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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 January 2018
This is an absolutely brilliant series, I watch it every 3-4 years.

The acting, screenplay and overall filming is simply excellent.

I think what separates this from just a great film set in WW2:

- it is based on true stories of the members of Easy Company;
- it follows them from joining up through to the war's end
- I especially enjoyed the "talking head" shots and reminiscences presented at the start of each episode,
- Towards the end of the last episode, the post-war life and careers of some of the key characters are summarised as a voice over. For me this really brought home the reality of what they had experienced together, and that this was fundamentally about real men and their lives.
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on 22 May 2011
I have had the DVD box set for years but when my wife decided she wanted to see it, I found an excuse to buy the very reasonably priced Blu Ray set.

There are multitude of reviews about how great the whole series is so I won't waste time talking about the excellent writing, acting, directing, effects, etc. And I won't go on about the excellent interviews with the (then) surviving members of Easy Company which are sprinkled through the series and available in more depth as part of the extras. I learned while rewatching this recently that Major Winters died in only January of this year. He comes across both in the series and in interviews as an ordinary man who, when put in extraordinary circumstances faced them in the way I would hope to if placed in the same situation. It seems like he had a nice life after the war, and he was surely one man who very much earned the peace he craved.

Onto the technical aspects of the Blu Ray box set. The tin box is very nice and although the internal fold out box is a little cumbersome and delicate looking, mine did not fall apart in my hands as others have described in their reviews. Picture quality is top notch and serves as a great example of what Blu Ray is all about. However, for me, the sound is what makes the biggest difference. It is truly awesome and deserves to be heard in full lossless 5.1 surround sound.
Extras wise, aside from the usual extra 'making of' and interview features, there is a nice timeline feature which gives you additional information about all sorts of things ranging from military terms colloquialisms through to more detail on specific operations, military ranks and other things which may only get a passing reference in the series.
There is also Picture in Picture interviews with the men of easy company but be aware if you have a home cinema sound system that the audio from them will only work if you set your player to output 'PCM' audio rather than 'Bitstream'. It would have been nice if there was a note on the disc or in the box to inform oyu of this; I only found out through searching on line as I thought I had either a faulty Blu Ray player or a faulty disc!

I'm not a big flag waver but one thing this series definitely does is serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made by those who fought in the second world war. If you're not teary eyed or at least moved by the end of the series, you must be made of stone.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 June 2018
“Without mercy. Without compassion. Without remorse,” a Leader’s words to a soldier in a trench. How “all war depends upon it.” Band of Brothers is all about soldiering. I often watch Parts 2 and 3, the D Day landings and onward. How fear is used. Thinking is the key to controlling fear. When you know you are already dead. The thinking comes just after the doing.

Although I have both the dvd and blu ray versions neither overcomes the deliberately pale photography. Nothing glossy about this war. Everything khaki. Pale. Dirty. The constantly moving pictures are in sync with the pounding soundtrack of guns and bombs, explosions and shouting. In these days of large screens and multi speakers you can believe yourself there.

Easy Company contains the kind of individuals that are scattered around all life. They do. They do without social filter. Clearly recognised as an extremely effective fighting unit, they were put in the most crucial spots. Action on the move. Trenches and tanks. Getting it done.

Telling the true story from one side is fair enough. Not much brilliant German manoeuvres here. Even when Germans tell the story of D Day they tend to blame their Commander in Chief who is away from the action in Berlin. Detached and deranged.

This is the last Great war. That is a problem. My opening quotation is now the attitude of those in Power toward the lowest on the social ladder. Peace has brought total control over the population. I also like to re-watch Parts 5 and 6 as Easy Company hold their positions at the strategically crucial crossroads of Bastogne. War makes a man truly alive. And I hate that fact. Cold.
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on 5 January 2016
When I first watched this on TV I was hooked, and I bought this boxed set of 6 DVDs almost as soon as it was available.

Nearly fourteen years later and there was not much worth watching on TV over the last Christmas, so instead we watched this all over again just one episode per day for ten days, and I finished watching the extras disc this afternoon. I had forgotten how very good this series was, and we both remarked that it compared very favourably with current TV. The crisp 16:9 images and superb 5.1 surround sound draw us in, we are there, and the tension is still holding us even when I know what is coming because I've seen it before! But rather than this DVD standard definition version I suggest you buy the Blu Ray version in HD.

One of the key points is that it is based on fact, and some of the WW2 events that the real Easy Company experienced (such as taking the artillery position) have become acknowledged as classic examples of how best to operate on the modern battlefield. Others like the dreadful winter in the woods of Bastoigne bring out the desolation and horror of war and the fight for survival against not just the enemy but the environment.

