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on 16 October 2013
After one armed boxer Jimmy Wang Yu kills a couple of bad guys (see The One Armed Boxer), their psychopathic kung fu master gets wind of this and vows to destroy the one armed man that beat them. So the blind, evil, kung fu master disguises himself in shaolin robes and takes with him his hellish weapon of choice. . . The deadly flying guillotine, setting off on his trail of vengeance, murdering anyone he hears with only one arm..
In the meantime the heroic one armed boxer has set up a kung fu school and is teaching his students all manner of nifty tricks, until he gets a message, inviting him to fight in a tournament organized by the rival but honourable, Eagle Claw school, and after much excited persuasion from his pupils, Jimmy agrees to take them, in order that they might watch and learn of the different techniques on display.
The day of the tournament begins and many fighters attend, with many different styles facing off, often resulting in brutal outcomes, but as the first day is coming to a close, one man with a heart full of hatred and a fist full of flying guillotine crashes the party and smashes the place up looking for his one armed victim!!....

This film is absolutely awesome and without question (well, according to me anyway), one of the greatest tournament flicks ever made!! Wang Yu writes, directs and stars in this superb kung fu spectacle. The action choreography is by brothers Lau Kar Leung and Lau Kar Wing and they pull out quite a few stops in order to give us some truly surreal and memorable moments of Hong Kong cinema. There's a ton of crazed violence and action, as Wang Yu tries to save his students, a kung fu chick and his own neck, from a few bad guys, who've now sided with team Psycho Monk and his flying guillotine. At times, Wang Yu having to prove that even heroes must cheat and be totally ruthless when necessary, in order to beat a potentially superior opponent.
The action is totally out there, the opening score/scene rocks, and the bad guys come straight out of your worst kung fu nightmare!
Yes it's silly, and disbelief must be suspended at all times, but boy is this some outrageous nonsense, and over the years, I'd forgotten just how much fun this is..!

Master Wu Chang Sang: "You are a vicious bastard! You've killed innocent people in this tournament for no reason. I intend to make sure you won't do it again."

Master of the flying guillotine: "You get out of my way! You old has~been! I want that One Armed Boxer and nobody is gonna stop me!"

The dvd (Region 1 Ultimate Ed.) is a pretty good print. Both dubbed and subbed, with trailers and a fairly insightful commentary.
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on 19 January 2016
Former Imperial assassin Fung Sheng Wu Chi receives news that his two pupils have been killed, their killer is known as the One Armed Boxer. He vows revenge and heads out with his lethal Flying Guillotine to exact his own brand of justice.

The Shaw Brothers studio had made the popular Flying Guillotine which starred Chen Kuan-tai in 1974. So to cash in on the success of that film Jimmy Wang Yu opted to create his own unofficial sequel titled Master of the Flying Guillotine which was in fact a direct sequel to his own One Armed Boxer.

The villain is the lethal Fung Sheng Wu Chi, who is a blind old man. Who was once a Imperial executioner who took the heads of Han rebels. His two pupils who were the Tibetan Lamas from the first movie who have been killed so he is out for revenge. Wang Yu doesn't really have to do much and he wasn't in the film as much as I thought he would be.

As with the first film there is a lot of action. Instead of the two schools duelling to the death in One Armed Boxer, which seems like it never ends. We have a tournament that goes on and on. Showing off various different fighting styles which does get a little boring after awhile. Other similarities between the two films is that we have a few foreign fighters turning up, a Japanese, a Indian and a Thai boxer.
We do get a few very silly scenes that had me laughing unintentionally. Wang Yu's One Armed Boxer attempts to teach his students how to walk up walls and then we have the Indian fighter having the ability to stretch his arms just like Dhalsim from the Street Fighter games.

The music by Frankie Chan is surprisingly average and a little annoying at times.

Overall its a cult classic that's a must see for Kung Fu fans but there is far better movies out there.

Action: ****
Directing: ***
Story: ***
Music: **
Acting: ***
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on 6 August 2013
Good film with some great visuals of the legendary Flying Guillotine, a long range weapon not unlike a lampshade on a chain with some super sharp blades inside which are capable of decapitating a head! This weapon is a weapon of myth which no historians can prove actually existed let alone how it was used! However the action in this film is certainly realistic and believable. Jimmy Wang Yu stars as the One Armed Boxer who must defeat the Master of the Flying Guillotine who is pursuing him for believing him to be the killer of his two pupils. There is a great supporting cast including an Indian with extending limbs (not unlike Dhalsim off SFII). Wang Yu has some interesting strategies for defeating the villains and the finale is just great. The quality of the DVD is pretty good, widescreen in correct 2:35 ratio, not remastered or anything but this film is apparently pretty rare so this may be the best they could do. There is optional English dub or Mandarin with English subs, and also a commentary track. There is also the original trailer included for the grindhouse fanatics. Great atmospheric electronic soundtrack too which is unusual for a Kung Fu film.
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