?) pals they hire a rather stupid 'hitman' to advise them on how to go about bumping somebody off. You get the picture.... There's quite alot of pointless sex/nudity that detracts from what could have been a tighter composition overall; still, the acting isn't as bad as other reviewers have suggested and it's engaging enough.
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