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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 11 October 2002
The Great NZ Rockers of the modern time with their hard hitting, great debut album. The best tracks are Sittin' Pretty, MF From Hell,Fink For The Man, Freeze Sucker & their great single In Love. There are far more gurning solos and no-balls vocals on this record than are normally heard outside of comedy. Indeed, it probably brings Spinal Tap to mind more than any other band.The Datsuns' debut album is not quite this year's best rock album. That honour -so far - goes to Queens of the Stone Age's Songs For The Deaf. But for sheer hair-shaking fundamentalist exuberance, it's hard to beat. Derided as derivative 'big dumb rock' since their inception seven years ago in Cambridge, NZ, the Datsuns recorded their tight-fast-loud manifesto in a mere two weeks with producer Liam Watson, responsible for The White Stripes, Billy Childish, and the entire British punk blues underground.
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on 11 October 2002
What year is it? Most of the world is firmly esconced in the 21st century, but in the world of The Datsuns it seems to be permanently around the early seventies, when a wave of blues-influenced hard rock bands strode the world telling tales of hotels burning down and, er, juice running down their legs and stuff. This seems to be when time stopped for the Datsuns (even though it was probably before any of them were actually born), with only carefully-selected morsels of the intervening thirty years having seeped through into their consciousness (such as the Ramones-like adoption of the 'Datsun' monicker, or the minimalist monochrome band branding, betraying a punky-grungy streak). As a result, their debut album wears its influences like a badge of honour and rocks very hard indeed, and would not sound out of place alongside exalted ancestors like, say, Deep Purple's Machine Head, or Led Zeppelin II, which almost certainly feature prominently in the band's record collections (on scratched vinyl, probably). That is not to say the album is perfect, but tracks like 'Lady' and the stomping single 'I'm in Love' - is that a Hammond organ (or a close approximation) I can hear? - definitely urge the listener to turn the volume up to 11. Only time will tell if the Datsuns' sound sparks a revival or if they remain an anachronism - but until then, this is a mighty fine album that contains thirty-nine minutes of the joyous sound of rock'n'roll, played as it is meant to be.
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on 23 February 2003
The Datsuns - they're big in the 21st century, they sound like they should be somewhere else... but that sure ain't a bad thing! Bringing that good ol' 70's feel to the 00's, The Datsuns are throwing their dirty riffs and sleazy vocals right where it feels good. And it doesn't get any better than this! Never before has a band with an a sound from 30 years ago fitted in so well. The Datsuns are, quite purely, amazing.
If you're a fan of bands like The Vines, The Libertines and The Hives, chances are you've heard plenty by The Datsuns. If not, I have to recommend you buy this album. It's lively, in-yer-face attitude can't be missed. You thought 'In Love' was good? Wait 'til you hear the rest! 'MF From Hell' is a surefire hit, and 'You Build Me Up' and 'Harmonic Generator' capture the essence of 70s rock. The Datsuns haven't copied anyone or anything - they are just showing the younger generation how good music really can be.
I challenge you to buy this album, listen to it all, without giving in to the dirty vibe and throwing yourself (and your guitar) around your room. There's no point trying!
You wanted it, The Datsuns are giving you it.
The Datsuns - "I'm in Love!"
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VINE VOICEon 14 October 2002
Take four young men, get them together at the age of 14, start a band and play live. In essence that's the Datsuns. Now in their early 20's, they could be considered veterans of the New Zealand music scene (is there one?). Well, here's the good news, the wait has served them well.
If you like your rock, fast, loud, punky and full of teenage testosterone then these lot will suit the bill very nicely. Don't think of them as purely retro rockers, they sit very nicely with the likes of the Hives and their country compatriots, The D4, kicking in music that sounds as fresh as the day they first picked up their guitars.
Yes, it sounds like AC/DC in places, but, I ask you, if you want a reference point for the best popular rock music ever written, then I can think of no better starting point.
The songs blaze from track number 1 onwards, 'Sittin Pretty' has a riff to die for, 'MF from Hell' is utterly mad, speed lust rock and it gets better from there on.
The single 'In Love', sees things get down to a more boogie style pace, but fear not, by track 10 things are back up to pace.
