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Customer reviews

3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
Club Football: Liverpool
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:£17.69+ £2.03 shipping

on 22 October 2003
This game has everything you need in a football game, good graphics, gameplay, crowd chants & songs. Upon plaing this game i found that i couldn't put the controller down, its addictive allright. They (codemasters) have got the ref's attitude correct, he'll send you off for a tackle from behind, rather than just giving out yellow after yellow.
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on 2 March 2004
This is certainly a game of two halves, on the one side the amount of detail put into making the experience of playing a game of football at Anfield. Not only do the fans sing the famous "You'll never walk alone" anthem, but also things like "Michael Owen scores a goal". The players look like their human counterparts and as for Anfield, well you could be forgiven for thinking you were at least watching a live game on TV!! The option to create yourself is arguably the best around in any game at the moment, as I was able to get more of a likeness of myself than ever before. Now for the gameplay - I read a review by another owner of this game who states that it was the most unrealistic game of football, I have to disagree. The players are slightly more wooden than the fifa alternatives but the ball movement and in particular the goalkeepers are as good as I have witnessed. The ball doesn't stick to the goalkeeper even if struck at 100mph from 3 yards out! Yes, the goalkeepers in this game wear Tefal non-stick gloves (on some occasions) Dudek has made a couple of howlers (no comments please!) and some fantastic one handed saves over the crossbar. I think the gameplay is actually very realistic, and once mastered you can score some mighty fine goals. It isn't a case of pressing the circle button and watching the ball fly in 8 times out of ten like fifa.
All in all a decent game of footy which fans of the respective football clubs should buy.
If there was a downside, I think a few more options on the menu screen might not have gone a miss.
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on 13 October 2003
I was fortunate to be given a this game as a gift from my wife (now thats a new one) and once this was in my hands, well she new where she could go.
Club Football is a truly amazing experience for all die herd football fnas. The opprtunity to control your favorite club is not an opprtunity that should be missed. From the moment the game started i was amazed at the technial details of the games. There is an option to include yourself in the club squad with is every mans wet dream to play for your favorite team. Being a true Kopite, i could not help myself playing up fon with Owen.
The game itself is realistic, the chants, the stadium the atmosphere all add the this truley amazing game. Player details are 100% down to the colour of the boots that they wear. I have played Fifa, and PES2, yet this game is a new experience, i would rate this up there with PES3.
For all die hard Kopites, this game is a must and if your not a kopite then one of the other clubs games should be on your shopping list.
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on 30 September 2003
I've recently played a demo of this game and it is surprisingly quite good. the graphics are the best part of the game and i've seen the create a player option which is also quite good.
if you're a big pro evo or fifa fan i'd stick to them but if you want to try something new i'd buy this game. i have already pre-ordered it myself.
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on 28 October 2003
I had been looking forward to this game for months.
I put the disc in the PS2 and waited for it load, after a short moment an intro sequence started to play, off to a good start its quite nicely done and its the build up to a penalty kick, some guy all kitted out in Liverpool colours puts it away.
Then comes the menu, I go straight for the full season game - I enter my name and a few small details, then I get asked if I would like to place myself in the team, I choose 'yes' and then a panel appears, I can create a myself as a player complete with choosing facial features.
Quite a lot of detail as gone into this - facial shape (size, width and length) Hair, Facial Hair, Height, Weight, Ears (large to small, sticky out or flat), Eyebrows and even Chin shape too!
I manage to create a rough likeness of myself, place myself on the bench for the first game, and then I go to 'Play Match'.
Loading doesn't take long, and cue Gary Lineker to talk about the two teams Liverpool vs. Leicester. The two sets of teams run out onto the pitch, to the glorious anthem 'You'll Never Walk Alone' sung by the crowd led by the Kop end, by now I'm started to get a bit sentimental with the a mix of excitement and the usual prematch Liverpool buzz.
The stadium looks great, and so do the player likenesses, the players are warming up and Barry Davies waffling on about something (as he often does), the camera angle zooms out and the match is ready to kick off. After a minute or so of bad passes and aimless shots and crosses, we're not talking about Leicester here - this is me trying to get the hang of the controls, I manage to string a few passes together and start playing some football!
