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on 20 April 2003
This game looks great! Everything is as smooth as you would expect from the DOA Engine... The out of game features and extras are very clever and make for a different kind of game however that is about as far as it goes. If you are looking for a good volleyball sports game and feel that its likely to be good when run on the DOA engine this is NOT the game for you. Although it still looks good the volleyball side of things is almost non-playable and is a real let down.
So if your looking for a good looking game and a chance to see some near naked game-babes its the game for you, however if your after a good sports game or a sequal to the amazing DOA3 Im afraid your lkely to be VERY disapointed
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on 13 August 2013
I have played a few volleyball games but they just cant compare to this game. The graphics are really good and it has a very good gameplay and is my favourite xbox game to play.
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on 5 July 2016
Product arrived in very good condition many thanks
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on 3 May 2003
This a poor excuse of a game! once you get over the novelty of looking at "babes" in their bikinis (which will take about 10 minutes from the time you put the disk in!) there really is nothing to do apart from play 2 volleyball games per day (if your dumped by your initial partner,good luck trying to find a new one!)and touch up your gambling skills!
This game will target all young males...some young girls if you want to practice your shopping, but if your a true volleyball fan then forget it and spend your money on a decent game or two of the xbox classics that are cheaper
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on 12 April 2003
There are two reasons one might buy this game: 1. You want to look at computer generated girls in bikinis or 2. You want a volleyball game.
If you chose 1. you'll quickly get bored with this. Yes the girls are attractive, and yes the bikinis are skimpy, but that's as far as it goes. It's Baywatch level titillation and nothing more.
If you chose 2. you'll also get bored/frustrated, because as a volleyball game it's just not good enough.
In summary, not worth the money.
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on 13 May 2003
I really don't get this title at all.. Tecmo could have been really clever here, but as much as I want to consider Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball (DOAEBV) as a game for us chaps to get an eyefull of our favourite Dead or Alive characters in Bikinis.. I can't help feeling that this is actually a game aimed at young girls. The pastel pallette.. the sumptuous tropical scenery.. the emphasis on buying costumes and accessories for the players and even on forming gurly partnerships based on buying each other the right colored lipsticks.
Dead or Alive Extreme Beach volleyball is everything 'Barbie at the Beach II' should have been.
The game market is currently desperate for games that will get young lasses into gaming.. I've actually seen a little girl pick up the box in the local store, attracted by the tropical scenery and the platonically smiling, disturbingly youthful face of Hitomi on the cover. To be honest.. I think that little girl would have simply loved the game. She might have wondered, though, why she was able to zoom and pan the camera and why going to certain areas on Zakk island results in a movie of her character leaning againsed a tree, but the ability to buy presents, clothes and play cards as WELL as a fairly easily grasped volleyball game (and a silly jumping game at the pool) would certainly appeal. She would have also ADORED the soundtrack.. which features the likes of B*Witched, Aswad and Christina Aguilera. Its all very saccarin.
Given that this game really isn't that erotic, doesn't contain any nudity (trust me, I've checked), and has at its core a jolly entertaining volleyball game.. whoever slapped the Mature rating was obviously hoping people would be mislead into thinking it was naughtier than it actually is. In so doing.. the game is, in my opinion, effectively denied to those who I believe would obtain the most benefit from it. If I had a grandmother.. the only thing she would be shocked by here is that I'd bought a game obviously intended for kids.
I'm prepared to admit that this game might be hot stuff for the discerning Japanese Bo.. but us western men prefer our erotisism to have a little less sugar, and a lot more spice. DOA3 is a better buy.. its a lot cheaper now and you get to see the girls beating each other up.. much more gratifying.
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on 4 June 2007
As has been said below, this game is gorgeous. The girls look great in it and it is quite a nice game that involves mild titliation, materialism and some volleyball.

I have to admit, I do not like my games too complicated or too involved, and so this game suits me well. After all, I am the sort of person who still enjoys playing Playgoy The Mansion. At first, I played it obsessively, completing the campaign for the girls that I liked the best. But eventually, as happens with every game I have, I tired of playing it continually. However, because it is easy to pick up and play, I still go back to it, especially if I am in the mood to pass the time without too much stress. This often occurs for me especially as I have an intellectually demanding job.

