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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Green Blade Rising
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 26 September 2002
After their often overlooked, and quite frankly dissapointing last album, Hello Pig, this has come as a bit of a surprise. If like me you thought we had lost the good old Levellers for good I am pleased to inform you that Green Blade Rising is a rousing return to form. With energetic fiddling, blazing chorus lines and Mark's voice in top nick, this is definitley an album for the collection. Already established live favourites such as Come On, Pretty Target and the brilliant Wild as Angels, are here along with the usual mystic sounds and campfire protest songs. The album hasn't left the stereo since i brought it and long may it prosper. The Levellers are back... thank God!
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on 29 October 2002
Having been a levellers follower for the last 10 years i am pleased to say green blade rising was way overdue!! Not the best album they have released but a close 3rd behind weapon called the word and levelling the land. The music is as awseome as ever, a vast variety of songs, fast and slow, What was hello pig all about?? Compared to hello pig you will be jumping as the first track is played. tracks 1-4 are superb, Come on been track 4 which hits as been the best initially but like all great levellers songs more than one listen is needed and it grows on you listen by listen....Then they all sound great. The only disapointment is the lyrics are maybe not as strong as on other albums, but the music makes up for it. If you want to buy an album by the levellers you will not be dissapointed with green blade rising, i highly reccommend it to any true lev fan, It feels and sounds like the levellers of old....thank god wev'e got all the comercialisation out of the way and the real levellers are back.!!
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on 10 March 2003
I first bought Green Blade Rising with a hint of worry after the shock of Hello Pig but as soon as I played the album I was drifting back to the days of Zeitgeist and Levelling the Land. This album certainly isn't the Levellers best album, a rating I reserve for Levelling the Land, but it is definately an excellent album, both Four Winds and Come On send a shiver down my spine when I hear them and they are even better live. I recommend this album to anyone who likes music which has a message other than "I love you" or "my life sucks" as other "bands" like to say, the music is genious and the lyrics are also very strong and speak to those who listen altho not as hard line as in past albums. All I can say is buy this album and if you like it then go see them live as they are the best band I have ever seen live, a spine-tingling jumping experience for all.
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on 11 November 2002
Ok, firstly this is a great Levs' album.I seem to be in a minority when I say that Levelling the Land is not my favorite album.That minority would become smaller if I said I liked Hello Pig.One thing that's always impressed me about them is their ability to change their sound.I still love the folk punk songs of the first two records and they still sound just as fresh live but musically, Hello Pig was genius. A great listen and about as far removed from their earlier stuff as could possibly be. Green Blade Rising retains the best of both worlds.Its got folk, its got (slightly watered down) punk and a lot of beautiful music. It's also written by a bunch of blokes who are now in their late 30's.Of course lyrically it is less political. It's also a lot more personal. Unfortunately, unlike many of the fanbase. The Levs' seem to realise that just shouting about how bad the world is, is not going to suddenly make it a better place. It's what you do that counts.
I'm certain the Levellers could release happy/ still angry/slightly anarchic songs till Hell freezes over.However they've chosen not to. Perhaps some people should ask themselves why instead of accusing them of selling out, everytime they release anything that doesn't sound like 'Sell Out'?
This has become a bit of an album of my summer. I hope it can become an album of your winter!
Thanks Mr Leveller
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on 21 October 2002
Compare Green Blade Rising to the early Levellers classics and 3 or 4 stars might be fair. If I compare Green Blade Rising to the other 20 or 30 albums I have bought this year, it is the only one that I am still really enthusiatic about 4 weeks later. Thats the real measure of a 5 star album for me.
"Come on", "Walks with angels" and "Pretty Target" are for me as good as anything from their past. Its takes a few listens to get into, which might explain why it has had less airtime than it deserves. I seem to remember "Levelling the Land" also took a few listens before I really enjoyed it!
The anger of the early work has been replaced to an extent with pragmatism. Once of the differences between being 20 something and 30 something I observe. The message has not changed, while the delivery has evolved. The folk/rock/punk edge is ever present.
Its is by far the best CD I have spent my money on this year.
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on 24 September 2002
Maybe I shouldn't review on my first day of hearing GBR. However, the sheer quality means that I must.
Hello Pig was a big let down for me, even as a die-hard levs fan, but this record has LEVELLERS tattooed right through the middle of it.
Four Winds lets you know that the Levs really are back in business and Pretty Target and Come On are superb.
The whole record oozes quality, you won't be skipping any tracks on this - Wild As Angels will have your foot tapping and you'll swear you've heard it somewhere before.
Wake the World is a chilled finish to a superb return for the Levellers. If I could award any more stars than 5 then I would!
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on 27 April 2009
I think a lot of worthy comments have already been said here so I'll try not go over too much old ground...


I originally became disheartened with the Levellers when Mouth to Mouth came out in '97, and when Hello Pig followed I was truly distraught! (I actually don't mind these albums as much these days, dammit, now that I'm knocking on 30 instead of being that 13 year old wannabe revolutionary)

Then something inside me decided to give them one more chance, even though I'd done this a couple of times already. And how pleased I was with the results!!! I really would urge anyone out there to put Green Blade Rising alongside their first four essential Levellers albums. If the first two tunes, Four Winds and Falling From the Tree don't make all ye ol' Levellers fans smile with and feel a true sense of relief then I'm sorry for a poor review! To me, it's much better than the appauling 2005 follow-up Truth and Lies and 2008's fairly decent Letters from the Underground. Realistically this album only deserves four stars because not even tune is a winner, but there are some great tracks here and I want people to realise this is far better than Truth and Lies, which currently has a five-star rating. A true return to form indeed!
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on 27 September 2013
Probably one of the best albums I have bought. Somehow missed it with all the others that I have but it is now a firm favourite.
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on 28 August 2011
I gave up on The levellers' later work after 'Hello Pig', but have lately discovered this album which, in my opinion, is as good as anything they've done. Some great songs, well-produced, and a good balance between hard/soft Levellers, falling somewhere between 'Truth and Lies' and 'Letters from the Underground' - and better than both of them. 'Letters...' is a good one too - punkier, but also a bit screechy at times, with the fiddle to the fore. 'Green Blade...' has a more rounded sound, without compromising on the authenticity and the passion of the band.
No Levellers fan should be without it!
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on 26 September 2002
It's been a while coming but it is finally here... a Levellers album of old, brand new! if you have seen the band live recently you may have already heard some of the tracks but don't let that put you off listening to this beauty from the Brighton lads. in my opinion the less said about Hello Pig the better (apart from a few exceptions: HBRevolution) so imagine my glee when I stuck on Green Blade Rising and the Levellers we all know and love came blazing through my speakers with their form of old. Displaying all the strings on their fiddle, songs for the campfire, sounds of the mystic and huge chorus' this album is a brilliant return to form. The first single Come On is magic but the bell of the ball has to be Wild as Angels - already a live favourite and it loses none of its umph on this the Levellers 7th studio outing. Go and buy this album... you know you deserve it. I promise you wount be dissapointed.
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