Half Time - I'm down to 10 men (Owen, for simply stepping on someone's foot) and 1-0 down, I'm also feeling a bit let down by this games poor gameplay, I don't think I've played a football game so poor it feels all the effort in this has gone elsewhere, perhaps into the nice presentation, the graphics and maybe taking too many field trips to see the relevant clubs to make the game (or 'not' as the case may be), literally none has gone into the game itself. Its difficult to string good bit of play together, crosses are poor, shooting is terrible, and the artificial intelligence is next to none as players are frequently out of position. I ended up losing the game 2-0 and having 3 men sent off (I was being careful too).
Whether I was missing something I don't know, I thought I read the controls carefully.
I'm normally pretty handy at footy games, and it doesn't normally take me long to master.
But this ones gameplay is so poor and unfulfilling, I doubt that I'll really be making the effort and perhaps will play FIFA 2004 instead!! (which I do highly recommend!!)
I give this game 2 stars, one star is the lowest and that's what the gameplay deserves, and an extra bonus one for being Liverpool FC, and the nice game presentation!!
I would normally take something so poor back to the shops, but being a die hard 'Pool fan I think that I'll keep hold of it (also Amazon was cheap) and perhaps play it once or twice when its a rainy day!!
Avoid this game - Buy FIFA 2004 instead has all the features plus tonnes more
(whats more you can personalise it in Liverpool colours and kits too anyway!)
You'll Never Walk Alone
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on 25 February 2011
This was a gift for my nephew who loves the team. It proved a great gift. He loved how he was able to play at their pitch, use all the team and even put himself on the team. He loves playing with this game.
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on 11 October 2003
Any real football fan who follows his club with a passion could not fail to be impressed with this game when you first pop it into your computer. You finally get the chance to pick your team.You can drop Scmicer, (Or Veron if your a chelsea fan) the graphics are realisitic the teams are right up to date and you really get the feeling of your club. You can add yourself to your team before you get going and there are lots of nice touches during play including close ups of your players faces when they make a blunder and the team managers love to celebrate a goal! These are the pluses however i felt the controls and gameplay were a bit simplistic and the gameplay could be slow. The controls are exactly the same as Pro Evolution and easy to master. i feel really that this game is for younger fans who will love to take control of their club without the need for advance gameplay.
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on 22 October 2003
Bought this game to keep me entertained whilt away from Liverpool. Its the biggest waste of money ever - deffo one to avoid! Very poor game play.
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on 13 October 2003
I have just played this game thankfully I only got it to rent from a high street video shop.
This game is barely deserving of one star.
It is a waste of time and money.
The gameplay is poor, the graphics are ok, but the season mode it is atrocious, the create a player option is limited at best.
Game - Poor, players extremely difficult to control and very slow to react, tackling is a joke a press of the slide tackle seems to launch into a 2 footed lunge or knee high Lucas Neillesque challenge at every opportunity, passing is very difficult and highly unpredictable shooting is either weak or very powerful - No inbetween you either hit it like a rocket or a backpass.
Season mode - you can create your player and set a limited number of attributes and choose from a limited selection of faces, hairstyles, boots etc, but when in season mode you have no stats for the other players it makes it difficult to pick a team or the best team for the match.There are of course the usual hilarious moments like you running throughfrom the half way line being brushed off the ball by Dean Richards who then beats 3 men and scores from the edge of the box and the equally hilarious ability of a player falling over every time the defender breathes on him.
Quick Start seemed better with a few less glitches but to me it would be much better to wait and get PES3 or Fifa 2004 at least you know you will get what you pay for.
The advert describes this as the most realistic football game ever if football is frustrating, difficult, annoying, wretched and wants to make you strangle codemasters then it certainly is otherwise no.
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on 13 October 2003
This game promised so much but unfortunately delivers a lot less than expected. The team side of things is good and the individual club photos you can unlock are good, but the gameplay is nothing short of awful, I am an experienced gamer and I just couldn't believe at the lack of effort at the mechanics of the game, it looks good, but plays like a donkey, beware!
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