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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars

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on 12 December 2015
I had this originally when it first came out for the Xbox. Now I'm back into retro I purchased a ps2 and bought this. Didn't expect it to look good at all on my hdtv, but was amazed how sharp it looks and it hasn't aged much at all.
I won't spoil the plot but I will recommend that before playing this, you watch the movie first.

For people wanting to know my hookup, I used a slim ps2 with component cables on a 24 inch 1080p hdtv.
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on 8 February 2013
Well the game is a good add to the thing franchise, it gives you more about the story beyond, the atmosfere its awesome, well made, the graphics are ok, not the best graphics of the system but does the job very well. The team system of the game, the trust mechanics etc are very well made.

For me the gameplay was the bad thing, to slow for me, lack of fluency in the interface, and poor camera work that difficults a game that is pretty hard rigth from the begining...I died many times because of the poor controls and camera...well, if you're a fan of the thing world and survival horror genre, then this game is for you, if not, the poor controls may test your patience.
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on 24 September 2002
Based on the famous John Carpenter sci fi film this game has a lot to live up to. Traditionally games based on movies are of a poor standard and do not spend a lot of time in production. This is due to the myth that people will buy the games simply because they enjoyed watching the film,the thing however is an exception.
You play Blake the man enlisted with the task of investigating the what has happened, initially at the American base featured in the movie. The game is laid out in level format and features many other locations some from the film and some that have been invented. The graphics on this game are at times breathtaking especially the cool snow effects and design of the interiors. The aliens that you meet are some of the best I have witnessed in a computer game with superb artifical intelligence. The best thing about this game though has to be controlling your team ensuring that they trust you, are not to frightened and of destroying them when finally they change into the thing.
Graphics 92%
Sound 89%
gameplay 88 %
Total 92%
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on 29 September 2002
The thing is a very good 3rd person shooter combining both moody, scary atmosphere and hardcore blasting. It has some cool added features which really put it apart from other games out there. For a start you can have control of a squad, this includes telling them what to do (holding up a gun to their head if they refuse to do it), giving/recieving weapons to/from them, blood testing them to check they havent been infected. The game has lots of quality features like this but is let down slightly by a few annoying things. The flamthrower is pants. You want it to be like the one in the film but its not. It fires about 2 feet in front of you at the ground and it causes just a few small flames to appear. Considering that the flamethrower is the most important weapon in the game (you find out during the game that all large enemies only die when cooked) you would think that the designers would make it work and shot well. Put this aside then you see that 'The Thing' is a top class shooter which is very good fun to play and if your a fan of the film or just like shooters then your going to love this.
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on 28 December 2015
Fantastic game, played it first a long time ago on the PC and liked it so much that when I got a PS2 I bought this meaning to play it sometime, but not having time for games back then the whole set up got put in a box in the loft. Recently decided to put a spare TV in the bedroom and set the PS2 up and started playing this and it is better than ever, so tense, I have found myself further away from the screen than I started due to the wheels on the chair, from trying to get back from a thing-dog or thing-man type. I am dreading this ending and not really sure how long I have left but probably close to the third boss. Funny thing is it is Bank Holiday 2015 and my forward movement packed in Christmas Eve, the second control pad was faulty so I have had to order 2 new control pads which will be here in the next few days, but getting desperate I have tried to play it running back wards and stepping side wards and surprised myself how far I got but probably as I didn't find it so tense as I knew I would not make it to the next save point. I am currently on the long square ramp room with soldiers and camera guns on the wall, can see the door at the bottom but can't quite get there :( I have recently bought Scarface and the Godfather for when this finishes, hope they are half as good.
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on 4 October 2002
Quite simply one of the best games I've played for a long time. Believe the hype when they say the game reeks with paranoia. Although moments of sheer terror aren't common, a pervasive, draining fear seems to hang on your shoulders as you explore the Antartic desolation. Some superb features, such as the limited save points in the form of voice recorders, more than cancel out the (only slight) lazyness that creeps into the plot in the last few levels.
Overall: One of the greats of our time.
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VINE VOICEon 8 June 2003