The volleyball is simplistic, but it is easy to play and get used to, and the matches are usually short. Again this suits me fine.

In summary if you want a really involved game with complex missions and a bit of violence, this is probably not for you. If you want a nice looking game with gorgeous girls which provides some light entertainment, then this may be the game for you.
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on 10 September 2003
This is one of the most gorgeous games, graphics wise, available for Xbox. A lot of effort has been put into making this game look good, it's a shame more effort wasn't put into realising it's full gameplay potential. Despite what the product description says there is No lifeguard drill, dance competition or beauty contest, and there is not a cinema or an arcade, you can see trailers of the Dead or Alive games but these come in the forms of videos sent to your hotel room by Zack. I was dissaponted that these minigames along with other water based ones couldn't have been included, I feel if they had it would be an excellent game.
Of what there is though it can be quite addictive. It takes a while to master the volleyball but once you do it's fairly easy to win a few matches. The hopping game is a nescessity which you need to do to earn money to buy swimsuits and gifts.You need to buy gifts for the other girls to encourage them to partner with you, you have to make sure you buy something that they will like otherwise they won't partner with you.
If you haven't got a volleyball partner or if you aren't the best at volleyball then you have to do the hopping game to progress.
That's pretty much all there is to it and can be nice break from more serious and difficult games.
I reccommend this game to anyone who just wants to relax and play a no pressure game.
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on 25 May 2003
I was originally put off of buying this product because it seemed to be a game that was designed for nothing more than a bit of T&A gratification for hormonal boys but I have to say that after actually sitting down and playing the game it has become one of my fave's.
First off the graphics are as good as anything you will see outside of an arcade. The characters are beautifully designed (even better than in the awesome Dead or Alive 3) and look the business. As much as you know you shouldn't be getting excited about looking at a bunch of animated girls (albeit extremely well blessed ones) you can't help but be amazed how great they look. And the backgrounds, featuring white sand beaches and tropical rainforests only enhance the feel good factor this game gives you. The music is also very summery and pop/reggae orientated and fits nicely into the game. However if you don't like it you can put your own tracks into the game by going into the radio station (if you have copied any cd's onto your X Box hard drive)
The game itself is a treat to play and even though there are only 2 buttons to press it is slightly more complex as you have to hit them with varying amounts of pressure for hard smashes and delicate lobs. Not as easy as you might think, trust me. You can practice getting this right by playing the pool hopping game (one of the fun side games which also include going to the casino and trying to bribe other girls to be your partner).
There is more to this game than meets the eye (more than I can fit into this review anyway) but in a world where it is socially acceptable to have video games that focus on gunning people down, stealing cars and all kinds of other illegal behaviour, its nice to have a game of this kind that you can just spaz in front of the tv with and have some harmless fun.
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on 16 February 2004
This is a quirky title that has more in common with the very Japanese style of dating sims rather than a sports game. If you are expecting a serious sports simulation then don't bother. Also if you are looking for titilation then you might get a few hours play out of it if that. Get beneath the glossy surface, and the heart of the game is actually about trying to establish friendship's between your girl, and the other DOA girls. This is essential, as if you are going to win volleyball matches and earn money to buy more bikinis, you are going to have to treat your friends well by buying them the right presents. This is really the main part of the single player game, as a badly chosen present can result in your partner performing poorly, or even abandoning you to a search for another partner. But what abour the volleyball? The mechnanics are deceptively simple, using the analog sticks and a couple of buttons for set and spike. Different strengths of button presses (hard/soft) result in different types of shots and can be used to issue rudimentary commands to your partner, for example, to get them to set you up for a spike. This is a great design touch, which means that anyone can pick up the game and bash buttons, but with practice you can start to put together more subtle presses for combinations of moves. This is going to be one of those games that you will love or hate. My girlfriend and I have spent hours playing the single player mode, there is something bizarelly addictive about the gift buying phase of the game, waiting to see if your presents are appreciated and if you will receive any in return. There is also something hypnotic about the simple controls in the volleyball sections. The non confrontational nature of the game also means you will never find yourself "dying" and worrying about restarting the game. Add to that the fact that you can also rip your own tracks from CD for maximum listening pleasure, and you have a unique and relaxing gaming experience. Like I said though, not for everyone, so try before you buy.
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