It's not original, by any means, but who cares. They are the best live band I've seen in 2002 and they have the songs to blow your speakers to kingdom come. I guarantee, you'll be playing it at full volume from day one, air guitar in hand, screaming like a banshee.
It's one of the essential albums of the year!
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on 26 January 2013
I first remember seeing the Datsuns on Kerrang! and there was all this hype of them being the 'saviours of rock' etc and it wasn't misplaced at all. This a cracking straight to the point, no frills, rocker of an album that doesn't even consider messing around with ballads and acoustic/string arrangements. Straight up rock and a very good slice of it. Give it a go!
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on 5 November 2002
I was looking to see where I could get the new Foo Fighters album the cheapest. I was stood listening to the new album at an instore music station and underneath it was an album by a band called the Datsuns who I had heard little about but I was quite curious to hear them so I gave them a quick listen. The first riff on the first track captured my attention immediately. I listened to literally 10 seconds of each of the first three tracks and after this I knew I had to buy it and so I did! I took it home and gave the album is first full play.... I was blown away....what a fantastic album! A mixture of the Hives and the White Stripes with a big dollop of 70's rock which in all honestly is a deadly yet brilliant combination combined to make the Datsuns. Each of the 10 tracks is individual yet using the same formula throughout! Its pure jump around your bedroom, head banging, original guitar driven rock! There is nothing meaningful, slow or heartfelt about this album and all the better for it! I'm a big fan of Coldplay and bands like that but I like the fact that there is nothing like this on this album, it is the complete opposite, full of life, energy and an ambition to do well! Now comes the dreaded second album and if they stick to this formula they surely will come out on the other side completely unscathed and on top! I still haven't bought the Foo Fighters album :-)!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 August 2015
Four piece garage rock band The Datsuns from New Zealand have released six albums to date, but the one I still play the most is their exhilarating self-titled debut from 2002. There are some real traditional AC/DC/Led Zeppelin-like rockers on it, with catchy-as-hell riffs and real guitar solos. The whole album is great fun, so just be sure to turn up the volume and let it play loud. Co-produced by Liam Watson who engineered and mixed the White Stripes' 'Elephant' album, 'The Datsuns' is best played over a few beers I think.

I can't say that there is anything particularly original at all about the ten songs on this CD, but who cares? If you like real rock 'n' rollers with that authentic rock sound, you should check The Datsuns out.
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on 27 January 2004
I just saw them live at the Big Day Out festival (Auckland NZ) last week.. this band is unbelievable.. amazing.. so powerful.. waouh HUUUUUUUGE !!! Just buy this Cd which is one of the best currently available on the rock market. The Datsuns second LP is due to come out on May 2004.
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on 2 June 2003
I must admit to a little apprehension when buying this CD (after seeing them on Later with Jools), but all this was blown away like cobwebs in a hurricane by the end of track one.
The Datsuns manage to combine the sounds of Thin Lizzy, AC/DC with a bit of the Ramones and bring it all into the new millenium with a bit of style.
"M*F* From Hell" and "Freeze Sucker" are my two favourites, but unlike some of the White Stripes stuff each song has its own slightly different feel and a classic riff thrown in for good measure. "At Your Touch" and "Fink For The Man" wouldn't surprise you if saw (a young)Gary Moore or Angus Young appearing on the credits.
If you've bought anything like The Hives, White Stripes, BRMC, Audioslave and you like that, then don't be afraid go out and get The Datsuns, grab your air guitar and do your best Angus Young impression round the lounge and annoy your neighbours..!!
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on 10 October 2002
LIKE The White Stripes before them, The Datsuns have taken rock back to the basics, albeit to a different era. This, their debut album, bursts with the rawest rock riffs this side of The Cult, whose influence pervades the set. Lady could be an Aerosmith out-take, What Would I Know filches Alice Cooper’s School’s Out, Fink For The Man sounds like Stateside rockers MC5, and both At Your Touch and single In Love recall Deep Purple so much the guys wanted Jon Lord to play keyboards. For once all the hype is justified. It’s reigning Datsun cats.
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