Both the highs and the lows are recorded here; war is not all camaraderie and easy glory, there is also death and destruction and heartache in much greater measure. The Az blurb is accurate, and the host of positive reviews is testimony to the high quality of the story and its presentation. This gripping series is one that every adult should have experienced.
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on 18 May 2018
Everything about this is simply astounding. The story is pacy and gripping (given that it is true), the characterisation and the bond between teh characters and the empathy between the viewer and the characters, the production and effects, the pace of it and the mix between fighting and training/resting/reflection on the war. And then it is made even greater by interviews with the real cast of characters, the real Mjr Dick Winters and others from the 101st talking about the actual events that the series portrays.

Without a doubt the best thing i have ever seen on a silver screen. Better than any WW2 movie (or any war movie in fact).

Also, if you like this, you will probably like 'The Pacific'. A sister series by HBO following the Marines in the Pacific arena as they invade Japanese occupied islands. If BoB is 5 stars, then the Pacific is 4.5 stars, and pretty much all other TV / Movies can only achieve a max of 4.5 stars in comparison.
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on 22 June 2016
Arrived early and was very adequately packaged. I decided to upgrade my existing Dvd format of this epic series.

I'd always liked 'Saving Private Ryan', although it did have a fair amount of quiet scenes I didn't expect, but it was even better for them and when I heard that 'Band of Brothers' was created by the same people, I just had to see it, and it not only didn't disappoint, it blew me away.

From the little cameo's of guys who were actually there appearing at the beginning of each episode, to the whole way it's filmed using filters' that make it feel even more real, this is a must for anyone whose interested in World War II, or likes the war film genre.

This is the 4th time I've bought this series (all from different retailers over the years) and I'd buy it again if I had to. I bought this because a. It's on Blu Ray, b. It's in a gorgeous metal case and c. Because it's such a good price! I paid either £40 or £50 some years ago and that was for Dvd format in a book card holder with the fold out type of disc slots/clips.

If you want an in depth review of the series itself, there are plenty of professional writers who've reviewed it online.

I'll end by saying it's one of the best box sets I've ever seen, but I've always loved the war film genre, but sometimes while watching this, you not only love it, you live it. Fair play to those who've had to stand on any frontline in history.
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on 7 February 2018
Everyone should take time to consume this TV series. It is an incredible production, a highly emotional tour de force on a small element of WW2 and though very much an American perspective it is no less valuable or powerful because of that. The addition of the real Band of Brothers during each episode brings the whole thing to life and if, at the end of the series and the final speeches you are no in tears you have no heart. Time spent watching this is time learning why at the going down of the sun we MUST remember them, all of them and never forget the sacrifice they made. Incredible TV of the highest possible standard.
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on 12 March 2016
Band of Brothers is, in my opinion, the greatest TV series to have been aired. I'm sure basically everyone looking to buy it on Blu-ray has already seen this masterpiece. It has a great set of characters, each episode offers something slightly different from the last without falling away from the broader story. You will also see a lot of faces that you will recognise, some of which are now huge stars in Hollywood and in British TV/Cinema.

I'm a bit a skeptic when it comes to older movies and TV shows being on Blu-ray, as I haven't had a player for that long and haven't always thought the quality was worth the extra few £s when I have watched them with other people. When I bought this, it cost only cost £14 for the whole series, what a deal that was. On DVD, the series cost £11. For a TV show like this, and at such a small additional cost, it's well worth it.
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on 15 December 2015
Definitely one to keep in the book case rather than donate to charity or sell on ebay. I've seen this three times and can imagine wanting to watch it again in the not too distant future. Great acting, great action sequences and some familiar faces that would then go on to become the bigger stars they are today. I'm no war veteran (thank God), but from what I have heard this is a realistic account of the real horrors of war, as well as the boredom and anticipation that soldiers suffer between the moments of experiencing death and fear. It also works well at staying clear of the Hollywood gloss and glamour.
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on 18 November 2016
Words cannot describe how good this TV series is so i'm not even going to bother.
It's far and away the best War based tv series on the market and is in the style of saving private Ryan which is only a good thing. Plenty of extras are included which includes an 80 minute documentary which is well worth ta watch.

The steel book case is really classy and preserves the fold out dvd case really well helping to preserve it. Although £25 may seem like a lot its really worth it if you're going to keep hold of this series and use it numerous times over the years.
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