The Thing is a third person, survival horror game that starts off in the immediate aftermath of the film. This game benefits from a superb opening sequence that can be accessed by pausing on the main game menu. You take on the part of Blake and it's your job to uncover the source of the infection. The Thing is a really atmospheric survival horror game that has good graphics and quality cutscenes that help advance the stotyline. You also get a pleasing range of weaponry in which to deal death with and the game controls are smooth to use. Plaudits need to be extended for the very innnovative trust/fear interface that requires you to monitor your squad effectively. You need to gain the trust of the npcs you encounter before they are prepared to assist you. This can be done by healing them or by giving them a weapon. If you fail to monitor your team's fear they can crack up, this can induce suicide or gibbering wreck state. Indicators of team fear include uncontrollable shaking, depressed statements like "we're finished" and even trouser based urinal! These 2 interfaces are really cool to use. The first 2 levels of the game are essentailly a tutorial that allows you get a good feel for the game, after that things get considerably more difficult, as you have your hands full with firefights and squad based play. Your colleagues can transform into infected Things at anytime so you need to be alert. Howewver, this game is let down by the amount of memory card storage space required, 2.5mb is far too much. Furthermore, it can sometimes be a bit frustrating to find that your squad doesn't always follow you through to the next level when you have spent the whole of the present level carefully guiding them through the mission. Other than that the Thing is a survival horror game of substantial substance.
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on 8 November 2003
Not the most original idea, 'hey, lets make a Thing videogame based on the classic movie!' but it really works!
'The Thing' game picks up straight after the final events of the movie, as you and a squad of troops are sent to an Arctic base to find out what has happened to the survey team who have suddenly gone quiet...
In a similar vein to classic survival horror, such as Resident Evil, the action is mostly in the 3rd person as you and your team search inside the complex and through the blizzards outside, looking for humans, collecting items and weapons and shooting 'Things'.
It's got all the great sfx and atmospheric lighting of good survival horror games that get you absorbed in the action with some cool little details like an exposure meter that runs down when you are out in the cold (You've gotta be quick out there or you'll get frozen!) and the funny comments that your squad make when they are left standing.
But what makes it different? Well the squad members you have with you are an excellent addition to this kind of game. You must keep them happy by healing them and giving them weapons or they turn against you, making comments about you behind your back and even shooting you if you accidently wing them in combat! They can 'bug out' and go postal if you dont get them out of bloody areas quickly and lastly, how do you know they are not infected with the 'Thing' virus??
The attention you must pay to your squad made this a much more involving game for me, adding an angle that is missing in other games of this type as you keep them out of danger, fight alongside them or even use them as bait!
Other strengths are the mission-based approach as you complete certain goals to advance but be warned, some have a time limit to them! Its also a large game with lots to explore, find and solve as there are a few puzzles to occupy you. Some of the levels and bosses are far from easy so you need to keep saving at regular intervals.
Basically this is a detailed, atmospheric and involving game that keeps very close to the paranoid spirit of the original movie with shades of the Alien trilogy too. A must for anyone that enjoys the survival horror genre!
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on 6 October 2003
With the survival horror behemoths of Resident Evil and Silent Hill failing to make any significant progress from their PSOne days, it's taken a London team to properly update the genre for the next gen consoles. Relying on slow and careful build-up of tension to create the unsettling atmosphere, rather than the film-like (if sometimes unplayable) camera angles of the Capcom series, this takes the basic survival horror and splices it with extra action to form a highly effective hybrid that compulses the player to continue until the final showdown. The main innovation is the ability to form a squad whose loyalty is not absolute - the ever-present possibility that anyone might be infected with a "Thing" requires the trust of squad members to be earnt and maintained, creating a sense of paranoia that neatly mimics Carpenter's film. This is not just a gimmick, as squad members are sometimes essential, such as engineers who can fix a wider range of broken interfaces than you, and at other times just very useful, such as the medics with their unlimited ability to restore your health, as long as you can keep them alive. That is not to say that the game is faultless - for instance, the number of keypresses required to reload from the last save point is excessive, and with no selectable difficulty level beyond the degree of auto aim, there is little incentive to replay once the 10-15 hour plot has been finished. Still, it's a good 10-15 hours, and given that it's now easy to find a cheap copy of the game (amazon.co.uk are currently selling in for a measly 15 pounds), anyone over the age of 15 would be mad to pass this one by. Highly recommended.
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on 16 July 2003
Team cooperation is what distinguishes this game from other survival games. One could compare it with Project Eden, where you also have 4 team members, but Project Eden is much more a puzzle game. Here, survival and scary atmosphere is what it is about. What makes The Thing unique, is that you have to take into account/manage your team members' feelings (fear, trust etc) by means of a well developed interface.
Graphics: 3/5 : nice snow, nice levels, detailed characters, but I would have liked dynamic, scary shadows (see Silent Hill 2), also flames aren't convincing
Sound: 3/5 lots of ambient sounds, better than average voice acting, but I miss a dramatic soundtrack
Storyline: 5/5 : building further on the cult movie, the script is excellent
Gameplay: 4/5 : equally divided parts for exploration, puzzle solving, fighting (shooting), some strategic insight for team feelings management
Overall, the game manages to evoke the atmosphere of paranoia that made the 1982 cult movie renowned. If you were intrigued by the movie, you won't be disappointed by the game.
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