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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 19 May 2016
As expected
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on 26 March 2004
I have. And it was this music, this poetry, this honesty, this freedom.
Ani's music is emotion to the core, filled with a raw sense of compassion and a vigorous feeling of Self.
Okay, that may sound all mumbo-jumbo to you, but give it a listen and you'll be thinking the same yourself. I promise you.
When I first listened to Ani Difranco, I had been recommended the album 'Up, up, up' by a friend with a somewhat 'alternative' aspect to her life. I was initially a little taken aback by the raw feel to Ani's music, but once I set down my judgement and allowed her to move into my space, I knew that I was onto something.
This album, 'So Much Shouting...', is a fantastic demonstration of music and poetry growing from and into each other. I still find myself cracking a wry smile when she strikes up another point with the sharp edge of her tongue.
It is no wonder that Bob Dylan is a fan, and it is also no wonder that few people have heard of this woman, who is, undoubtedly, one of the greatest living songwriters and poets of our generation.
I dare anyone to listen to 'Self Evident' and not be drawn into the poem to such an extent that you want to stand up and cheer at her outstanding use of metaphor and frustration to develop her bitter picture. Okay, it's very opinionated, but she doesn't tell you for a second that you have to share that opinion to share in her passion.
All i can say is, I have seriously considered flying to america purely to see this woman live. I defy you to listen to this album and not have the same feeling of urgency.
An indispensable addition to anyone's collection.
A must.
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on 6 February 2006
Another live masterpiece from one of America's very best artists...
It's very difficult to write a resume on just a single piece of the wildly colourful and divers Ani Difranco tapestry, while doing the rest of it justice... but indeed this is where words and rhythm meet, jitter, stutter only to fly again. Time and again you'll find the beat you think her random interjections meant was lost: her cadence is as smart and swift as it is masterful. This is yet another series of live performances that don't miss a solitary beat. She has paced the globe doing small gigs (France, NZ, UK) and filling stadiums (US, Canada) and it shows. She tests her genre endlessly, and as a result each gig and album mean we rediscover this ever evolving musician. Acoustic folk beds rock, jazz & indie... Strumming, singing, drumming (percussion drums) she delivers her music, her ideas, her poetic genius and most importantly herself, with absolutely no compromise. Air time is of no interest. There is a message in what she says and how she goes about saying it. Ani is word of mouth discovery not album charts or national radio.
This isn't the most accessible Ani album, but it is certainly one of the best... as a post script: 'Self Evident' should be heard by every person who has lost faith that the States is now merely filled with Bible bashing Bush babies.
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on 8 November 2002
I haven't really been listening to Ani DiFranco for very long and only own two of her earliest albums and have heard a couple of others. But I've liked everything I've heard so far and this live double album is no exception. Most of the tracks are excellent and with two CDs jam packed with tracks (and under £12, at the time of this writing) this is definitely worth getting. Even the tracks that I've heard before on earlier studio recordings are refreshingly different in their live and evolved incarnations and definitely worth listening to again.
My favourite tracks on this double album would have to be Welcom e To:, Swan Dive, Napoleon, Reckoning and You Had Time (though I'm probably biased by having listend to or not listened to the previous studio versions of some of these). I've not been too big a fan of the spoken song-poetry tracks in her earlier albums but Self Evident, which talks about issues surrounding the September the 11th events, is not only very listenable but surprising in its portrayal of a viewpoint so different from what the media has lead us to believe is the general american philosophy. But if you know of Ani Difranco this will hardly come as a surprise.
I don't know if I'd recommend this to someone who hasn't heard any of her other stuff. But if, like me, you've already listened to one or two of her early studio releases (and apparently there are a lot of them) and are hungry for more than this will be a satisfying buy... and it'll help you decide what to buy next.
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on 4 October 2002
ani difranco, woman of power!
if you ever get a chance to go to a gig with this lady on stage your in for a night of music and magic-ani takes the audience on a journey that starts in a coffee house with her and an aucustic and stories of new york and hookers... she tells tales of love lost, taken and abused and then sings about how cool it is to be a woman and why you should never forget that living is easy but you gotta work hard to have a life and that fat cats get creame but alley cats have all the fun!
if you had a chance to listen to her first live record you would notice that it is like a collection of stories on stage and almost like a greatest hits only live! and the songs are different, not in a bad way but in the way they are expressed-sometimes words are extended and her voice lets you know what the song means to her.
i love ani d, she makes me wanna learn guitar and wear boots...
this record is almost like the next chapter of her greatest hits... only live with different songs that represent how she felt that time in her life-just like living in clip showed how she was this cookie singer that feel in and out of love and still kicked ass... this record shows how she grew alittle more the songs show a pattern
take the cd as a meer collection of songs or take it as a message, it's still amazing and it still makes you dance around your room!
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on 10 August 2003
I got introduced to Ani by an ozzy friend. She said 'oh you think your bitter and twisted listen to this' and lent me dilate. "so much shouting" is a great introduction to Ani's music. It has a bit of everything. The up beat 'im so happy' tunes to the 'shoot me now' songs which is good because you dont find your self falling into a depressed lump after listening to it. I have this on my walkman and enjoy nothing more than walking throught town humming to myself. Best track have to be 'gratitude' 'out of time' and 'grey'. A lot of people have started to slate Ani for going to mainstream i say to those people shut up and just listen.
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on 10 March 2003
Another brilliant album by Ani. Seems to be one of the only people out there who writes political lyrics and gives music some real meaning. Great live renditions of Ani's song's definately worth a listen. If you don't know Ani's work it may not be her most accessible album but for those that do I'm sure you'll love it.
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on 18 August 2008
yeah great music and a wikid artist but lets be fair over 50 quid? who do these people think they are!!
with love and disbelief
a massive ani fan :)
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